54 thoughts on “Clan Mission Rewards

        • Sry,
          “Mimimi I dont want to get in any form in contact with other human beings. This includes but is not limited to joining a clan, forming a platoon, meeting other people or other activities based around or including a social factor. ”

          better now? :P

        • No decent clan accepted my application. Fucking elitists! So I’m gonna trash talk about clan related stuff because I can’t have their stuff!

      • Personal insults aside, the guy has a point.

        WG have a strong record of saying one thing and doing another. They said 2014 would be the “year of randoms”, which was bullshit. The same will almost certainly apply to 2015.

        • well there was already the IM. Or do u want to point out that u were understanding “year of randoms” as “year of we will add nothing else except stuff for randoms”?

          • No, I’m perfectly happy for clan players to receive extra content & rewards. But WG have not, and will not in all likelihood, do much to improve randoms, despite their claims to the contrary.

            And IM’s are NOT and improvement to randoms, they have the opposite effect, appreciably degrading gameplay.

            • well before IMs there was no teamplay in random and everyone was doing stupid stuff and after IMs: no teamplay and everyone is doing stupid stuff. Well at least its not worse than before ^^

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  2. Need moar Gimmick for the dumb WoT Players cerebral Reward-Center to stick with the silly Game..

  3. Why can’t we get more cammo for credits? Or more sexy looking ones for gold only, I don’t care. Now only these clan nolifers get nice cammos which are not even WW2 related. gg WG gg

  4. I rather give and get unique camo/inscription than a tank that owns the battlefield whenever it joins the pub match :)

  5. LOL, about time. WOW and games like RIFT have been doing clan/guild mission for 20 years now. This is a joke. How bout they remove the hackers first?

    • yeah all those hackers….lol get a grip, in 20k games I’ve seen maybe 2 guys using a bot program. Most of the folks screaming hackers are just people who do not understand the game mechanics.

      • You must be new or in denial like all the other old sheep. There have been many releases of free “Warpack” such as Slayers. Might not be full blown hacks but it is enough to give people an unfair edge. More than you know are using this shit man, for real. I bet most commanders use the tree down mod to name one off. I am sure you can think of more.

  6. Yuk, green cube puke camo, doesn’t fit at all in this game, guess it is too please the younger crowd or something.