Straight Outta Supertest: Krupp-Steyr Waffenträger


Upcoming tier 7 premium, possibly the E-25 “replacement” (not sure here).


Description: Project of the Steyr company, created as a part of the competition to create a special artillery tractor, capable of not only transporting the artillery piece from place of place, but also of firing from the chassis. In order to make the design as cheap and simple as possible, it was proposed to use a lot of components from the tracked tractor Raupenschlepper Ost, while the turret and the gun were built by the Krupp company. By 2.9.1944, nine mock-ups and one prototype were built.

Characteristics (100 percent crew, full MM):

Tier: 7
Hitpoints: 850
Engine: 140 hp
Weight: 14 tons
Power-to-weight: 10 hp/t
Maximum speed: 35/15 km/h
Hull traverse: 40 deg/s
Terrain resistance: 0,959/1,055/2,014
Turret traverse: 33,4 deg/s (turret is rotating 360 degrees)
Viewrange: 380
Radio range: 710

Hull armor: 20/10/?
Turret armor: 20/10/?

Elite gun: 88mm L/71
Damage: 240
Penetration: 203
ROF: 9,481
DPM: 2275,3
Reload: 6,329
Accuracy: 0,316
Aimtime: 2,11s
Depression: -8







151 thoughts on “Straight Outta Supertest: Krupp-Steyr Waffenträger

    • Hellcat is fast and agile.
      This one is not.

      Also L/71 on a paper TD against tier 9′s is shit.

        • Actually yes, somewhat. Keeping your distance is harder now.
          The catch is, it’s the same 240 damage in both cases, but Hellcat has 243mm APCR against t8 while this one – 237mm against t9. See the difference?

          • Irrelevant, that pen is good enough anyways. All that matters is mobility, dpm and camo + view range.

            • Wrong.

              Camo & view range are completely irrelevant in WoT 2015. They are the most useless stats you can have on a vehicle.

              Armor + Alpha. That’s all that matters today.

            • 2 Things about this:
              1. 380 View range ? This looks like a premium TD witch will outspot tier 8-9
              2. If you know RHM, then you know how good this type of TD is (turret with great gun)

              Question to smart people: Could someone tell me who buys AT15A when you can buy this thing, E25 or SU ?? who has AT15A and do you regret buying it ?

              • AT15A has very good armour and can train a crew for British TDs. Many of my friends platoon their AT15As with my E-25 and I can assure you…. it holds its own against any T7, 8 in the game. I would recommend it if you need a crew and like the style of AT7 or AT15…

              • I bought an AT15A when it first came out to train for the (then) coming British TD line. I have used it to help train 4 complete sets of crew (currently in Death Star, AT15, Archer and Achilles).

                I love it, even more now with the limited match making, recently got Patrol Duty in it.
                I also have E-25 and Jagdtiger 8.8, love both.

                However, the E-25 is the vehicle that I have had the most battles in, just coming up to the 1000.

              • I like my AT15A and don’t regret getting it, nice troll vehicle.
                Also it depends which line you play, since I only british ones, E25 wouldn’t help me.

              • AT15A is very powerful these days, limited matchmaking, lots of armour, high dpm and hp in world of corridors is a lot of fun. Obviously good players know to just shoot your gun mantlet, but good players are rare in tier 7+8 pubs. Before the limited match making and hp buff it was terrible but it is completely different now.

          • I know, and shooting IS3 with hellcat is more effective than shooting STI with long 88s. That’s why hellcat’s soft stats are nerfed to shit and then some, and another reason why this is a premium tank (in which you can aford to spam some gold)

            • Wrong!(my opinion,my experience)
              Actually ST1 is easier to pen at front with 203mm, then the IS3..why?
              cus IS3 has RNG based frontal armor(V shaped), if your shell hit the IS3 armor in the bad angle, which is quite common you will bounce…no matter how much is your pen.
              On the other hand, the ST1 has a nice flat LFP what is very easy to pen with 203mm+ pen, less rng based, cus the better angling(in your perspective ofc:))
              Even the side are easier to pen, because ST1 don’t have the spaced armor what is gonna troll you in lot of cases, rather have a nice flat,big and juicy target to shoot for:)

              (Sorry for my weak english!)

              • both IS-3 and ST-1 can pen in the front(no angling)….side the IS-3 is better but what the most stronk of ST-1 is the turret front in hull–down…..have fun using ur L/71 with gold scratching it

        • I’d rather drive a Hellcat vs T8 – and use speed to get side shots, or premium rounds to pen ANYTHING – than drive a slow sniper with long 88 at T9. I played Tiger and JP, so no thank you.

          My best Hellcat games were at T8, with 4k+ dmg. I ran out of ammo on multiple occasions.

      • “Hellcat is Agile”
        …you drunk or what? Hellcat turns like a tractor! it also cannot reach top speed with pure accel.

        regarding L/71, you can always flank.

        in short, the Steyr is something like an ambush flanker. ninja to someone’s ass, then you XXXX them right in the XXX by shoving a shell up their collective XXX.

    • WoW, I really like that. I think it should have the 105, 320 Alpha, but what the puck do I know about un armored, low Hp/wgt vehicles in video games.

  1. As with most waffletractors, I always imagine seeing these flip over when they fire…

    Edit: How the hector does THAT get -8 gun depression ?!

      • The WT Pz4 have 5 degrees gun depression in every direction, it doesn’t get more when facing backwards.

            • You have the wrong configuration then. Check the depression for the 12,8 cm Kanone L/61 (best gun for it imo, and the one you’ll see on almost every WT auf Pz IV in game). It has worse depression at the front, while having better depression at the sides and rear

        • Depends on the gun, the entire turret changes when you switch from a 15cm to the 12.8, the 12.8s have horrible frontal depression, the 15cms have 5 degrees in front.

    • look at the model. most likely has -8 in the center front and then -1, -2 and then -8 again to the side.

      wonder what was inside those 2 proeminences in the front of the vehicle.

      • Panzer Tracts 7-3 isn’t specific but I suspect it was like with other German tanks for the driver and radioman

        In the picture of the prototype you can see hinges on the sides of the hull to flip them open so they seem to be basically flip tops rather than armored viewports or cupolas

      • As other said, crew members most likely. I can expect them to be (then again, as others said) driver and RO.

    • Useless ? With the size smaller then a Panzer 3 and an 88 L71 ? That thing will be the most epic hit and run sniper tank ever.

      • Yes, useless.

        Anything designed to snipe is useless from 9.6 on.

        Give it troll armor or huge alpha. Anything else is useless from now on.

          • It’s not about accuracy.

            It’s about removing each and every spot on maps that sniper tanks could use.

            Now the only way to play WoT is “brawl your brains out”. If you try to keep your distance, you will be COMPLETELY useless, since you will have 844 small ridges & shit in your way, forcing combat at 100-200 meters.

  2. Little Borsig brother?
    And looks like it will have either a very very narrow gun arc with no depression, or it will have a wider arc and even positive depression where those “bumps” are..

  3. I assume by “replacement” you mean that this will take it’s place in the shop. On the other hand, if the E25 is removed from the game and E25 owners are given this in its place…I’ll take the gold refund.

  4. Nice to see this new tank because … who won’t like Mauschen in tier 9 (slow super heavy tank) – can have new low profile sneaky tank :D instead.

    I am waiting for Mauschen (and WoWS :D) just people who does not like heavy tank – will have new toy :D (Plus we need to remember that now one will buy E-25 anymore – soo they will be able to buy this at least :D).

    (I won’t buy this – i am heavy tank driver – what i understand recently – soo i won’t buy anymore non-heavy premium tanks).

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  6. So, replace E25 with another imbalanced PoS… Great idea.
    As we see, the vehicle is shit. It has shit mobility, shit armor sooo… it gets awesome gun with great fire control and DPM. And turret.
    If E25 was annoying as an invisible sniper this thing will piss you off every time. Unless it will have super bad camo, but bushes, low profile etc.
    I sense same problems that with Borsig or WT Pz 4… Just below some point armor doesn’t count – this thing will not feel so much less armored than a Tiger for example (maybe Tiger bounces 10 – 15% of shells that hit it) – but WG somehow feels the need to compensate for that “lacking armor” with even better gun stats.

    • I don’t see a problem with this. Maps have changed so that visionrape isn’t as frequent, TD camo post firing got nerfed so it won’t be as annoying as the flatpanzer. Finally, I think T7 arty/SU-152 w/HEAT are WAY more annoying than E-25.

      • Vision games are non-existent in WoT today.

        This turd will be complete shit.
        Who the fuck wants to drive paper, slow tanks?!?

        Let’s all drive Heavy Tanks, it’s obviously what WG wants

        • Sure, non-existent. That’s why I played them succesfully several times yesterday. With a fucking VK 3002 D. Please GTFO

            • I don’t see how that’s relevant, so case closed on yourself. What is relevant is that I got several 3k Spotter ribbons and a Patrol Duty in it yesterday. QED

              Vision gaming is reduced, but still very relevant.

                • No, because you’re an idiot. The fact that the VK 3002 D is not a sniper is completely unrelated to the fact that I can in fact use camo and viewrange on it to good effect.

                  But hey, I didn’t expect otherwise from someone who is pretty much despised on forums for having dumb opinions and being a whiner.

                  Now if you’ll excuse me, I have vision games to play.

      • Except it’s supposed to be a premium TD and they didn’t get nerfed for post-firing camo loss, remember????

    • but this “thing” is lack something what is really make the E 25 is an ultimate wonder tank…speed and agility.

      • Speed and agility? Fuck no, E25 was always about the camo and DPM. It would be a useless turd from day 1 if it didn’t have these, and many people did indeed think it would suck donkey balls before they found out on the camo.
        I remember the mockery it got when it was released “lol, fast tank but shitty gun won’t buy” was everywhere.

        • Speed and agility not important in an E 25? K, run a dozen games with a 50% driver and then we’ll talk.

          • Never said not important, but it’s key traits have always been it’s ability to be concealed almost anywhere even at close distance, and to rape people when they least expect it with the absurd DPM.
            People don’t call it the Romulan Cloaking Device because it’s FAST.

            • And how do you think it has the ability to get to points on the map where the camo value allows it to do the crazy shit it can do, sounds a lot like speed, no? Or say you get lit and have to bail, that mobility will be able to save your life as long as you’re not in too deep. If you go to the same spot in say, a borsig, the moment you get lit will be your last unless there’s hard cover very close, go dark again in something slow and anyone with more than two brain cells to rub together that doesn’t have a more immediate threat will still be able to hit you easily.

              If you’re honestly trying to say the ability to relocate quickly to another ambush position to abuse that camo/rof further is not key, then you’re missing out on a very important part of that tank.

              • Again, not saying the speed is not important. But speed never was it’s key trait. Remember old Murovanka? It would rape people in the forest, and it didn’t need much speed to get there.

                There are plenty other fast TDs that have better guns but don’t have E25′s absurd camo… they’re not as good.

                And remember, E25′s don’t just shoot people. They also spot. They spot incredibly good because they’re small and undetectable, not because they’re fast.

                So yeah, camo IS slightly more key than speed. If WG nerfed the camo it would be a much bigger blow than if they nerfed the speed. A slower E25 would still be a great spotter and DPM machine, but without the camo it would become… I dunno, something sad and incredibly team-reliant, because it would have to rely on others to make openings for it, instead of being able to stealth it’s way through.

    • The second this thing gets spotted and there’s a KV-2/T49/VK2801 or any other tank around derping, it’s nonexistant armor will be the death of it, and the mobility of this thing looks poor enough that you won’t be able to run away with anything resembling the speed necessary, which will also make this an inviting target to ram in basically anything except a French light.

      Also, bushes? Are you sure you’re playing WoT?

  7. That thing will be seriously annoying to use. Turning the turret to the sides will cause the gun to bump up to face the sky in order to get over those “tumors” sticking up out of the hull. I predict a lot of messed up shots because of that.

  8. The gun os very decent for its Tier..
    Same as on the Jagdpanther, but on a slower and more fragile chassis, but with a turret.
    Maybe it could get rebalanced a bit.. :/
    I don’t want to see another Rhm Borsig in-game..

  9. So it’s paper AND slow? (35 km/h top speed, less than 10 hp/t if you factor ground resistance)

    oh well. Once more victorious the red army stands.

    • People illogically complaining about “bush kemping” TDs?

      Better add a vehicle that is solely suited to “bush kemping” (and is completely shit at relocating and flanking, despite the turret)

      WG logic. Not Even Once.

    • Borsig has the same top speed and just a slightly better 11.5hp/t. I don’t see anyone complaining about how much it sucks. Even terrain resistance stats are similar – 0.86/1.06/2.01

      • That’s because the Borsig has a 15cm gun with 300+ pen

        Also, it used to have good view range. Now that view range isn’t even close to “adequate”

  10. serious lol… slow + no armor is the worst possible combination of traits a tank can have in the game in the current meta. Mauschen is op compared to this, and even that is a useless piece of shit.

    These days a good enough speed (12+ hp/t and 30+ km/h) + good frontal armor shits all over any other combination of traits, no matter what they are.

  11. We totally need another German TD prototype when variants of the Marder I, II & III are still missing.

    • st emil has a premiumself already and i dont think a tank like st emil should be replaced IT IS AWESOME

      use your damn depression and your 490 alpha to destroy enemies

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  13. Funny how this open-topped vehicle has a significantly lower RoF than the closed casemate-style JagdPanther.

    I know it’s a Premium tank AND that it has a turret, but the RoF should be on par, not lower.

    • its premium it is supposed to be weaker case closed

      jagd 8.8 has 2664 dpm with same gun it also has armour but no turret which has tier 6 to tier 10 battles this tank will have tier 5 to tier 10

      • ” which has tier 6 to tier 10 battles this tank will have tier 5 to tier 10″


        1) Jag 8.8 has preferential MM
        2) This new TD is Tier 7, how exactly will it see Tier 10?!?

        also – “its premium it is supposed to be weaker case closed” – it’s already infinitely weaker than Jagdpanther since it has not even half of the JP mobility, not to mention that the JP has very decent frontal armor.

        This thing needs a RoF buff, it’s a glass canon after all. As useless as glass cannons are in WoT today, it should have at least a monster DPM going for it.

        Hell, even the Tiger H has better DPM than this thing.

        • tier 5 to tier 9 *

          ” it’s already infinitely weaker than Jagdpanther since it has not even half of the JP mobility, not to mention that the JP has very decent frontal armor.”

          yeah but you see WG balance team doesnt care about just one tank it is supposed to be weaker than almost any tier 7 tanks other than that it would be a tank that you can buy and is better than same tier

          this tank doesnt need a buff much monster DPM is dumb idea still its supertest so it will change a lot maybe will be a bit faster or more accurate but better DPM is nonsense

          • Better DPM would not be “nonsense”, since WG themselves that open-topped tanks should have better softs stats than regular, enclosed tanks, since the crew has a lot more room to move & perform their duties since they’re not confined in the interior, with all the smoke, gunpowder, noise from the gun, etc (True Story)

            So by WG’s own logic, this thing should have AT LEAST a better RoF than the Jagdpanther with the L/71

  14. Mediums are the best TDs – They lack alpha, but they are mobile, well camouflaged, incredible DPM and awesome penetration with very nice viewrange…

        • Not soon enough, 4 German premium TDs already exist, 2 available for purchase.

          4 Russian premium TDs exist, 3 available for purchase.

          Even the French & British have premium TD available, but zero for American tree?

        • Yeah, but the Scorpion is going to be terrible. It has literally no armor and the same alpha as this thing. People seem to be excited about it because it is an American TD, but if all the claims about the current game meta are actually true, then the Scorpion will be next to worthless. At least this has a turret.

          I’m glad that Wargaming chose to make the T28 Concept a reward tank for the second set of missions. I will get it eventually, and when I do, I will have zero reason to even consider buying the Scorpion.

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  16. Optically that thing looks awesome. To be physically awesome it would need to be faster though :/

  17. reminds me a bit of a slow amx elc, a really low silhouette and decent(ish) gun if you take your time, as well as a good hull traverse speed. i don’t know if ill get it, but it will most definitively be interesting to play at the least (yay tank hugs).

  18. Amazing how people are already complaining about a TD with full mm, paper armor and a good gun. Please remember that the Tiger also has this gun, and uses it amazingly, and this tank appears to have similar soft stats as the Tiger’s 8,8cm (9.481 rpm vs 9.52, 2.11s aimtime vs 2.3, and 0.316m dispersion vs 0.38).

    Keep in mind that the JgPanther also shares this as a top gun (as the 10,5cm and the 8,8cm are interchangable tbh), and this is still a better gun than the 90mm AT T15E2 in almost every aspect (apcr still better on 90mm), and a more stealthy platform versus the “speedy” one that the T25/2 is. It’ll fit, the unicums will dominate with it, yadayadyada.

    Appreciate it for what it is, not what it isn’t. I could say it isn’t using a 10,5cm, I could say that it’s too slow, that it doesn’t have enough horsepower, etc. But the point is, it is a slow to start average speed paper TD with a turret and excellent gun. Use it where it works, and chances are, it will shine.

    • You’re forgetting that the Tiger, JagdPanther & T25 AT function very well as assault guns, which is a much more useful asset in today’s meta.

      This thing will be a pure sniper, constrained by both lack of armor and mobility. 10 hp/t is just abysmal.
      And those ground resistance stats make absolutely no sense, this thing only weights 14 tons, for god’s sake!
      Not to mention that a 140 HP engine is just… pathetic, to say the least.

  19. Well, this one seems really not bad for a t7 TD.
    The alpha isnt great, and speed and armor are crap, but otherwise the stats look very nice.

    Ofc in world of corridors, it wont be that easy to play, but at least it has good gundepression to work in uneven terrain. I give it a 7/10. :D

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  21. E-25 replacement, rofl what a joke.. sure as hell they are not going to replace a fast tank with this garbagecan tank.

  22. i would buy it BUTTT… it looks like those things on the hull wont allow for -8 rotation it looks like it will be +15 to get over them so wont be very interested in it.

  23. The banter back and forth verges on hilarity if it weren’t so vulgar and insulting at various points.

    Everyone seems to be forgetting that this initial peek is simply that, a first glance. Everything can change stat wise and likely will be tweaked multiple times before we have a chance to see this TD live.

    That said, I’ll be buying it right away if it comes to the live server with stats similar to those posted or possibly better. The TD that I think of in regards to having a turret and a gun roughly the same in damage per shot is the T25/2. I love my T25/2, and this will perform similarly in dealing damage, but with much better pen. Now, it has no armor but a much better profile and therefore better camo (which despite the bickering above does still matter very much, as not getting spotted is the best armor there is).

    This will play exactly like the Rhm, but a tier lower and using the tried-and-true long 88. I even used the long 88 to good effect while grinding XP for the top gun on my Tiger II, so personally I’m familiar with and love that gun.

    -Ready to spend my money!