Straight Outta Supertest: French Somua S35

Hello everyone,

as it was announced earlier, the biggest feature 9.7 will bring are a bunch of French vehicles – not only the hightier AMX-30 prototype and AMX-30B, but also some lowtier vehicles. Today, we are starting with their leaks – first to come is Somua S35, tier 3 French medium tank. And yes, the German Somua S35 will likely be pulled from the store in 9.7.


Characteristics (elite setup, top gun, 100 percent crew):

Tier: 3
Hitpoints: 250
Engine: 230 hp
Weight: 20,29 tons
Power-to-weight: 11,34 hp/t
Maximum speed: 45/12 km/h
Hull traverse: 38 deg/s
Terrain resistance: 1,151/1,342/2,301
Turret traverse: 42 deg/s
Viewrange: 330
Radio range: 740,4

Hull armor: 47/40/?
Turret armor: 40/40/?

Elite gun: 47mm SA37 (other guns available: stock 47mm SA34 (25 pen), middle 47mm SA35 (45 pen))
Damage: 55/55/70
Penetration: 66/98/24
ROF: 27,857
DPM: 1532,1
Reload: 2,154
Accuracy: 0,38
Aimtime: 1,4s
Depression: -11/+25










85 thoughts on “Straight Outta Supertest: French Somua S35

  1. Seems to be OP. Great armor, decent mobility and gun as well. And that aim time + rof…

    • The current German one is also somewhat OP. So they can either make the French one OP too to not have the premium version being better or not make it OP and have the premium version being better…
      They could also nerf the premium one but that would bring a lot of whine

        • Not necessarily. The German one is probably going to be this thing’s mid-range configuration. In top configuration, it’ll be…well…not competitive against tier 5s but not completely useless either.

    • It has no weakpoints..
      Actually better than the D2 in every aspect. While the D2 is already very good.

    • Well, the Somua was one of the best tanks at that time, certainly superior to the Pz.III and IV in 1940.

    • OP? nowhere near. just less “Low-tier french-y” than other low-tier french tanks

      FR tree might finally get low-tier tank that’s worth something even when it’s not on top of the battle.

      oh, about weakspots – go and tell that to Matilda, that thing has armor that bounces some tier Vs combined with fast & accurate gun that penetrates even some VI HT’s from direct front. And weakspots are also pretty hard to find on it.

      • premium s35 does not have special MM. it is a little OP if top tier in MM. but trying to pen. a kv with its gun is really hard. PzB2 has the same gun with special MM. does nt see KV never ever.

      • Matilda is similar to this, tier for tier. I still prefer this one over Matilda, because the latter is very slow and most of the times you won’t even reach the battle before it’s over, or you get thrown in T5-T6 where your armor isn’t worth much – or nothing at all, all you’re left with is a very slow, not-so-armored tank with a modest gun at best. 55 alpha is decent for T3-T4, not for T5-T6.

      • While the Chi-Ha is good, it doesn’t come close to the success that is the S35, THE BEST TANK OF THE EARLY 1940S!!!!!!!

        • ChiHa is WAY better than S35. The S35 is OP at its teir, but completely useless at tier 4, due to speed of tier 4 tanks, and a joke at tier 5 even spamming GOLD, but I have several Laishavois (spelling) medals in my chiha. Its still fun at tier 5 and that gun depression is awesome.

  2. So it will be a regular tank?

    And is there any chance to see one day the FCM 36 as a premium/gift/reward? :)

        • Hey SS, you may want to write something about the Clan Wars civil war on the US server. it is a player generated campaign with official WG backing (gold prizes, official posts on the portal, its own section on the forum) The cool thing about this is it is entirely player made… everything from the rules to the battleground to the timeframe was decided by the players themselves. If nothing else, this is an oppurtunity to talk positively about something WG is doing.

          Both WG and the clans themselves are very heavily advertising the fact that representitaves from many of the clans (including the very top clans on the server) will be streaming the battles (on a delay), something which is never done.

            • SS seriously? Can you ease up on the Eurocentrism a bit and show the US server some love? Seriously, you give more press even to the ASIA server than the US server, and that’s saying a lot (before you say “go find somebody else”, here’s the thing – we don’t HAVE a reputable information source for the US server besides WG themselves – you’re all we’ve got).

          • “Both WG and the clans themselves are very heavily advertising the fact that representitaves from many of the clans (including the very top clans on the server) will be streaming the battles (on a delay), something which is never done.”

            Last 2 campaigns on EU Server: Tons of streams from good clans. Dont be so murrica-centered.

            • Who the fuck cares about clan wars civil wars???????

              Who the fuck cares about clan wars!!!!!, LOL.

              I would rather watch paint dry than watch boring ass clan wars battles.

              I would rather watch random battles with all red players than watch clan noobs battles.

            • I’m talking about an info source for anything OTHER than Clan Wars, which is all but nonexistent over here.

  3. Ugly AF, but fits the french low-tier tanks – OP armor, gun is also rather OP, but what annoys me is that this thing got too much speed for the armor it has. Make the gun bad (top gun should be the 45 pen one, worsen accuracy and aimtime so it’ll only work as brawler).

    • Too much speed? Have you seen the P/W ratio and ground stats? Not as terrible as AMX 40, but don’t expect to actually reach that 45km/h anywhere but downhill.

  4. I don’t think the German S35 will be removed from the store as it’s mostly stock and does not have limited MM. Anyway, the French are still missing the Renault R35, FCM 36, AMX-13 105….

    • There are missing about 30 machines that were either produced or prototyped, but that will never make it to the game because, heh, they’re french.

      Meanwhile, hordes of SS-wannabe wankers get all their german tanks that never went past the “drawing on paper” stage.

    • The Pz 38H was removed when it was introduced in the regular french tree. Same thing happened to the Pz B2.

      So im pretty sure the S35 will meet the same fate.

      • That makes no sense. The premium Churchill, Matilda and Valentine were never removed from the Soviet tree when the British were introduced.

        And the Hotchkiss in the French tree is a H35, while the German one is a H38.

        • Because premium Valentine and Matilda equipped with Russian 45 and 76mm guns, they’re unique and differ from British versions. As for the Churchill III it’s also not a prue clone since UK has Churchill I and VII while German Pz B2 and Pz.38H are basically identical to the French B1 and H35 (except the removed 75mm howitzer from B2 and the flower stand on H38′s back)

    • And french get german Marder and artillery 2 years before germans get them (if they get them at all). Yes i am talking about FCM 36 and 105mm leFH18B2.

    • French premium tanks are very old, they were already in the first version of CBT client. (0.4.5)

  5. And yes, the German Somua S35 will likely be pulled from the store in 9.7.

    So the only S35 in historical configuration you’ll ever see in battle will be removed? LOL

    • B2 and 38H were also removed, unlike the Soviet Churchill III, Matilda IV and Valentine II. Russian bias.

  6. Characteristics with the German Pz. S35 in brackets

    Hitpoints: 250 (260)
    Engine: 230 (220)
    Weight: 20,29 (19.25)
    Power-to-weight: 11,34 (11.06)
    Maximum speed: 45/12 (37/12)
    Hull traverse: 38 (40)
    Terrain resistance: 1,151/1,342/2,301 (1.03/1.14/1.71)
    Turret traverse: 42 (41)
    Viewrange: 330 (330)
    Radio range: 740,4 (525)

    Hull armor: 47/40/? (36/35/25)
    Turret armor: 40/40/? (56/46/46)

    Damage: 55/55/70 (52/52/62)
    Penetration: 66/98/24 (55/90/24)
    ROF: 27,857 (27.63)
    DPM: 1532,1 (1436.76)
    Reload: 2,154 (2.17)
    Accuracy: 0,38 (0.39)
    Aimtime: 1,4 (1.14)
    Depression: -11/+25 (-10/+20)

    Seems pretty damn good.

    • Your stats for the German version power-to-weight ratio is off, it’s 11.43, not 11.06. But yeah, it does look good.

      • TOO good.
        They could at least give it historical equipment. It would be a Pz S35 clone, but at least historical and balanced.

        Or just historical hull armor.

      • Ah yes, I used my own Pz. S35 for that statistic, forgot I have equipment loaded onto it, thanks. xD

    • Those stats seem different enough to have the captured S35 to stay ingame…
      Just look at the Chi-nu and the Chi-nu kai.

  7. Why the fuck is this thing tier 3 anyway? It totally roflstomped german tanks that end up as tier 4s in game.

    While I can see why the B1-bis didn’t make it to tier 5 (while it certainly could, with its actual gun caracteristics and a few buffs), there’s absolutely no argument as to why this couldn’t be a tier 4. The Somua is widely regarded as the best early war tank, and it’s gonna be fully unlocked after two defeats.

    Oh well, I’ll just have to enjoy trampling noobs with its op gun and armor.

    • In France most of German tanks were Pz35t, Pz38t, PzIII with 37mm, and PzIV with 75mm L/24

      You go tier 4 PzIII you get PzIII with 50mm L/60 and PzIVD with 75mm L/43 which would outclass the Somua S35.

      Glad to see Somua S35 coming, its long overdue.

      Please tell me they intend to get rid of the luggage racks on the right side, Wasn’t that a German only mod?

  8. hy i´m from the german section of the french lobby,

    plz can you tell me is it a 6er medium??? and which one ????
    the question is burn in my soul for years pls tell me

    • Yes.
      Enjoy your 6er medium with 250 hitpoints, 66 pen and 55 damage.

      • sry for my bad english
        i mean the come a branch, the s35 is a tier 3
        come a tier 6 tank and which one is it?
        this it the think i want to know

        • You just nerfed my eyes with your english… Tier 6 is very unlikely (probably no Tier 6).

          Non Tier 6
          Nein Tier 6
          Njet Tier 6
          Nada, no esta Tiero 6

    • Well, this tank is a LONG way from release and no tank has ever…I say, EVER… made it from super-test to release without changes being made, so I wouldn’t count on it getting released without being nerfed some. I’m pulling for it, though.

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  10. So sad it has 330 meters viewrange..the optics on the S35 were irl revolutionary, and actually applied after 1945 in any other tank. (x4 magnification, stereoscopic, the could shoot a tank at 1000 meters). Not to mention it had differential steering (pivot) quite ahead of its time (also not implemented). So, put that stuff in and make it a tier 4; it will make the tank more “glassy”, fitting the french style better..

    • It would’ve been nice, but it’s WG afterall, the fact that we’re getting it at all is great.

  11. I thought I read somewhere that the French Somua’s had a 75 mm gun? or is that a later tier variant Somua tank?

  12. Despite the new lower-tier tanks, the AMX 30 will still branch off from the AMX 13 90, right? So how do the lower-tier tanks fit in?

  13. Well it’s about fucking time the French started getting some new tanks. It’s only been three or so years!

    • I guess lack of access to French archives and/or the actual tanks may have something to do with it.

      • Nope, not an excuse considering that all of the tanks were modeled and tested at one point, and yet still WG refused to add them.

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