Straight Outta Supertest: Somua S35 Changes

Hello everyone,

on supertest client, Somua S35 (leaked here) was changed a bit. First, a description was added to the model:

“Thanks to its high firepower, protection and mobility, the S35 was the most successful French tank and one of the best tanks in the world of its period. Due to the use of one-man turret, the commander was forced to look for targets, aim, reload and coordinate the crew actions at the same time. This reduced the ability of the crew to instantly react to changing conditions of battle and reduced the tank firepower. By the time France capitulated on 22.6.1940, 427 S35 tanks were built in total.”

What changed:

- DPM nerfed from 1532,1 to 1248,4
- reload nerfed from 2,154s to 2,643s
- ROF nerfed from 27,857 to 22,698
- aimtime nerfed from 1,4 to 1,5s
- accuracy loss from turning the turret nerfed by 25 percent

Characteristics now (elite setup, top gun, 100 percent crew):

Tier: 3
Hitpoints: 250
Engine: 230 hp
Weight: 20,29 tons
Power-to-weight: 11,34 hp/t
Maximum speed: 45/12 km/h
Hull traverse: 38 deg/s
Terrain resistance: 1,151/1,342/2,301
Turret traverse: 42 deg/s
Viewrange: 330
Radio range: 740,4

Hull armor: 47/40/?
Turret armor: 40/40/?

Elite gun: 47mm SA37 (other guns available: stock 47mm SA34 (25 pen), middle 47mm SA35 (45 pen))
Damage: 55/55/70
Penetration: 66/98/24
ROF: 22,698
DPM: 1248,4
Reload: 2,643s
Accuracy: 0,38
Aimtime: 1,5s
Depression: -11/+25

28 thoughts on “Straight Outta Supertest: Somua S35 Changes

  1. I disagree with these changes. I like the S35 so I want it to dominate tier 3, just as the captured Char B1 does in tier 4. :p

    • I predicted these very serious nerfs…
      Tank was interesting in the initial form, after these nerfs… pfffft!
      I have a Pz. S35. Both iterations will be very good against tier 3′s, not good against 4′s & terrible against 5′s.
      Having said that, the German version which has better turret armor/worse hull armor, 15% more dpm but with 8% less APCR pen, 24% faster aim time, a TINY bit less accuracy & gun depression is arguably as good or better overall than the nerfed Frenchy plus the German gives Premium advantages of earning more credits, xp, crew xp & free use of any medium crew. Frenchy can be had for credits, German requires 500 gold when on sale (which is often).
      Looks like the German version wins.

  2. What are the other french tanks that WG are planning to release in 9.7 (beside the amx 30 , the amx 30 prototype ,and the s35 obviously)?

  3. Can you better not write a whole article about every tiny bit that changes in super test and post these stats just before the test, Test version or Patch goes live?

    • Well I think it’s good that we have a constant flow of information, it’s what keeps this blog interesting and lures more readers. So it’s a bad idea IMHO to limit such info, even if it gives a false/temporary picture of what’s to come

      Oh, and btw – really like this Somua, I hope they’ll give us Renault R35 as well, it’s been a long wait for this vehicle, even if it sucked IRL

  4. Fi…nal destination?

    Seriously though, the reload still seems awfully fast for a tank with one man doing everything in the turret. Looking forward to this tank.

    • no, see its logical when there are 2 loaders in one tank it would be slower because WG physics

      just like maus you have 128 and 75 mm canon both have one loaders which makes 2 loaders but you can only use one loader for 128 and if both gets injured your loading time will go up

      • The S35 had a APX1 CE (chemin elargi) turret which had a larger turret ring than standard – this allowed for what was called a 1 1/2 man turret – it was large enough for a second person to assist the commander with the loading of the main gun.

    • As far as I know is to remove the WG league hangar (not check by myself, just read it anywhere)