Tiger P HD Visual Bugs

Hello everyone,

there are two issues with the Tiger P model (thanks for people noticing). Issue one is nastier and I am sure many of you encountered it. Basically, the tracks have a fucked up model, that, under some circumstances, causes visual glitches, a sort of “bar code” artefacts coming from the tracks, essentially like this:

This is a known bug and will be fixed in the next update. Not sure what triggers it, I haven’t seen it in my client myself. Second bug is of a bit funnier nature. Check this out, this is the commander cupola of the top turret. Missing anything?

Tiger (P)_14-31-1

That’s right, there are no vision slits in the cupola, it’s just a metal bucket. Oh well, guess the commander doesn’t really HAVE to see anything – next patch will feature viewrange reduced to 0.

Yes, it’s a known bug and this too will be fixed in the future I assume. On the other hand, several people contacted me, asking about the size of the hole behind the mantlet, specifically that the size of the hole was MUCH increased and the turret now is nowhere near as durable as it used to be. Well, this is intentional. If you compare the mantlet and the collision model, you’ll see that it actually makes sense.

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    • Tiger P was quite well armored for it’s tier and it’s turret , while not being reliable, had alot of shell nom noms just because of the mantlet.

      If this is no longer true I suggest them to increase RoF a bit because it was always intended for Tiger P to have less DPM than Tiger H but more protection.

      • 1 WAS, it no longer is, the weakspots are bigger and weaker, it’s frontal armor was the only thing keeping it alive to face off it’s tier!
        2 when i whined about this and asked for a better gun performance, cause now the armor sux on it, some idiot bitch that i must be joking!
        3 they fucked up one of my favorite tanks in the game!

  1. The front sprocket also seems to be rotating with different speed than the track itself, so it looks like its slipping.

    • Because they are no longer trying , they take their popularity and success as granted.

      It may sound bitter but the more shit like this pops up the more I silently wish AW to be a big success and steal all the good players from WoT.

      • There is almost no posibility for only good players, or even good players to leave in greater numbers, simply because they already have lot of things here. It will mostly be players who ‘burned out’ and bitter ones. (#wgsucks, #everythingiswrong kind of people :))
        Al least IMHO.

  2. “Not sure what triggers it”

    The bug is caused by improperly oriented normal faces on the mesh, basically how the graphics renderer knows what side of the vertices is what, how light should react to it and its place in the UV map, improperly orienting these means that under the right conditions when rendered as seen by the player PoV, those vertices are suddenly not where they are meant to be because the renderer can’t link them with the vertices surrounding that particular polygon, thus you get “vertex tearing” which is the ensuing graphical artifact bug.

    TLDR: once again Wargaming’s artists, or those they outsource to, have no idea what they are doing as a simple polishing pass before sending the mesh up the pipeline should catch and fix these issues in minutes.

  3. Yeah, I (along with my few friends which I told about the bug) made a bug report in the common test about the Tiger P vision slits, and seems like WG did not listen at all. :P

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    • Most likely caused by the fools WG outsource to not knowing how to properly UV map a model, the UV map binds the texture to the model and tells what pixels to go where, if you have problems with layered textures on models with the textures not lining up properly, its the UV map at fault.

  4. In what world was the tiger p turret durable? I liked the tank but the massive cupola and turret roof made the turret useless , I actually preferred the tiger 1s turret.