The Insider: M6A2E1 Coming in HD

Hello everyone,

just a little bit of info from the Insider – apparently,the HD version of M6A2E1 “Alien” is coming soon. What is also coming is a special Xbox-only bundle with the M6A2E1 – again, this is for WoT Xbox, not PC:

- USA Tier VIII M6A2E1 Heavy Tank
- 100% Crew
- Vertical Stabilizer Mk 2
- Improved Ventilation Class 3
- Large-caliber Tank Gun Rammer
- 60 AP T32 Shells
- 12 APCR T29E3 Shells
- 1 Garage Slot
- 7 Days of Premium Account

Also, World of Warships beta will come “very soon”, but I guess everyone knew that.

40 thoughts on “The Insider: M6A2E1 Coming in HD

  1. I doubt WoWs closed beta will come very soon but I heard there will be another beta weekend(maybe this will be last beta weekend before close beta ).

    SS,will you still make a first impression article or something like that when WoWs is released to view what is changed since?

    • There are already NDA exceptions officially approved from WG on videos from Jingles and company.

      In the past SS showed himself to start already with a certain bias against WoWS, probabily partially because of how he feels about WG and partially because he is not into ships as much as he is into tanks. Which is why i’ll rather have him stick with something he is passionate about instead of trying to compare WoT gameplay to WoWS.

      As for you, just try to get into the weekend event if a new one is actually coming. Last time there were contests on the forum to get keys (and they were not hard), plus another contest for alpha testers to get an additional key to gift to peole.

        • If you already are an alpha tester, what good SS review would give you?

          It’s like watching Jingle’s videos. If you already played there isn’t much to see in it imho, unless you are really new. They contain just basic informations you get to learn in the first days of playing.

  2. Why are they making the unpopular tanks HD first? Shouldn’t they be going down the “sort by vehicle popularity” list?
    inb4 t54 and is7

    • Im not sure, but I think on ru server they can buy this tank (as there it was never sold as a one time offer preorder packet). Also, if Im not mistaken, in some past q&a ppl already asked about hd m6 premium, so maybe it’s popular over there.

      • Nope, not even RU has the M6A2E1 , they only have the M4A2E4 Sherman.
        The funny thing is thet ASIA has more “rare tanks” on sale then RU , and even they don’t have it in their online shop. ( they do have the Tetrarch , KV-5 , BT-SV ) but no Alien :D
        Dunno about the korean shop cause it’s down atm.

        • They did have it for sale until about the end of last year, so there are a very large number of owners for it on the RU server.

          • It was a legitimate question from me. I don’t pay attention to what tanks become HD, because so far I haven’t had many of them. I have Lowe and Tiger P, but I don’t play them often.

  3. A giant business idea for WG in this retarded “cannot sell them damn tanks in EU” case – rename the existing Preorder tanks to something like “M6A2E1 Preorder” (like there is now KV-220 Beta and Pz V/IV Alpha) and sell those tanks with usual names in the f**ing shop. In that case all of the old players will still have that “unique” tank in their garages, but newer players would have the possibility to obtain them at least somehow!

  4. that’s it WG, rather than make the tanks people actually use HD let’s make the ones that only 1% of the server have. love your logic, you fucking retard russians

  5. Stop putting crews I dont need in my barracks.
    Stop parking silly looking shitty sport/fun tanks in my garage.
    Stop putting adverts in my garage.

    • 1. You don’t own barracks.
      2. You don’t own garage.
      3. Look at the point 2.
      4. Look at the point 2.

      Pretty simple actually. Read the EULA, don’t be “click-next” idiot.

  6. Heya all. I have M6A2E1 in my garage and of course i and all other owners of this tank dont want it on sale anymore because that’s what WG promised us when we bought this tank.

    People who claim it should are just jealous because they dont have it. Its same u buy some limited edition product/coin/etc and ofc u want it to be unique, not to be on sale anymore. Its nice u buy coin that lets say have been printed 50k times, u pay certain ammount of money for it and u get unique coin. And then they decided to print 50k more its not nice, not even legal if they tell u before its “unique and on sale this time only”

    I personally like there are rare things in games and in life so its not all gray mass.

    Have a nice day :)

    • Who said we want this tank? He works only against realy new players, we are speaking ’bout reason WG reworks it in HD.

      • So if u dont example want to share your girlfriend makes u greedy too :P
        I am dick for sure but greedy…dont know about that.

    • You can shove your exclusivity where the sun don’t shine -

      Frankly I don’t give two s**ts if they sold my Panzer V/IV now because of how FEW of them you see in the game nowadays.

      What’s the point of having something you see maybe 10 of in a year? Ever heard of a statute of limitations? Nearly 4 years for a pre-order pack is long enough. WG are deliberately denying themselves easy income. Remember the Type 59 and Type 64 and KV-220 “never sold again” b/s?

      Your Mutant and my Panzer V/IV becoming available is just a matter of time … and frankly, I could care less. If that makes you butt-sad, well then you’re the minority. You’re literally the One-tenth-of-One-Percent of pre-order people who still give a crap about exclusivity.

      I hope people get *more* exposure to it by a WG-money-grab here in the near future.

      • Mutant is still somehow usefull compared to other preorder tanks and mostly becouse its rare, so its good for tank itself its not in common sale, hope its stays that way.

        • You remind me of a old stamp collector I’ve read about once. Apparently, he had the only existing example of a stamp known as “British Guyana 1c”. According to the legend, he was so very proud about it and so greedy that when he found out somebody had another example of this very rare stamp, he bought it (for a very large sum of money) and burned it – so the one he owned remained unique…

    • Speak for yourself Hadred I also own an M6a1e2 and I believe they as in War Gaming should cut the bs and put them on sale. I have 1400 games in mine its anything but spectacular but its a decent enough tank. ( my ingame name is Flatfoot on the U.S. server for anyone who thinks im lying). I am an average player at best but i absolutely am not someone whose greedy enough to hang on to “but they said it wouldn’t be for sale ever again guys”. Its a decent us heavy crew trainer at best. I am all for war gaming renaming and Re-releasing it.

  7. What is also coming is a special Xbox-only bundle with the M6A2E1 – again, this is for WoT Xbox, not PC:

    * deskflip.jpg