Ex-WG EU Employee Talks about Wargaming

Hello everyone,

before we start, let me say something first. You know how come there are so many leaks? Why Wargaming people can’t keep a secret for long? Let me tell you. It’s disgruntled employees. It’s natural in a way, if you treat your people like shit, they’ll take the first chance they get to tell someone about it – people love to talk. And then, that “someone” tells me. This is not however such a case – this is something else, a classic disgruntled ex-employee. Thanks to the anonymous CZ player who sent me this :)

Remember Ellendway? Some of you might – especially the Czechoslovak community, he’s one part of the former community organizer duo Ellendway/Karlie. While Karlie moved on to e-sports, Ellendway either left the company or was fired, I don’t know (heard both versions). Now, you know what’s one of the rules on any job? “Don’t slander your ex-employer”. Unfortunately for him (and fortunately for us), Ellendway broke that rule, when he commented with his profile under a Czech portal article about World of Tanks: Generals. Czech readers can have a look at what he’s saying in original, but I’ll translate it for you. And of course a screenshot, just in case he decides to delete his comments (happened before).


What he says about WoT Generals:

“Last time I played it, it was when I was working at WG and the game was in early alpha testing phase. The game was slow, boring and practically impossible to understand. Compared to Heartstone, it was insane.”

He continues to comment about Wargaming EU salary policy (pay attention if you want to apply to WG) – he replies to a person, who said that it’s possible the game evolved in the meanwhile and he’d see that, if he continued to work there.:

“Thanks, but I’d rather do a solid job, where they give me more than a minimum wage and I can afford to live and not survive :)”

Interesting. I always thought WG pays well. When another commenter claimed it’s possible that WoT is no longer as profitable, he replied:

“Unfortunately, the tanks are more and more profitable. More and more people supports them and buy premium accounts.”

And when questioned about details, he adds:

“Well, since I worked for them for more than a year, unfortunately I have to say that the income gets higher and higher. Of course, it’s not as easy as just looking at the EU server and saying it’s losing profits. In Russia, there are still over 900k players online (or not?) and now the Xbox version and the mobile Blitz…
You have to understand that 99 percent of players do not complain in discussions, they are sitting and playing. And unfortunately also paying. That’s one of the reasons why I left. When the employer doesn’t care what’s going on with the game and the main thing that matters to him is that each month he gets gazillions of USD, it’s hard to do anything…”

Interesting, especially the last part. Of course, WG is no charity, we all know that. Makes me wonder how much exactly do they care about the game though.

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  1. I personally wouldn’t want to have an employee that dislikes it when the company makes money. I can understand why they didn’t pay him. And fired him.

    Disgruntelled employee of the month.

      • r u fuckin’ kiddin’ me? this dude’s probably speaks truth and u shittin’ on him.
        what he’s probably meant, is that regarding to such a fuckface twisted lametarded policy of WG, ppl do buy prem accs, stronk prem tonks as panth88 and so on and so on…
        damn, dudes…

        and btw: i do like to get informed about leaks and shit, but not from a man-to-man kinda shit… i mean, this dude who send u this is probably the one who talked to this guy, right. so… it’s kinda unfrair toward ellendway or whatever he’s name is.

        • I am replying to his comments, not your opinion.
          “And unfortunately also paying. That’s one of the reasons why I left.” is just not something any business good or bad, want an employee to think.
          ~OMG customers are paying us! And I personally want more money please!~ Is seriously not a good attitude.
          The thing that WG is not properly run or makes too much money etcetera is another point entirely; I can second you there.

          • I love how you start the article, “people love to talk, especially when their treated like shit, but this isn’t the case, he is just dis gruntled”

            Yea, and that’s not a WOT in the address is it SS?

          • another retarded lameass fuck, who can’t see the picture and cutting words out of a context.

            • Whats being taken out of context? Is ther some secret message I don’t have the decoder ring for?

              Im still looking for the punchline/ subject? Is he going to say something about Wargaming?

              What is this Picture your talking about? Please, since I seem to be the least intelligent persona on the internet(my WG stats can be used as an IQ test right Serb) please explain to me what the fuk this articles is trying to convey?

              • daaaaaamn… dude, i was replayin’ to the Alexander Fransen brainless fuck.

                P.S. got fucked up with this system as well atm, thought u r the Alexander fuckin Fransen, and thought u edited ur comment :D lol ^^

                u actually said a right thing back there. i agree with it

    • Like you TOTALLY KNOW WHY he quit or if he even got fired. We don’t know the details, and yet he immediatly say he was a bad employee. We all know how bad WG can be, yet these comments are siding with WG faster then a whore.

      Pathetic, and even more pathetic of SS agreeing with you when you two don’t know full story, lol. The internet and this horrible WoT community.

      • Yea SS, I just read it. That was a joke. Whats your point here? To create a false drama? To then hope that the collective will then re act as if its just business as ususal. “See, its just old Uncle WG, itll be fine”.

        Every time I think of WOT, I feel like ive been lied too. Why is that?

    • There is a difference between earning money and beeing greedy.
      And I personally would not like to work in a company, which doesn’t care for its products but only how to maximize income.
      We should all just think back to the recent WZ-111 event. It was virtually impossible to get this tank without buying tokens (for 70 Euro!). This “event” was a joke compared to the manageable IS6 and the rather easy Super Pershing event. It was the first time you could – better – must buy tokens and it was impossible to do it without them. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

      WG has neither the customer support, the professionalism nor the product quality for a company of its size and income. With more and more competitors with a similar product, it will be hard to maintain the flow of money with this attitude. I wouldn’t be surprised if WG will be just a relic of old times in a few years.

      • honestly, what can we fuckin’ do if even here, at ftw, we actually gettin’ discussing about is it ok to say how wg sucks…

        the fuck is goin’ on today, omfg. i’m gonna close ftr. fuck that twisted lametard game and all around it

      • Pretty much everyone I know who got it (got a few people in clan and on Czech forums who I know got it) got it for totally free or 10 – 20€ max, so I don’t think your statement is much right. Sure, there probably were newbies who bought it for 70€, but it wasn’t that many, IMO – you don’t see them in battles that often.

      • Ahem, the WZ-111 mission was pretty easy. I only bought one token because I wanted the tank earlier but would have gotten it for free otherwise. Oh and I got 15 days of prem for free too. I don’t see anything wrong with that. You’re just whining for whinings sake. QQ more.

      • I got the WZ-111 without a lot of effort. Sure, it took some time, but it was easy to accomplish if one was dedicated. I ended up buying one token, for Japan, because I just didn’t want to play that many games in just the Type 61, which was the only Japanese tank I had in my garage at the time that qualified. I had plenty of time to do it when I finished all the other nations, I just like more variety, and didn’t want to play 100 games or so in a single tank over the last week of the event. So, the 111 cost me $10.

      • WZ111 event is easy as hell if you don’t have a family, a job, obligations or life.
        Also, having no problem to lose some games, the whole team might suffer, but it’s the kills we need, not the damage or the victory.

        Whoever came up with the idea of making mission requirements that contradict the way of the game, should be fired.

      • I got the tank and then played it to death 2 weeks after the WZ event gone live so please, speak for yourselves. It was not that hard, just needed time. IS-6 was a lot harder for me since I had no japanese going back then (they were just implemented) and the rest of nations? hardly one tank each. It bored me after 2 days of constant 6 tier spam.

    • A previous company I worked for played musical money with their products in a way that resulted in our team (product service and repair) typically getting 0 earnings. I found out that work we done counted as the company making nothing, but if I subcontracted the work then it counted as profit. So I would take my work (£100 an hour 1h minimum) and ship it out to a subcontractor to fix!… The time would take an extra 2-3 days but I would go from £0 per job “profit” up to sometimes £200 or £300 “profit”… This had a nice increase on my take home pay at the end of the month, but in reality the company was making thousands less at the end of the month.

      Staff don’t mind a company making money, but staff need to be listened to and compensated for their time in a way that shows the company cares.

      I explained to my line manager what I was doing and he objected but said that there was no way he could really stop me from doing it (our department numbers looked better because of it too!), but when the yearly meeting came up I discussed it with a director and the bonus system of the company was changed.

      Sometimes they listen, sometimes you have to force them to listen. I also forced a recall for equipment we used in nuclear reactors that probably amounted to 10′s of thousands of £’s in losses just in the UK (My report triggered a global product recall – DOH)… But after it was done our products were known to be much more robust and reliable. So should they have fired me – perhaps… Did I hurt them in the pocket book?. Yea.. Did they benefit in the end?. Yes..

      I say this.. If your staff are 100% happy – You are being taken advantage of.
      If your staff are 100% unhappy – Your doing something wrong.
      If your staff like the job, and bitch about things – Your probably on a good path (as long as you listen!)…

      • It’s always so easy to separate a fool from his money. You don’t need a ex-employee to tell you WG doesn’t care about their players. All you have to do is log in. And the douche bags riding WG’s dick aka fangirls are part of the problem.

        • I can speak neither to all the details of this employee’s motivation nor the basis for his departure. However, his comments are clear. The main reason for his departure was a mix of unhappiness at how the company deploys a flawed but improvable product but doesn’t make the best product possible because the customers keep paying, and because despite a high level of profitability, the employees are not compensated in alignment to the company’s success (which they make possible).

          WG is profitable in the context of their current business model and their current attitude towards customers. Why would they change? The leadership is openly contemptuous of their customers, and the customers keep paying for premium.

          The negative WG leadership attitude towards customers is brazen – and still the money rolls in. In turn the disrespect grows. How could it not? How is this a puzzle?

          If you buy premium time and tanks, you are placing a higher valuation on faster grinding than on being valued by company. There is a learning curve that leads to that realization.

          I haven’t played in 3 weeks now – I let my prem expire unused (the last few weeks of it). It feels pretty good. I do enjoy reading this board, thank you SS!

    • Alexander, I won’t want to work for you. Thank goodness.

      WOT Makes gazillions, pays its employees pennies?

      Loyalty becomes nonexistent when your employers don’t give 2 shits at all.

      I applaud him for coming out and telling the truth about evils of wot!

  2. ” In Russia, there are still over 900k players online ” Some of them went to play real tanks in Ukraine.

  3. “Interesting, especially the last part. Of course, WG is no charity, we all know that. Makes me wonder how much exactly do they care about the game though.”

    WG made artys imbalanced in 8.6, and does not give a shit about them. Looks like they dont give a fuck about such nonsense things like 203 mm guns against tier 5 tanks, all they want is our USD/EURO/HUF/etc and they want more and more and more.

    • dude, i know you like(d) arty, but you are 1 against thousands of “arty OP” crybabies… you will never win, deal with it (or complain next few years… you wont change anything, but if that´s what makes you happy…)

      • but the thousands arty OP crybabies won’t change anything too…
        WG simply does not care about players opinions

      • Being silent sheep has always been a good thing then, huh? To start a relovution someone has to plant the seed for it. Maybe, just maybe, someday arty will be reworked to be less random, but much less punishing per hit. And would become real support instead of lottery machine. Less damage and less pen more often. Just as current 183 … fucken retarded piece of development brain fart. Nice in the drawing board and in the idea… but we did not need tank with arty cannon.

        I have no grudge against them as I was one pre 8.6 players enjoying arty as it was. Not too accurate, not that innaccurate, but skill played huge role to get over 2k per each and every match instead of 3 misses one hit for meagre splash…. hurray for hitting the center of aim circle more often. Although the aim buff was very nice for tanks, that was something that rewarded skillfull aim and driving more than one can think of. But the side effect, too much moving shot hits, was a bit in a need of tweaking. It was still for the better.

    • Oh I don’t know; not wanting to get fired tends to be a good reason (at least not until you have another job lined up). You can usually get the truth out of them earlier if you know where to go…

  4. Interesting, especially the last part. Of course, WG is no charity, we all know that. Makes me wonder how much exactly do they care about the game though.

    Let’s see, after 4 years they:

    -Refused to fix arty
    -Introduced and then refused to fix T10 TDs
    -Still too blind/ignorant/retarded to see high alpha is a problem, not accuracy/aim time
    -Still haven’t fixed the spotting system
    -Still haven’t given us a second French heavy line
    -Refused to give us server transfers even if it’s for a limited time
    -Still use an old, obsolete, horribly optimized piece of shit engine.
    -Created this problem and then refused to fix it:
    -It has gotten to the point where shells have decided to fire out of the the side/rear of my turret with the occasional TK as a result
    -Decided to release WoWp first instead of WoWs.

    • “-It has gotten to the point where shells have decided to fire out of the the side/rear of my turret with the occasional TK as a result”

      This is a lag problem. If you are lagging you can screw around with the turret and the server crosshair at the point where the turret strarts turning the other way (arount 180 degrees) and the two starts turning in the opposite way.

    • high alpha is one thing that they wont change since their precious rusek tenks will be ruined without their OP alpha (looking directly at you ISU-152) and yes u get other nations with OP alpha tanks too like Jadzilla but mostly its the rusek tree thats the problem….
      WG is plagued by rusek bias

    • -Refused to fix arty
      Arty was the target of two global nerfs already, wouldn’t call that “refuse to fix”. Unless you mean fix as remove, but sadly they can’t help you there.

      -Introduced and then refused to fix T10 TDs
      Tier 10s had a special nerf patch for them (remember Foch / Object nerf rage), WTF is going to get removed, so they won’t balance it much, obviously.

      -Still too blind/ignorant/retarded to see high alpha is a problem, not accuracy/aim time
      How do you suggest to fix it… give everyone the same alpha?

      -Still haven’t fixed the spotting system
      It’s in works and there have been recent improvements to it, albeit I admit they were mostly small.

      -Still haven’t given us a second French heavy line
      Probably because the tanks are hard to research? I am not sure about this one, since I really only pay attention to Czechoslovak and Japanese branches development, though.

      -Still use an old, obsolete, horribly optimized piece of shit engine.
      The optimization is pretty much a progress work. If you don’t believe it, download 9.1 client and try running replays on it, bet you’ll get quite a few FPS lower. I consider 50FPS@1080p and full details@GTX560Ti good enough.

      -Created this problem and then refused to fix it:
      -It has gotten to the point where shells have decided to fire out of the the side/rear of my turret with the occasional TK as a result
      Both are the same and are your lag problem – I recommend server reticle enabled. Never met it in game, though.
      But really, this thing is not fixable, unless you provide every player with optical internet. There’s lots of data brought to servers (for good reasons), so you better keep your network speed up.

      -Decided to release WoWp first instead of WoWs.
      “Hey, guys, we have WoWp ready and want to try and shake WT’s positions!”
      “That’s a bad idea, let’s keep it under lid for two years before we release WoWs.”
      Like that?

      All in all, I can agree with about 10%ˇof what you say.

        • Care to say why? I argued with reasons – for most of the features/nerfs/balance changes I can even dig out the patch versions. For stuff in development I can dig out FTR articles. And for the lag issue I can show threads on forums where they players experience the same issues and server reticle helps them.

          Unless you don’t bring reasons, I won’t bother replying further, because that’ll be useless. Hope you understand.

      • “-Refused to fix arty
        Arty was the target of two global nerfs already, wouldn’t call that “refuse to fix”. Unless you mean fix as remove, but sadly they can’t help you there.”

        arty was nerfed in a horrible way, so it rarely hits, but when it hits it has far bigger chance to pen/oneshot, so they are worse than before 8.6

        • @Dexter5021 – you are in a minority, arty was fixed in 8.6, and further fixed in 9.6. For most of the rest of the player base arties accuracy is now about right, all that needs fixing now is the damage to be reduced, and exp received, and the credits gained (also to be reduced). That should send enough of a message to even the stupiest clicker that clicking is only in the game to provide a layer of rng, and only sub-Homo Sapiens will play it regularly.

          @ Nya-Chan – very well argued points, concisely put.

      • the target of 2 global nerfs? Not fixing the problem is not fixing the problem, no matter how many attempts.

        Also, you get more fps than an old version, so a piece of shit is better than a piece of shit with flies on it, now what.

        Spotting system in works? What isn’t in works in WG?

        French tanks are hard to research? There’s tons of them, it’s only that SS posts Czech tanks instead.

        • To your points:
          - arty gets targetted and thought about more than other classes, that’s already fixing it, albeit slowly. I disagree that it’s not fixing it – you can’t balance any class overnight, especially when you keep on adding new branches.
          Also don’t forget for some players the class will never be fixed anyway – there are still players in CS1.6 who think snipers are broken and should be banned.

          - then what you want from WG? They can’t use new engine, because it’d mean the game would die for 2+ years and adding new physics and better models and optimization doesn’t happen overnight again. Yeah, I am also sad about Havok and DX11 delays, but at least they are working on it.

          - that’s the thing – they have many things in future, so I can always hope. One day there’ll be DX11 support, there’ll be Havok. It’s funny how everyone cried for multicore, and now it’s partially in the game and it didn’t help them, they shifted to different stuff.

          - as I said, I don’t know about those. It’s possible, but don’t remember that today for a new branch you will also have to rework them all to HD as well. And the branch might still be missing some important thing (like having a tier without a suitable tank). Or nobody from France plays the game even with French tanks, so they don’t consider it important anymore – I don’t know. But I am quite sure they have reasons – most likely the cries of the French heavy line players aren’t loud enough.

      • The 2nd French heavy line was all modeled and in the supertest, and that was over 2 and a half years ago…

  5. Interesting, especially the last part. Of course, WG is no charity, we all know that. Makes me wonder how much exactly do they care about the game though.

    And also about their employees :p

  6. WG are kinda stingy with the money the earn, i mean look at the premuim tanks, they cost A LOT for a tank ( i mean ffs for the same money you could buy a couple nice indie games from steam)
    also the offers they give u in store are never really offers….they are just tanks that still cost the same with some added gold and/or silver (gift shop offer my ass)
    yes the game is F2P but people who pay for prem account and tanks dont REALLY get what they pay for, most prem tanks arent that good (maybe apart from T34, Lowe, su 122, e-25 and a few others) but when you think about it ur really not getting a good deal for what you pay for, look at premuim accounts, its just more coins and xp per battle….(like wtf??? other games give u exclusive stuff with their memberships and early access to in game items)
    prem account=not worth it
    also look at the updates they churn out, i mean the updates get delayed ALMOST ALWAYS and most of them are meh (a few new tanks, some crappy small game improvement )
    the money WG earn and what they do with it doesnt add up…

  7. Lol…

    Gets paid I would believe a very decent amount of money and leaves coz WG makes more money each month? Legit.

    Imo a salty employee that got fired for whatever reason trying to play smart now lol.

    Also not very smart to shittalk the previous employer coz new employers tend to ask for references from the old companies… If someone gets fired then it mostly speaks for itself… And I dont think that WG lacks money to play their (slaves) workers and had to fire ppl coz of that lol :P

  8. I always wonder why so many people still play the game when WG is so bad and their game such a shit… people buy premium accounts, iPhones, Renault cars, although none is top in its industry – so basically WG, Apple, Renault… are wicked companies that want to make profit. How unsocial and uncommunist it is…

    Or people simply rant here, rent there and in the evening they log in and play ‘the worst game under the whole sun’… Otherwise they would not need to comment something that is so bad and even more, has nothing to do with them.

    It’s called hypocrisy.

    • I have a theory, that they have fun, but they want more fun – which for many of them means more winning, because red players are always on the other side and no way I can play bad – so I should be winning. They can’t pen T10, so they want MM +-1, they get penned too much, so forbid gold ammo, even best players can get one shot by arty, so ban arty, the team wrecks your game, so bring skill MM…
      Though it’s just a feeling. It’d need more proper research to confirm a feeling, I’d say. And still, occasionally I see threads with good ideas or good reasoning, so not all is lost, I guess.

      • Or maybe people invested a lot of time and money into a game that WG managed to fuck up in the last 2 years and refuse to be buttfucked by SerB and his space programs?
        Please, leave your “theories” to rot in your little head, because it’s too dense for more complicated concepts.

        • “managed to fuck up”

          Care to elaborate? To me the game seems practically the same – of course, some meta has changed, but that’s not really “fucked up”.

          The game is still technically well playable and all the core mechanisms are still there. What exactly is “fucked up” compared to two years ago?

          • Gold ammo flying everywhere, arty oneshotting tanks on every tier, bullshit tier X TDs, tanks nerfed with “HD models” with no compensations, retarded IMs ruining random battles, indulging in power creep while ignoring hopelessly UP vehicles – to mention a few.

            • Gold ammo for credits is older than two years (december 2012). And since everyone can buy it, it’s not really screwing up – it’s changed meta.
              Arty oneshotting on every tier was ever since its introduction (beta, maybe alpha even)
              TDs at T10 are dangerous, but still aren’t ruling the battlefield – that’s mostly mediums and heavies. 15 vs 15 TDs? It happens, but it’s so rare I don’t mind.
              Tank balance based on researched models IRL was present in the game from the beginning
              IMs have mostly calmed down now, but as it’s a favourite counter-reason these day I’ll give it to you
              Power creep is mostly negligible in the latest patches – you don’t see new vehicles ruling the battlefield, at least to me WTF doesn’t present a threat, same with Conway and others.

              OTOH in the last two years you had 3 man platoon for everyone, team battles, prem consumables for silver, HD models, strongholds and shitload of new tanks added – and nobody mentions that. To me it’s important that they still add new content, instead of crying for what’s not yet implemented. Sure, it could’ve been better, but it can “always” be better, that’s the problem.

              Most of what you mention is just calling for “good old” times – those weren’t as good as you remember them, really. Maybe in beta it was better gameplay-wise, because the game wasn’t so widely known, but if it stayed that way, it’d die down instead of getting new features.

    • “we”
      Not, not “we”, silentstalker is, and he does what he wants. Now go away and ask a useful question

  9. When you acquire large amounts of wealth your outlook on life changes, employee’s, customers and working class people are looked down upon as useless eaters.

  10. Wargaming is not making a lot of money and won’t make any money in the future. He must have been kidding. No healthy player would invest into such old game. Players have better choices these days like War Thunder or Armored Warfare. Their tanks look way much better and these games have everything what a real tank game should have. People who really love tanks love War Thunder and AW too. People who dislike tanks like WoT …

    • eh, WG GF is iffy at best.

      Armored Warfare isn’t accessible to the populace yet, and we’ve witnessed a lot of limited content, but it does look nice.

    • It seems like you have a degree in psychology. “Look at two pixels – which one do you prefer? So, you like pixel on the left more. That means you are a serial killer who is allergic to chocolate milk shakes and wears striped socks”. Must be good to know everything about the people you never met or talked to?

  11. “It’s natural in a way, if you treat your people like shit, they’ll take the first chance they get to tell someone about it – people love to talk. And then, that “someone” tells me.”

    SS becoming the information godfather of WoT

  12. “When the employer doesn’t care what’s going on with the game and the main thing that matters to him is that each month he gets gazillions of USD, it’s hard to do anything…”

    That’s something we always knew. It can be seen in the petty balance of this game, the decisions they take to support the main consumer – russia. The first thing that comes to mind is the VK36H “rebalancing” – transforming what was a great T6 med into a disastrous heavy, effectively cutting the engine power in half and nerfing the top gun – konish had 165 alpha, 157 pen, 12 RoF. For these huge nerfs they gave you 100 hp and that’s that. But who gives a shit about german tanks, not the devs certainly, they don’t even play them.

    This game will ultimately fail and I won’t be sorry for it.

    • Sadly, the VK is outclassed entirely by vehicles such as the M6(Which has earned its place of being good), and the “nerfed” KV-85 with its 100mm that works better on it then mediums two tiers higher. Better pen, better mobility, better alpha, in some regards better armor etc.

  13. “When the employer doesn’t care what’s going on with the game and the main thing that matters to him is that each month he gets gazillions of USD, it’s hard to do anything…”

    That’s what we were trying to tell you, SS. If developer caters the silent majority nothing good comes out of it but you’re too self absorbed to listen to people with experience and/or forethought.

    • OTOH, listening to only pros and experienced people can make the game so elitist that it’s unavailable to pretty much anyone but few thousand dedicated players, which you don’t want either. There were games where such things happened, and it wasn’t a nice sight.

      I still think that WG is somewhere in the middle (of course, that’s subjective). They reply to players – even if at times it’s trollish -, they make their plans public, they implement some of the stuff public calls for, albeit not fast and/or always.

  14. Publishing this stuff is pointless unless we know the guy’s situation and motivation. More tabloid journalism from SS.

  15. Hello,
    It is evident to me that some time ago, earning silver was nerfed so hard (roughly 80%) in my opinion that you cannot make silver in this game without running premi acct, premi tanks in small tiers or simply playing OP with the gold you got from the rigged CW map for the largest of clans. The cost of gold is going up! Why? Is it more expensive to make “fake” gold? I think not. The tanks, guns, etc are constantly nerfed at the command of ppl that just dont care about “Bait & Switch” tactics. This guy who quit or was fired isnt telling us anything we couldnt figure out on our own. This is a businees (WoT). It is here to make money which is fine but its also quite obvious WG doesnt care a bit about how the player base is treated or they wouldnt nerf our shit, raise prices while nerfing our shit, not fix critical bugs like game crashes, rng and mm, have real or helpful giveaways that truly benefit “the player”. The game has long since peaked and the level of competition in a pub match is very unbalanced. How is it competetive to be on either side of a 15-1 or 15-4 match? How can that be fun for anyone when you either crush your enemy or get crushed because the team balance system has NO balance at all. My count of games played drops every patch. You cant make silver to keep running, your stats drop (no clans want you), your computer crashed (only on this game) and you have to run mods like XVM and sight mods to keep up with the guys who pay “too much” to play this game. I use to spend a ton of USD on this game but now, i only spend enough to run my 10′s with the fixings i choose. I wont buy any premium tanks anymore (I own 28), i wont shoot gold (nerfed), i wont use premi consumable (changes nothing) in pubs anymore. Its not worth marginally better stats for the overpriced fee we’re charged. The contests, events and all other gimmicks by WG are solely to make themselves money and they really only benefit the largest of clans who seem to win every single tourney, event, etc. This game isnt free to play past tier 4 or maybe 5. Even then you have spam some gold from time to time because the pen on your regular AP round is a joke. Why doesnt WG put together a rule that a single clan cannot have more than 15 unicums in it. Try to balance the clans a bit. Yeah, I know, that only means you get 8 Relic clans instead of 4, or 4 Otter clans but the CW rules on the map can be changed as well. For example: if you and 3 of your sister clans are farming gold adjacent to each other on the CW map your gold intake is cut down per province to a respectable 120 gold per province instead of 4350 gold, etc. If you want to sit and not fight it out with other clans then you dont get paid massive amounts of gold for doing nothing! After all, this is a combat game! Isnt it???? How many of the player base can afford the computer it takes to run this game in high graphics? Not enough to justify the dev time for HD tanks. How about maps? They are small, not suited for many tanks and there are simply not enough of them. Where I come from, a company benefits from actually giving back to the player base and not just to the largest of clans or the unicum player who uses cheats to excel at this game. Givebacks like, logging in today gives every individual tanker 30 days of premium time or 2500 gold. yeah, that’s money that WG wont get had you bought it but most USA people are over spenders. Give a person 2500 gold+ or an amount of premi acct time that actually amounts to being useable and he/she will still want more (American Greed) causing them to buy a package for “more” gold/silver/premi tanks/time, etc. Giving away ( you dont have to earn it) something of substance appears to be way above the intelligence of the WG owner(s). Take a poll on that! My money says your poll results in the majority agreeing to spend more and give more loyalty. Once AW or even Hearts of Iron IV are readily available, this broken game will lose plenty of players. Oh, i forgot, we have killing a WG pro for 250 gold. Really! Review the cost of items in game that require gold, now what can you do with 250 gold? Not much. Put a couple of the same decals on your tank (that have been here since the start), maybe retrain a crew guy. Come on! Cheap ass WG gimmick that you have to earn. Again, making money is the reason for the game but WG could make much more if they took care of the clients and that is you and me! I’m slowly being “pushed” (by WG) to stop playing a game with so many broken issues. Or how about this, WG needs to fix what is broken before implementing new items. How about a project manager that knows what he/she are doing and allowing them to prioritize game fixes first, then balancing this rigged game. Rant is over.

    • Been of the hook for quite some time, yet I still have had hopes for WG to step up. Failing for few straight years is a feat in itself… I was a constant paying customer, but it seems it was irrelevant… I had whole clan of friends, and from them 50% was paying customers. All lost for greed of WG. Interest in the game which is not balanced and in denial of its own problems. Catering the majority, well all that is left are those who didn’t pay a single coin or those who’ve put so much money that they cannot stop playing for their investment.

      I tried to convince myself back to WoT … I failed and instead have never actually taken that option into my todo list after just playing half a year CT games after quitting. The game degraded fast with each patch and then I merely am reading FTR because of interest to the game itself is still high up, but I doupt it will ever take a turn to better… There is simply no chance for it to happen.

      About that silver earning… It’s all in the head. Unless one can prove it statistically, but thus far no changes to back it up. Spendings on the other hand have gone up a lot. Also prem account was really useful and made true impact. From EU launch to say 8 months I had no prem… After first month of it whole world opened. The game is meant to slow down, but with decent play even at 9th Tier it was managable while 8th without prem was starting to be on the verge of small gains only, it still made profit. So getting to T10 was actually quite feasible, but not on your average Jim’s tanking abilities without actually grinding the silver.

      Also bout graphics… WoT maximum settings are joke as the engine in itself is joke. Reasonable less than 800$ machine ran it smooth if you didn’t try everything to the max, and reasonably one should not even try due to bad optimazation. So there is actually quite large amount who can run high/ultra mix settings, and it gets higher all the time. At the launch of WoT I would had agreed that there are only few machines that could play todays WoT on high, but now… It is quite untrue.

      So rant all you like, but please. Make some chapters, ok? And re-read what you wrote and think again outside your own angered mind. It helps, a lot.

    • All I see is: blah, blah, blah, I am a noob (49 wr, 785 wn8), blah, blah, blah, wot is shit, blah, blah……maybe learn about the game mechanics a bit?
      One more thing, running T5+ with no profit? until t9 is no problem and even t10 without getting wrecked is profitable(not always ofc)

  16. Oh and one more thing, if the silver making system wasnt nerfed, then why is WG selling silver? Hmmm….I’d venture to say that 2 or 3 patches after WG decided to sell silver is when they nerfed the silver making ability. Try telling the player base a lie that is believable next time! Saying WG didnt nerf credit earning is like saying Bill Clinton didnt have sexual relations with that girl!

    • Newsflash: you could convert gold to silver from…. The start iirc? Much conspiracy… L2p, stop spamming prem ammo, do dmg, kill tanks and you will earn money. ENEMY tanks, the green ones are on your team.