Straight Outta Supertest: Renault R35

Hello everyone,

and here’s ANOTHER tier 2 light tank, Renault R35. That’s right: the upcoming French tier 2-5 minibranch will have two regular tier 2′s. It will look like this:


And the model of the vehicle:


Characteristics (elite setup, top gun, 100 percent crew):

Tier: 2
Hitpoints: 170 (155)
Engine: 82 (105) hp
Weight: 10,579 (12,334) tons
Power-to-weight: 7,75 (8,51) hp/t
Maximum speed: 23/12 (24/12) km/h
Hull traverse: 34 (34) deg/s
Terrain resistance: 1,151/1,247/2,397 (1,055/1,247/2,301)
Turret traverse: 24 (24) deg/s
Viewrange: 300 (280)
Radio range: 290 (300)

Hull armor: 40/40/? (40/20/?)
Turret armor: 40/40/? (40/40/?)

Elite gun: 37mm SA38 (stock gun is 37mm APX SA 18 with 29mm pen, second gun is 25mm autocannon Mle 1934 with 46 pen) – both tanks have exactly the same set of guns
Damage: 40/40/45 (same)
Penetration: 34/64/24 (same)
ROF: 23,077 (same)
DPM: 923,1 (same)
Reload: 2,6 (same)
Accuracy: 0,48 (same)
Aimtime: 2s (same)
Depression: -16/+20 (-9/+10)





Other pictures:



59 thoughts on “Straight Outta Supertest: Renault R35

    • Wrong thinking. For a player, this game as a product is meant to bring fun and entertain. There are players who find joy in playing lower tiers, and as such its reasonable to give them new content too.

    • to make things historical ?
      Remember the add of Pz.II Ausf.C & co. It’s the same thing here.

      And you don’t have to research it. Leave it to who love low tiers & want historical custom battles.

    • Just beause low tiers are not interesting for you does not mean everyone feels that way. Personally, I like low tiers.

    • thats intentional by WG – this minibranch doesnt just lead to nowhere, you cant even unlock it from anywhere.


    • Because this tanks are very important part of french and world tank industry as whole. It`s like to remove soviet T-60 – T-80 Astrovs tank branch

    • Three actually, the premium Hotchkiss included. We’re still missing the H38 and R40 variants, which would make it five. =D

    • I do. Even tough I don’t play low tiers often it’s sometimes great fun. And these tanks are super cute.

    • Just because you don’t play it doesn’t mean no one does. I always like to take few rounds just to release the steam.

      • I got the cunningham + 4 prem/giveaway tier 2-3 light yankee tanks. Very fun indeed once in a while not to mention those doubles/triples for crew xp.

    • I do. For me playing the game just to get to the top tier tanks is stupid and ignorant. I actually hate fantasy wonderland tanks like e100 or e50m. I love playing historically accurate tanks like the Tiger, t-34, H35, B1 etc.

      • ‘few rounds’ ‘once in a while’ read your own posts people… So much effort into such tanks. And all missions are 4+ and more often 6+ – again what’s the point?

        If WG made an effort to make this things relevant in any way (spec missions for low tier tanks of some sort) then maybe but as it is everyone (rightly) runs for the higher tiers.

        (And by the way I have none t9 & t10 tanks)

      • The E100s hull is real however the turret is not i think. and the WT E100 is completely fake however the auto-loading gun is real

  1. and with those loltanks there will be also coming from amx 1390 that leo-french-super-sexy tank right?

  2. another pro player playing only tier 8+… introducing such tanks makes a lot of sense even for the sake of history. If we can have some decent low tier tanks introduced in a large number to some other nations like Germany, USSR or USA, why leave behind such well known tanks like Renault R35 if we have some low tier prototypes in the game as well? don’t be an ignorant.

  3. So I’m thinking it’d be possible WG to make such branch link to the AMX 30, but not in the near future.
    I’m now farming exp. with my 1390 now anyway, and would use the crew of Polar Bear that all have 1.5 skills now.

  4. -16 gun depression, same guns, same armor ?
    Looks like I’m switching from the H35 to the R35 for my rare “low tier bulldozing session”

    You may call me a sealclubber for doing 1 out of every 500 matches in a tier2 rofltank like this if you want,, but there’s something liberating about doing the same thing newbies and noobies are doing to high tier matches, but for less than a 1000th of the cost n.n

  5. Question: The Picture of the Tech Tree is just a placeholder for the supertesters right?

    Where will the branch actually lead to?

  6. It’s good that WG introduces more lower tiered tanks. Hell, tier2-5 is a place where MANY tier 7-10 players belong. Maybe we will get some France vs Germany HBs?

    • That would be hell to balance…
      I means, unless they gimp the dpm on French tanks, they would crush the poor early pz3s with 37mm and short 50mm guns, brush aside crappy 75mm HE on early pz4s, and I won’t even begin to mention how sad pz2s would be.

      Unless Germany gets early panzerjagers, which would give them a massive advantage as they would camp and abuse low tier view range, it would be a slaughter. And if Ger does get TDs, it’s a slaughter on the French side…

  7. I had hope that would be AMC 35… It should bring some fresh air… So i’m still waiting :)

    • I wanted to see the AMR 35 and Engin P….

      If they add one of the G1s as Tier 6 and autoloading Sherman as Tier 7 (or Sherman with long barreled 75, or even the Panther, which the French used) then all they have to do is come up with a Tier 8 and you have a whole line…

  8. One of my favorite low tier nation is the french.
    But sadly this game under t4 is unenjoyable.

    t1-t2-t3 boring as hell,players have no clue how to play, everybode camp and almost all of the game is last 10 mintute and nothing happening.
    Most of the tank are slow,have worthless shit cannon or worthless shit armor, or had both..

    try to had fun with one of the low tier german crap panzer 2 or panzer 3 A with their worthless autocannons and not even the french are better, they had op armor but so slow all of them and had a terrible gun choice.

    T4 is fun, not really good to play but finally they are not just placeholder tanks.

  9. I don’t really understand why they can’t make the French mediums a full tree. They have tiers 1-5, and the AMX 30s give them tiers 9 and 10.

    That leaves tiers 6, 7 and 8 to be filled.
    T6 should be easy enough, a either the G1R or G1L will be t5 leaving the other available for the T6 slot and mounting the DCA 90 30 (or 90mm F3), with a fake elite turret if need be. (From looking at the vehicles it seems the best configuration would be G1R T5, and then G1L at T6.)

    At Tier 7 WG have sort of screwed themselves by putting the the AMX CDC in as a premium when it would have fit really well here. But perhaps some version of the AMX45 paper tank originally depicted in the french tree could sit in this slot with the DCA 90 45.

    Tier 8 is probably the hardest, the Char Lorraine would have been the best fit, if it were not already a T9 in the light branch. Something lightly armored with a non-autoloading version of the 100mm SA47 might be ideal.
    The options seem to be either make something up[ that fills these criteria, or move the Lorraine down to T8, and come up with something else to bridge the gap between the AMX-13 90 and Bat. Chat. (AMX 13/105 perhaps?)

    I know WG doesn’t want to do paper and fake tanks anymore, but they already opened the floodgates on that with the USA, Russian and German trees. The French tree was always going be an exercise in alternate history, I don’t see why stretching one or two tiers for the sake of completeness is such a problem.

    • You can see how fucked up WG is when you see that SARL 42 at tier 4…

      It was a mid-war prototype, planned by some rogue Vichy industrials. It was thus based on the technology of the pre-war prototypes. Namely, the whole G1 idea…

      Yet in game, the only G1 available is a tier 5, while the SARL42 appears to be a tier 4, despite having all it needs to be a tier 6… Go figure.

      Had they opted for such a tree, they could go with something like that:
      Tier II to IV : some random, historical medium, cavalry tank.
      Tier V : another version of the G1 (Poniatowski makes the most sense for a med I assume)
      Tier VI : SARL 42
      Tier VIII : AMX Chasseur de Chars
      Tier IX : AMX-30P
      Tier X : AMX-30.

      As you can see, the only problematic vehicle would be the tier VII. The people putting up a french tree on the EU forum have two tier VII meds: the M4 FL-10 and the AMX 45.
      Saddly, the former was only used by the egyptians, AFAIK, and I can’t find anything on the later (which isn’t the same thing as the AMX M4 45 we have in game already).

      The only thing I could find about it was on the russian forum. Some dudes made a drawing about it, assuming it looks pretty much like some lower E-50. I doubt they’ve got any source for it though.

      • The M4 Fl10 was built by France, and this M4 was sold to Egyptian. So we can use it for the french tech tree (like indian pz?)

        Same for M50 and M51 (one copy of each), both were built on france, and after, were sold to Israel.

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