How to Play on FV4005 and FV215b (183) by Wargaming

Hello everyone,

check this Wargaming video about how to play with the FV4005 and the FV215b (183). It’s in Russian, but there are English subtitles (turn them on) :)


22 thoughts on “How to Play on FV4005 and FV215b (183) by Wargaming

      • just don’t research that shit, t9 is awesome but the t10…. its an fv215b without the armor, same aim time, same shit reload time, a bit better accuracy, and ? nothing more

        • What do you mean?

          According to this video you need to drive all the way to the front line and fight medium tanks up close.
          Apparently they have super ultra armor or 50000 hitpoints because they don’t die in 2 seconds.

          I’m not saying this won’t work.
          If the entire team would rush and focus fire the strategies I see in these vids are pretty good.

          But I have never seen it happen on EU servers.
          Do RU players play so differently?
          Do they work as a team and are they far far more mobile?
          Do they really rush 1 flank and just mob up the entire team?

          Or do they just camp camp camp like EU and is this vid pure utter garbage?
          I suspect the latter…

          • SirFoch has played quite a bit on RU on his livestream.
            It appears that the Russians are batshit insane, not pussies like EU. At the lower tiers at least.

    • This is actually better than that whole retarded video.
      I like the Ruskies in the comments though, no one dares to point out any issue or misconception. It’s like opposite EU :D

  1. gehh…Russia as laungage is so ugly and annoying to listen at..Soudns like they are taking a shit everytime they talk

      • Not all languages sound nice or lyrical or whatever. French sounds very nice to most peoples’ ears, even if they can’t understand a word. And other languages sound …. I won’t say “ugly”, but perhaps, “rough”.

        I don’t know where English falls in this, since I doubt that any native speaker of a language can fairly judge such a thing.

        Regardless, whether a language sounds nice or rough or somewhere in between really doesn’t say anything about what the people are like, and that’s probably more important.

        • This.

          It’s generally accepted that German is an ugly sounding language. I happen to think it’s a powerful tone, but all in all, not a very pretty language.

          Italian? Very fluid, very romantic, not harsh at all. Beautiful to hear.

          Russian? Well Russian sounds exactly like you would expect it : rough. Doing the job, but not trying to sound good doing it.

    • Yea this TD has some really retarded stats.

      Btw watch out at 0:14! stronk Fv4005 hulldown ability!

    • No, but the pictures make it obvious how little value this has. It’s just WGs attempt to con people into grinding the biggest pos in the game.

  2. For me it seems that HESH shells are too much pronounced (promoting gold shells sales?) while they are so unreliable that I consider their use waste of credits and firepower. Many times I saw an FV 183, shooting one of the last enemies, his HESH detonated on spaced armor, taking some 400 HP and losing the duel. AP shell in such a situation would kill the enemy.

    I played some 500 battles with FV183 and I almost never use HESH because I want to help my team with 1200ish damage every shell (if hit, ofc) and not like they say in the video that you can score four full HESH damage shots or do only superficial damage as well. Moreover, 310 pen has enough remaining potential do ammo-rack any tier X tank so it can serve as one-shot-killer as well (proved with IS-7, T110E5, T57, AMX 50B, IS-4*).

    * that was one the the least expected ammo-rack of IS-4 I’ve ever experienced – frontally. I wish you heard his swearing… :)

    • Frontal Ammorack and fuel tanks just like all the russian mediums, huehuehue.

      ( Yes, I have in fact been frontally ammoracked in russian mediums and I have frontally ammoracked tier 10 russian mediums myself. Most of the time however they catch fire first
      ( frontal fuel tanks ) and then explode. :-) )

      • It’s IS7s I really notice.

        At least 3 and I suspect more times in the last week I’ve done a cheeky rush to a known choke point, found an IS7 nosing round the corner, slotted an AP shell through his upper front hull cheek aaaand pop goes the turret and 2150hp.

        The shell damage is the key bit, any monkey with enough pen can aim for a module but the ammo rack on a T10 has about the hitpoints of a T7 light tank so a medium tank is not going to rack an undamaged IS7.

        I’m getting used to the 4005, it has more peek potential due to the mid turret vs 215b rear turret but you have to worship hard cover and 400-500m shooting ranges or your ass is going to get ripped a new one by even light tanks shooting tiny HE shells. Camo is a fantasy idea for this tank, sure with enough trees and bushes in the way it eventually becomes less visible but by that point you can’t see out either.

        100% support and ambush tank. Utter trash at duelling and all armour based tactics like hulldown or corner peeking. Anyone suggesting you go spot should be told to go smoke a cactus because your marshmallow turret can be seen across the map and be penetrated by a tier 1 tank with stock gun.