There are rumors that the physics test might start as early as 26.2.2015, but this is not confirmed.

- the decision not to release some content in 9.7 due to WGL is final, it was already postponed for 9.8
- if you get 7 TD’s per team only in 25 percent of battles, it’s apparently not a problem according to Storm
- currently, the amount of TD’s per battle is slowly decreasing ever since last few patches
- T34 premium collision model doesn’t correspond to visual model? “Happens. We will fix it when the vehicle is reworked to HD.”
- Storm confirms that the physics test will come soon, but there are difficulties with the “simplified” model, including issues with server performance, discovered in the supertest phase. The “simplified” variant thus has to be reworked and is not ready yet, so the test will only have one variant of physics, the “realistic” one.
- Storm states that the physics test will come “at the end of February, but no promises”
- Storm confirms that “many” IM conditions will be reworked
- developers are working on HD environment (maps) as well, no ETA though
- Soviet vehicle models as a whole will have a texture/material overhaul, the same goes for German and American vehicles, but not very soon
- Storm considers T29 to be very comfortable to play
- camo system has not changed from 8.6 apart from patch 9.1, in which the camo factor loss when firing a gun on a TD was normalized with other classes

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      • T29, a tank built to take on King Tigers and IS-3s…at Tier 7. Um, yeah, very “comfortable”.

        • M6 should be the t7 on the american line, t29 is t8(the turret and the gun is make it to a t8 tank)t32 is t9(in the current configuration the gun is a little weak, but that turret is still make the tank a decent t9 vehicle in the armor aspect)
          and the current m103 should be the t10.

          the current t10 is have unhistorically overbuffed armor.(just like the td versions)

          • I agree with T29 as t8, but other tanks? Doesn’t seem good. T32 as t9 – ok, this could work, but only with better gun, m103 as t10 – Come on, with that shitty armor it sucks even on t9, would be terrible on t10.
            I don’t know about M6, since a have 0 battles on it, but i guess it would need better gun for t7.

          • m103 is weak as fuck to make it a t10, it has basically historicly paper armor, but t10s would just laugh about it, t32 could be a t9 with the m103′s first 120 mm gun

    • Not for me, I prefer mediums, the t29 is too slow for me. I’m hoping the t32 will be as good as the Pershing (fast, good turret, good armor, mediocre gun)

          • You must be new to this game… :)
            Did you ever heard about the so called “hidden stats”? Like “terrain resistance” and such…? Plus I have all 3 of those tanks (T29, T32 and T34) and let me tell you, T29 is the fastest and most nimble of those 3, while T34 is clearly the slowest… You’re welcome. :P ;)

    • t34 as the t8 murican? pretty much an OP tank, you shouldn’t get a t10 gun, on a heavy with such a well armored turret, if you get it to a hull down position at mid range other t8 heavys won’t stand a chance, and when you can’t go hull down you can still trade with the highest dmg in t8 on heavy , also 246(or 8 i dunno) mms of pen rapes tiger 2s and kv-4s, and also ferdi’s armor gets even more irrelevant

      • T34 should have been a tier 8 premium with regular MM, but with a T32 gun, i.e 198mm pen and 320 alpha. There is no reason for the T34 to even have a tier 10 gun to beginn with. A T34 with a T32 gun is justified because a: the tank is a premium, b: suppose to be worse than the regular elited version (T34 has horse armor than T32).

  1. “Storm considers T29 to be very comfortable to play”

    Something I need to worry about?

    Possible changes in future?

    • Nah, more than likely an RU player was asking what Storm thought of the T29. People ask questions like that all the time.

      Side note, I agree with Storm. The T29 is like your favorite hoodie in how comfortable it is to play.

      • I think its about adjusting to a certain style of play.

        I like tanks that have good gun depression and a turret that can withstand hits. I do well in my T29 and even the Sub-par Pershing.

        I suck in all tanks that lack armor like the Leo-1 and Leo PTA.

        My WR in armored tanks is far better than those paper tanks.

        E-100: 57%
        T29: 59%
        SP: 53% (Used to be 62% pre-nerf)

        Leo-1: 42%
        Leo PTA: 45%

        • It is so comfortable that you can sleep on a hill, wait until alone,
          now wake up, yell to your enemy. Murica

  2. - Storm confirms that “many” IM conditions will be reworked

    I hope that retarded “set enemy on fire” condition gets kicked out. It’s WAAAY too random.

        • Yeah try to do it with french high tier arty…good luck. I managed to hit a fucking gold spot with my BC-155-55 because ELC AMX stopped literally right next to the T29 and so I’ve killed ELC and damaged T29

          And I still had to use premium round for this…

          Not to mention that after 9.6 acc nerf arty can do shit on the battlefield. Few days ago all 10 shots fired from my SU-122A missed. All of them.

      • wait for RNG or buy a good tank for that mission, like Comet… since chance to set someone on fire is % based, the more you hit the engine, the bigger the chance… and with Comet you can hit enemies multiple time withou killing them ;-) Just doing “set 2 tanks on fire” mission with it, and it wont take long to do it :-)

    • Remember that destroying fuel tanks ignite them as well. If you shoot KVs around the turret base from the side, it usually sets them on fire.

      You can also shoot pretty much every Chinese tank and they’ll ignite nicely.

      • Low to Mid tier German tanks are also easy because you can pen them frontally and they somehow start burning.

        The harder ones to burn are British heavies and Japanese mediums, I think.
        you don’t see them too much anyway though.

  3. You know what would be fun ? If someone ported over certain tanks from AW into WoT….Just for shits and giggles…and salt and delicious tears…

  4. “- if you get 7 TD’s per team only in 25 percent of battles, it’s apparently not a problem according to Storm”

    Of course. Why should it be a problem ? Or having 7 arties pert team ? Everyone camps, isn’t this how this game is normally played ? Yes it is, working as intended.

    • if they hardcap TDs they would have to remove certain missions like kill 3 TDs in one game

      you can always flank and not face the TDs, simple as that…

      i dont play most of my TDs as a snipers (apart from german WTs) but as a brawlers…you get more dmg by doing it and WG is encouraging players to do the same :)

  5. Just like the previous “free to play” game I used to play allot. Slowly the game gets fucked up with every patch.

    My previous game completely died because of it (americas army 2.x +)

    I wonder what Wargaming will do. They have a business model, but they dont seem to care about the game at all.

  6. “- Storm considers T29 to be very comfortable to play”

    Especially since you usually get in T8-T9 battles, and that’s how T29 is being treated for some time now. Oh, and Tiger as well. Greater pen = higher battle tier, of course. Never mind the rest of the tank sucks.

  7. Does anyone knows where I can find table made by some player, that shows how much and you can earn by doing all IMs? Im looking for it for 2 hours now and I cant find it…

  8. - Storm states that the physics test will come “at the end of February, but no promises”

    7 days until the end of February and they haven’t even said anything on the portal about it ( US at least). WG and their promises :/

    • Storm : “no promises”
      You : “WG and their promises :/”

      Dude, do you even read what you’re quoting?

  9. ps… T34 wrong model…….
    Its AT LEAST 5 years ingame…. nobody noticed?
    And whats exactly wrong? Oo

    Guess turret… its often turret…

  10. *T34 premium collision model doesn’t correspond to visual model? “Happens. We will fix it when the vehicle is reworked to HD.”*

    Wut? Is he retarded or something?…Happens? Yeah I can see a lot of retarded stuff happen in Soviet Russia…probably a genetic condition or some shit.

  11. I have quite an important question: Does anybody know if there will be a Wrapper-Update for the MacOS wrapper, because more and more HD tanks are implemented into the game and these HD tanks have invinsible hulls on the MacOS wrapper….it starts to annoy me and other users aswell
    Please, somebody has to know something about that

  12. >if you get 7 TD’s per team only in 25 percent of battles, it’s apparently not a problem according to Storm

    This is my big problem with relying solely on statistics to determine whether or not your game is actually working and is enjoyable to the players. Statistically it’s not very likely to happen, but it’s still horrible when it does happen and statistically it will happen to many many people every day. That’s not good game design and it’s not a healthy relationship to have with your customers.

  13. not quite sure why my comment is “awaiting moderation” when it’s less cancerous than half the stuff here. Just making a point and backing it with some evidence.