MS-1 Restored in Russia

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Yuri Pasholok posted this interesting video on his blog. Another piece of the old MS-1 tank (a development of Renault FT-17, it was the first Soviet mass-produced tank) was restored in Vladivostok, Russia to working order. The video also nicely shows the insides of the vehicle – and yes, it is really cramped.



This particular MS-1 is known to have participated in the Changkufeng Incident, also known as the battle of Lake Khasan in 1938 (a clash between Soviet and Japanese forces, resulting in Soviet victory despite taking considerable losses). The restoration itself took three years, but the process was much longer, as before the restoration, the engineers had to obtain detailed materials in order to make the tank look as historical as possible. Today, only about five tanks of this type remain in existence and according to the people who restored it, this is the most realistically restored one.

17 thoughts on “MS-1 Restored in Russia

    • I used it instead of the T1 Cunningham in the old 7/42 format much to the irritaton of my clanmates, it is a funny tank for sure. ( albeit not as good as the Cunningham in 7/42 :P )

    • Me too.

      It has the best camo of all tier 1 tanks. But LOLtraktor has much better view range and accuracy. :/ (Damn them Germans! :P)

    • I typically preferred the LTraktor for sniping due to its much better view range than the other tier 1s. Couple that with the right skills and equipment and you’re almost invincible as long as you don’t get Himmelsdorf.

  1. so what’s the deal with the “tail” at the end? did they use it as an “external trunk” and pack stuff in there? counter balance? it just looks funny

  2. My best guess is that it’s to keep it from falling over backwards going up steep hills. The center of gravity is higher than a modern tank, and it’s pretty short from front to back, to it’s not going to have the stability of a modern vehicle.