New Motion Physics Video


Not really.

Every community contributor got the physics video. This one is from Dom1n – thank you very much, mate! Additional thanks go to MrOmen.







94 thoughts on “New Motion Physics Video

  1. It really needs some sliding sounds.

    Engine sound rework to correspond with the tank movement would be nice as well.

  2. drifting bullshit. just what the game needs. no balance, no ladder mm, no reduced RNG. drift is good, drift is life.

  3. Looks amazing, I think they did a great job not failing like WarThudner with their Drift Tanks ;) From what I could tell the “drifting” was when the user was hitting the “U-Turn” handbrake or whatever it is called, movement seemed normal, so it looks great :)

    Terrain passability was inceased from what I could tell, I don’t really like the tipping over feature, there are times when you make a jump and then continue on, but I don’t think that going over a hill anymore will bring you anything other than death ;)

  4. This is the simple version right ? Cause I feel like it sucks like hell. It feels like when they removed the invisible walls so you could slide down the hill or fall from the bridge. Step forward with a lot of bugs and issues.

  5. I love how so many people bashed WT Physics and now WoT is implementing similar tank driving characteristics…

    Anyhow, a nice addition to the game, looking forward to it.

    • This drift is possible with handbrake only in WoT, while WT does that on every A D key press. And client-sided ramming system just sucks….

      • Yup, ramming does suck in WT, no doubt about that.
        I didn’t know the U-Turns and what not will only be achievable with the handbreak though…

    • Well, it is completely different. Tanks in WarThunder drive way different than this supertest. It is like they are on ice. This test gives you the feel of drifiting when you should be and not always. And that is when you press the handbrake ;)

      • Imo. One of the best things that can happento wot.
        other than that, sounds really suck dick. RooooooooooooooorooooorrRooo
        Wtf, like listening to my microwave.

        I bashed first WT physics, but later driving model is prety nice. I enjoy it (if we forget about interactions with other objects)

  6. Seems like all the tanks got a lot slower, or is that just perception ?

    Really like the look of it thou, looks a lot more natural. Also like the dust and dirt plumes when the tanks accelerates, even in reverse. Looks great.

  7. Wait, they are using the non HD model for the T-34, notice there is no chains on the back above the tracks?

    How old are these video’s, I wonder?

  8. The drift seems to be a bit overdone… possibly lowered gravity / terrain resistance for the test?

    Other than that, it looks nice. Drifts look fairly natural (only too long) and the turning around on handbrake is perfect, finally.

  9. So now I am confused, some people are saying that the new physics will be deployed in 9.7 and others that later.

  10. looks like driving on ice or sth, do tanks in reality really behave like this? they look even less like steel monsters to me ( this just doesn’t look…right :D)

  11. so a light tank now struggles to go more than 40 km/h and moves like a sluggish medium now? Much wow.

  12. now waiting for the lulzy thing such as an ELC AMX turtle flipping due to an S-51 packing the 203 B-4 howitzer splashing nearby.

  13. I see new tactics coming up. U-turn and stop to show your ass to the enemy because why the fuck not

    Also – LT’s cant “climb” hills so overall nothing interesting

    Move along physics, nothing to do here

  14. The tracks kicking up dust and the handbrake turns makes them look much more realistic. Dont know what everyone is complaining about. Who wants tanks to behave like gocarts as they do now?

    Has nobody here ever seen a real tank turn at high speed?

  15. If this is the realistic model WG are dumber than I thought.- Drifting sideways in a tank like that requires much more power…Looks very little like realistic tank movement

    • Dude, you have no idea what you are talking about. It looks A LOT more realistic now than before

      • When the 13 90 climbs up those small cliffs and banks and slides sideways down? Real world gravity would pull it down in a very different way ;-)

  16. Upon watching all the videos im rather worried and dissapointed, might be the proverbial last nail in the coffin for me that will make me quit the game for good.

    - tanks seem to accelerate much worse, especially the 1390 looks sluggish as hell, seems like the result is all “fast” tanks will be slower and HTs will enjoy almost the same mobility as MTs
    - too much sliding, its as if there was mud/ice everywhere, feeling of no grip on the tracks whatsoever, which might be the reason for the poor performance of the “fast” tanks
    - overall ability of tanks to run circles around something seems much worse

    + ability to make fast turns even with rather slow vehicles could be useful somewhat regularly, but this doesnt at all offset the overall worse mobility
    + heavy tanks and tds could now abuse corners much more – instead of, while going around a corner, showing the side armor for a while, they would be able to come around corners via a slide, already perfectly angled

    overall seems like another buff to HTs and huge nerf to all tanks that depend on speed or mobility

  17. So the “NEW PHYSICS!!!” is just increased climbing angle and some unrealistic drifts??
    I think the game needs better sounds too, MUCH better. This brainwashing sound of engine, only few gun sounds, no sounds for drifts etc. are killing my ears.

  18. T-34 spawned in south base on Mines; instant lose even against no enemy players.

    As for the drifting… yeah its a bit OTT.

  19. I don’t often post. And I don’t know why it took WG this many years to develop this. But I sincerely hope they have the courage to release this. I’ve been waiting for this sort of thing in WoT for so long and now its FINALLY here. I haven’t looked forward to anything more than this. The ability to have tracks slip and to climb is going to be a revelation. The inevitable ‘drift’ whine on FTR will occur no doubt, but I hope they have the fortitude to release this without dumbing it down because people are afraid of the unknown.

    • yes, the level of innovation that WG has achieved herein with these “Physics” is comparable to Newton laws or James Watt Steam Engine, we the Plebs are afraid of such innovative ideas/contraptions and don’t like them by instinct.

      • Because being able to climb is bad? Having the tracks slide and grip on the ground is bad? Tanks not stopping on a dime is bad? They will tone down the drifting effects. You’re obviously a fucking retard if you think this is a stepbackwards from the almost non existent physics we have now.

  20. This looks like shit, it looks like every tank is on the verge of sliding all the time, soon as something happens, the tank begins to slide.

  21. I saw tanks drive like this on solid concrete but not on a ground like this, but it looks promising. needs some tweaks here and there.

  22. To be honest i dont see the point of this.

    I mean sure ok, got nothing against it, but i fail to see what monumental difference this will make to the game to justify all this development and talk about the development.

  23. Soo…basically every tank now has insane rotation rates? I think it’d be better if they just kept the ability to flip and the improved terrain passability, but get rid of the insane skidding.

  24. I watched the first video. They are treating dirt and soil as if it is concrete. No tank on earth can slide completely sideways on soil. They bite in and would throw a track and / or tip over.

    They slide sideways nicely on ice, frozen roads, frozen concrete, and other surfaces that don’t deform.

    Tanks throw great rooster tails when turning, and can drag tracks during a pivot. But not like this. This still needs work.

    There also isn’t much sound to look forward to. Dump a wheel barrow of dirt from your roof, and that is the sound of lots of dirt being thrown around. It’s just a bit of “Shhhhhhhh”. Won’t really hear it over the engine.

    I do agree that we need some proper engine sounds though. :D

  25. Physics are LAGGY.(broken)
    100mbs internet…… automatic driving straight line – flat ground

    tank drops 10mph for 1 second……. again……… again……….

    gg wg… gg.