Straight Outta Supertest: Cromwell Berlin

Hello everyone,

this is the Cromwell B (or “Cromwell Berlin” as designated in the files). It’s not a regular vehicle, it’s a part of the same event as the IS-2 and ISU-122S. Yes, it’s a HD model and no, that does not mean regular Cromwell is modelled in HD yet. More detals are not known, but it looks pretty.





28 thoughts on “Straight Outta Supertest: Cromwell Berlin

  1. Lol, it’s a Cromwell with a wading kit and spare wheel on the turret…..also lacks the textures for the rubber on the road wheels as well as other places…..

  2. Event?.. Oh ffs, most likely temporary then, so much for those great looking tanks (and that sexy IS-2 I was looking forward to)

  3. So they remove captured French tanks because they are releasing them on the French tree.

    But then they keep lend lease and add more clones.

    Goddamnit WG.

    • At least the Lend-Lease tanks were historically significant (iirc about half of Britain’s tank force in the second half of the war consisted of imported Shermans), but I agree, copy+paste can get annoying, especially when we’re talking about certain vehicles (read: all of the T-54/Type 59 and T-62A clones and derivatives on the Russian and Chinese tech trees)

  4. Doing this shit but not the regular Cromwell in HD.
    It’s like doing the 13 75 in HD but not the 13 90

  5. My guess is IM…this instead of STUG IV probably?…mby it would have to be placed tier 5 as it has the stronk excelsior gun…
    Cromwell B=STUG IV
    IS-2=T28 HTC
    ISU-122S=T-55A?:P(though tier 7)

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  7. Do above players even understand that this is an special event tank?

    Having this modelled in HD but not the regular one shows inefficiency in the HD production, though. That’s outsourcing problems for ya.