Insider On Wargaming Meeting – General Info, WoWp Future

Hello everyone,

the Insider continues to give us the info on Wargaming’s internal meeting (continued from yesterday)

- physics test has been a success so far, the tanks behave *almost* perfectly, one of the main concerns of the staff was not to end up with very heavy tanks doing powerslides WT style, this was avoided correctly and they would like for players to test trying to flip enemy tanks, “the data would be very valuable”
- arty is affected too by terrain – when moving that is, so moving your artillery while aiming is still a near-to-impossible feat “the ground didn’t become smoother, but your suspension is a little more forgiving, just dont expect to kill anything”

- It’s entirely possible to add weather system to WoT – rain, snowstorms, duststorms, etc, and the graphics requirements wouldn’t be even that high to excecute them, however a lot of “ancient PC’s would get fried”. In fact, Wargaming will run a special investigation into the “PC specs versus payments” to find out, whether the owners of really old PC’s are actually paying for premium or not and where exactly the threshold is.

- Russian economy got fucked up with the sanctions. According to Wargaming, it did not stop the playerbase growth, but it did decrease the profits from RU market – not to negative levels, but the growth is much slower. Overall however, the company didn’t lose any profits.
- one of Yuri Pasholok’s “Stalin’s Balls of Steel” tanks is actually modelled, not a serious vehicle, but it might appear in some joke video or something
- according to the Insider, who spoke with a bunch of developers, they were pretty confused about the entire “WG sabotages Gaijin” affair, they are not interested in fighting anyone, they just want to make a good game. Most think that it’s either some sort of PR department fuckup, or a conspiracy theory. To quote one: “it’s another department, we can’t really know if what was being said is true, I hope it isn’t”

World of Warplanes

There was apparently a long discussion about why World of Warplanes failed (yes, it is considered a failure). The points that were mentioned and on which the developers generally agreed:

- Bigworld engine physics are correct for the game – however, the excecution of the project was bad, very bad, because “it’s not as appealling or fun”
- lack of proper tech trees, planes varieties, problems with joystick support, driving planes on keyboard isn’t that great, and sluggish battle mechanics are considered the culprit of WoWp’s failure against Warthunder dynamic gameplay, but that’s ONLY concerning aerial warfare
- the main problem they mentioned was: “In WoT gameplay, you can pretty much go and at least deal some damage, make yourself be known, fight and earn your kills and skills. In WoWp, its all RNG, your ping dictates if a shower of bullets hits or not. Your plane, you aren’t really feeling the controls. One feature we wanted was a complete cockpit view, never happened properly, you can spend dozens of battles without scoring a single kill despite actually doing your best to try, the sense of individuality is lost and the name just becomes “one more” of the crowd”
- the companion AI autoaim is a mess, 80% of the time you are on a bomber, you’ll miss the target
- objectives were not proper or clear enough, with so much data filling the minimap, some players found themselves alienated and only spent time hitting boats or bases and not doing aerial combat
- graphical problems and pixelated areas despite good graphic cards didn’t help either
- “The fact that WT uses the client to perform some of the calculations while WOWp is all server based is a bit influential as well, however – it’s impossible for WoWp to ever use that system, as it’s quite easy to make cheats for it”
- increasing the amount of data transferred would only clog servers and cause lag, disappearing planes are not fun
- consumables are considered okay, P2W factor was not of concern and it’s considered balanced
- the staff believes that the main success of WT aerial warfare is because you not only fight against planes, but against player controlled AA tank guns and other tanks down below: “you can take your ire against an unsuspecting player on the ground and blow him to smithereens – and likewise, be pounded from AA player guns and blow up, and that is fun”. However, tank warfare is definitely worse than WoT and the P2W element is strongest there.

About the future of WoWp development with following features considered/approved:

- the game will still go on, however it will be completely salvaged and reworked
- proper 3D cockpits will be introduced
- maps might become a bit smaller and with fewer objectives (WoWs style)
- bomber overhaul and the introduction of more planes (an idea surged here from allowing a platoon of players to fly a bomber on different positions, for example one guy is the pilot, the other a bomber and the third a gunner)
- more control of your plane (ability to turn off multiple engines on/off or using your airspeed to extinguish fires (engine on fire, no extinguisher, take a dive and turn off the engine, pray for success)
- graphics correction, no more “cloud plasters” and “blue trees”
- climbing altitude no longer a “damnable task”
- more turbine-based planes in all the branching trees or move them a tier or so
- rockets, because “rockets”
- take off from a carrier as the battle starts (interesting eye candy)
- better plane handling
- at one point, the developers even discussed merging WoWp with WoWs – not wot because of the maps mechanics and stuff, but WoWs can actually pull it off (unlike WoT). It would be a huuuuuuge undertaking, so it’s just an idea.
- WG requires player feedback on how to improve WoWp as well, polls will come out, so if players start filling the suggestion box, especially on the NA/EU cluster that plays, WG will listen

To be continued…

75 thoughts on “Insider On Wargaming Meeting – General Info, WoWp Future

    • I logged in last week, there were about 500 players at 11 in the morning.

      The main reason I quit completely is the same reason I stopped playing WT on realistic: he who has the best climber with the biggest guns wins.
      It gets boring real fast.

      That idea to merge it with WoWS is actually a great way to save the game, and it’s veru possible, design-wise, to do it. Technically though, it might take them two years. Or ten.

      • “he who has the best climber with the biggest guns wins.
        It gets boring real fast.”

        Far from it. Each plane has his unique features, if you are trying to BnZ in a turn fighter or turn fight in a BnZ plane that you will have a hard time.
        A MiG 15 will die quickly to a Stuka if it tries to out-turn it….

        • I never said all planes were alike, I said the best climber wins.

          Which is why a Me410 utterly destroys an A6M5 Reisen every single time.
          The Me410 climbs to 3-4k meters and dives on the poor Reisen struggling to reach 2,5k.

          And even if he stays at ground level, all the turning in hte world won’t save him against BnZ.

          PS: try to read next time rather than immediatly assume I’m a retard trying to turnfight with a heavy fighter.

          So the defense rests. The best planes are the ones that climb the best, because turning is completely pointless in WoWP.

          • You are funny. How about YOU read what you said, eh?!

            “The main reason I quit completely is the same reason I stopped playing WT on realistic: he who has the best climber with the biggest guns wins.
            It gets boring real fast.”

            So, you have stopped playing WT Realistic because the plane with the best climb rate and biggest guns wins?

            And than, your example is a Me 410 and the A6M5. I am sorry to disappoint you but the Risen has almost 50% better climb rate than a Me 410 and they are on the same fucking side, you know, the axis ?!

            And if you are referring to WoWp (which I assume you are) than say so, don’t just assume that everyone can read your mind and know about which game you are talking. How the hell would a MiG 15 even meet a Stuka in WoWp?!

            • You want to play smart?
              Fine, prepare to get thrashed.

              Yes, it’s the same thing in both games : the one with the best climb rate wins.
              And while the Reisen has better climb rate at ground level, its engine can’t deal with altitudes of over 3k meters. Above that, it can’t even maintain a stable speed in a 10 degree climb. The Me410 on the other hand, not only starts with an airspawn, but has engines quite capable of holding a 270km/h climb at 15-20 degrees until it reaches 6k meters. So yes, it climbs better. And that’s just in WT.

              In WoWP, the Reisen can’t climb above 3k meters, it just can’t.
              The Me410 can litterally vertical climb up to 5k meters while using a boost that lasts 3x longer than the Reisen.

              In both games, the Me410 wins. And that’s JUST using the example of heavy fighters. In WT, Bearcats, spit mk9/22/24 and bf109s dominate. In WoWP, bf109s and heavy fighters dominate, simply because they carry good weapons and start the match with a massive energy advantage.

              In both games, unless you are against retards, being a turnfighter is a massive, massive disadvantage.

              As for your idiotic comparison with the Stuka and MiG15, you’re the one who brought it up. Jesus, you’re embarassing yourself.

              In conclusion, you have shown your complete ineptitude at in-game knowledge, and if you play WT, I’m more than certain I would find you turnfighting in P-47s and Mustangs against Reisens, while in WoWP, you’d be in a GAA.

              • Ok, I’ll just assume that you had like a brain meltdown.

                - so, first it is the one with the biggest guns and best climb rate, now you decided it’s only the best climb rate…right

                - stronk strategy, climb to 6km up, you can fight Jesus himself up there. It doesn’t matter that nobody is up there and that you will probably break your wings in the dive, stronk strategy anyway.

                -Me 410 stronk plane, only hardly anybody uses it…

                -Bearcats,Spitifres and BF 109s dominate the battles. Because everybody knows how useless and UP are the Russian planes (or the FW 190 for that matter).
                Wait, I thought the Me 410 was the best..make up your mind.

                -For the Stuka, I’m going to try and out this in simple words for you: How could a Stuka get in a match and kill a MiG 15 in WoWp?! Not very possible, so obviously I was talking about WT, not WoWp. Frankly I doubt you got it, but one can only hope.

                Also, according to your “logic” the MiG 15 should dominate the Sabre since it has better climb rate and bigger guns and it’s actually a jet so it is supposed to BnZ. But at this point I doubt I really need to bring any more arguments.

                So, calm down, drink a tea, and think before you post, because right now you really aren’t making any sense….

    • I would play, but recent update increased the “no ground textures” problem and it started to ctd at random, so yeah…

  1. I hope they will also improve default video settings..
    Being on super low, getting an AWFUL result which still lags..
    And spending 20min to try to solve this to find out game is crap.. ^^

      • I can’t afford a better computer for now. (But you can offer it to me :p)
        But I have no problem running WoT with decent fps on it. And never had problem with recommended setting, which were directly fine. (On low)

        • Then why the fuck I could afford it? Git sum monie, you freeloader. Or stop spending on useless stuff (AMAGD ME Iphuon 6+ S ultra white).

          • ‘for now’.
            That comment of yours was as cancerous as some american piliticians.

            ‘Why don’t people just stop being poor? Just buy more money.’

            Normal to be short on funding and a good computer can cost around 1500$$ or more so takes some time to save up for it if you don want half your money gone for the month.

            • Having same PC since 2004 and not able to save/get money strips him off of the right to complain about how game is bad to run.

              • A great bet of WG was copy the all game of IL2 Sturmovick Forgoten Battles Game Engine and jogability copy all and put it in to us play it… was the best thing they could do.

                Sorry my bad inglish.

  2. “In fact, Wargaming will run a special investigation into the “PC specs versus payments” to find out, whether the owners of really old PC’s are actually paying for premium or not and where exactly the threshold is.”

    That either will result in keeping WoT as ancient as it is or….
    “Sorry, comrades, you slow us down. Fuck off.”

    • Well, they cant take the game down change the engine, re-tool all the assets and re-do the scripts and code..And I doubt they will cancel everything and remake the whole game in a new engine.

      So , ancient it will remain.

      Plus, it doesn’t run all that well on good pc’s, anyway.

    • Exact translation. Actually I dont care that much, I have notebook with i5 and HD8750 (low mainstream gpu) but I switched of shadows and I always have more 35fps, sometimes even 55. I just feel like this just can make players annoyed about wg staff. They are too arogant in my opinion.

    • Or they could get off their lazy asses and change the game engine so people can get both better fps and better graphics.
      You know, just a thought.

      • If the players that have ancient PCs spend money in the game and not for a new PC they are retards

  3. honestly the problem with wowp is that an HP based system just doesn’t work for air combat, that was mine, and a lot of other players one of the major problems, they need to abandon the HP system for airplanes altogether it just doesn’t work. a plane is extremely fragile and putting an HP bar on one is just plane retarded. it’s what WT did right, just like in GF it did a lot of things much better than wot did. granted it has it’s problems.

  4. I’m sorry if I sound like a WT fanboy, but where the hell do you people see P2W in that game? There is no gold ammo, no consumables, prem tanks are about equal to standard ones. The only thing you get with gold that you don’t with silver is marginally better crew, but that is only after you play A LOT with a certain crew. (Or spend A LOT of money on it, but I don’t think that many people do it, and you get very little bang for your buck)

      • And the FOTM premium vehicles.

        True fact: Iwo Jima was fought using US spitfires using high-octane fuel from late 1944 against Japanese Zeroes from 1942.

        Also, after you hit tier3, you either have a premium vehicle and you can grind vehicles at a decent speed, or you can go fuck yourself because the rewards are laughably small (ie: a premium vehicle has about x3 xp compared to a similar tier normal plane)
        Oh, and on the module system: either you grind a completely trash vehicle with massively gimped stats for dozens and dozens of battles (at higher tier), or you can just pay to unlock them. No, not free xp, directly gold.
        You want to playyour slow as fuck tank buster plane whose only point is having an AT gun with AP rounds ? Go fuck yourself, you have to play it stock using only machineguns an tiny 20mm HE rounds. And when you do unlock AT guns on it, you have to grind the ammunition belts so you can pick AP over the stock HE ammo belt. Or you canjust pay for all of that. Yeah. Pay2win and skip the grind with 0 effort. I absolutely loathe Gaijin.

        • I’m currently at tier IV in German planes and somehow, I manage. Yes, it is a bit painful sometimes, like a BF 109 that has to research 20mm or 30mm gondolas to be competitive, but I got it without spending any gold and I did it in less than two weeks time, not playing particularly much.
          And how is WoT any different here? Try fighting stock E-75 vs an elite one, you have absolutely no chances unless you spam gold or your enemy is a complete mouthbreather. But in WT, both in tanks and in planes, you still have a chance if you outplay your enemy. (Although it is not going to be easy, that I will admit)

          • You can’t buy top modules directly for gold in WoT, that’s the difference.

            You also don’t have to grind a motherfucking repair kit and fire extinguisher for every single tank you own, because that’s about 20 games you need to spend JUST to be able to repair the gun barrel you lose the first time you get shot at.

            And 40 more to get an extinguisher, because you first have to unlock better tracks and other shit just to be ALLOWED to research the extinguisher, the same you have been using since the reserve vehicles on tier0.

            So yeah, there’s your pay2win element.

            • >You can’t buy top modules directly for gold in WoT, that’s the difference.

              well I didn’t play WoT for over a year, but I am pretty sure you still can unlock modules with free xp, which can be converted via gold.

              Its just a step between, gaijin just doesn’t obscure it.

        • Once upon a time, WT didn’t have any stupid ‘research points’. Once you played enough with a nation, you would ‘level up’ that nation, and have access to all planes of that level at once. Then they decided this system was too good, so they made it a huge grindfest instead. That’s when I quit WT.

      • 20 more points in spotting skills (useless) gunners (marginally usefull, AI gunners are inept anyway) and repair and reload ( yay, you get to be airborne whopping 45 seconds earlier than others …)

        how is that pay to win ? frankly the Ace crew is a waste of money on anything other than arcade bomber …

      • Not “super” crews, as aces give you next to nothing in actual performance. It is no substitute for skill by any stretch of imagination.

    • The problem with WT is not really the P2W, dont see any, but the screwed up BR system(its always so much fun to face P-51s with my Zero) and RNG when it comes to shell physics(-not so much with this) and effects(30mm HEI-T sparks a fucking Russian wooden fighter) just ruins the fun for me.Also, #realism, promises wont add stuff like Maus at start, adds it anyways(waiting for that IS-7 to appear).

  5. - the staff believes that the main success of WT aerial warfare is because you not only fight against planes, but against player controlled AA tank guns and other tanks down below: “you can take your ire against an unsuspecting player on the ground and blow him to smithereens – and likewise, be pounded from AA player guns and blow up, and that is fun”. However, tank warfare is definitely worse than WoT and the P2W element is strongest there.

    Well To be fair, Tank warfare isn’t too much P2W (Although the Crew system is harsher than WoT, I agree though). The premium tanks is not neccessarily weaker than the regular one, but they Definitely is not stronger or too good. Indeed WT GF Sucks, but I disagree that it’s P2W.

    And no, Playing people on the ground isn’t the key factor of the success of Planes lol. The thing that attract me are the AMAZING Graphics (With Fantastic Optimization you got to admit as well), with Great gameplay without Hitpoint system in it as well as the much more developed and complete Tech tree. I am not saying WT is perfect, but gameplay wise it’s 10000 Times better than WoWp. Tanks is another story, though.

    • No HP (module dmg) system is better for aerial. Because you can fly without your damn tail working, but you cant drive a tank without track.
      Also plane control is so much better. WoWs are modeled as flying logs from T-54.

    • I disagree on GF sucks, it’s just as good, and if you prefer it’s style of combat(closer to realism, no killing a tank buy shooting the cupola a hundred times) it’s better than WOT.

      At the end of the day they have completely different game play. that and WT actually tries to have physics, meanwhile we have Hotwheels, with guns added to them in world of tanks, with a skin.

      • - rework ramming system to serverside
        - FIX THAT 100 YEARS OLD UI
        - reduce knockout of modules by 50% (saving throws or w/e that is)
        - reduce knockout of crew by 75% (because that shit just pisses everyone off)

        Then it would be fun and balanced.

        • are we talking WOT, or WT? because I do find the amount of times I lose my Gunner, and loader, and driver to be annoying, in WT the same applies for WOT.

          WOT could learn a lot from WTGF, likewise if Gijian would fix the BR system it would help a lot also.

        • yea collision system is bad, UI is… hmm not good but okay, it doesnt matter that much, reduce knockout? oh god why? if you hit someone/something with 75mm shell he is dead/destroyed… no saving throws.. and thats what i like about it, you have to know where to shoot

          • because we are not talking about crew being knocked out by penetrating hits, you can get your crew knocked out by bumping into tree at 10 kph, by 75mm AP shell failing to penetrate your turret, the low caliber HE shell hitting anywhere …

            and if you want it to be “fully realistic” the first full penetration of fighting compartment should equal crew bail, not the situation where you penetrate the enemy dozen times, incapacitate mots of the crew and destroy most of the systems, yet he can still fire back and destroy you by single lucky NONPENETRATING hit …

            • if it doesnt penetrate it will do nothing (in game)…yep, IRL crew bailed out after penetrating hit but i dont want to be fully realistic, i dont say its fully realistic, its only a game. There are some things that are more realistic than wot, nothing more

            • Non penetrating hits are not killing crew members, they can only dmg some external modules like optics. HE shells damage the crew/modules if they manage to penetrate any part of the tank, like how the Russian 122HE/152HE can penetrate the upper armor of German tanks when hitting the front of the turret/casemate.

      • “that and WT actually tries to have physics” u wot m8, War Thunder : Unlimited Tank Drift is not proper physics, unless you are constantly driving on cobblestone roads with soap water all over it. Shell physics is screwed as well, the fragments are totally random and the shell could bounce everywhere on your tank until it pens.

        • Unlimited maybe in arcade… in other modes not so much… and it drifts because in wt tank turns by stopping one track completly, and if you in 30kph stop one track… it will drift a little bit

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  7. “ancient PC’s would get fried”

    buy g-card
    buy console
    buy “get lost”?

    srly… if you got a weak pc. its teamkilling to force your 5~15 fps (with 200+ ping) onto others. they should face reality and play something more simple (RoboCraft < fun)

  8. “Bomber overhaul and the introduction of more planes (an idea surged here from allowing a platoon of players to fly a bomber on different positions, for example one guy is the pilot, the other a bomber and the third a gunner).”

    1. Bombers. Why can’t we have multi position tanks (T-35 made simple)?

    2. More Planes. Is it going to be a flying P.1000 Ratte? Or Dalmier Benz Projekt C with nuke? Or the Heinkel Lerche with this bug here?

  9. My main gripe while playing WoWp (as a complete newb, I must mention) is that it’s basically “Heavy Fighter or bust” – I wanted down the Zero line because I wanted to dogfight and have the best maneuverability… turns out that doesn’t matter at all when HFs are just fighting somewhere way above you and then dive in on you without having many chances of surviving their attack run (because they’re just that much faster, their guns are much better and Zeros have absolutely laughable HP)

    IMO they should give dogfighters & bombers much more importance by balancing them out.
    Amongst many, many things, of course.

  10. The whole part about WoWP is great news.I do remember the CBT times when it worked much better than now,and it was really fun-They might be able to get that back,now.
    Also,the idea of merging WoWS and WoWP is great,if it does get implemented-Especially if they couple it with carrier ships and actually working airfields,because that could be used to implement a whole new level of tactics to the two games.

    Anyway,glad that they finally realised what a mess they made in WoWP,and thinking about fixing it.

  11. Good news about WoWp. One thing though, how the hell is WT:GF pay to win?! I can see how some people see WoT a superior game, but P2W?

    If anything I would call WoT way more P2W than WT, at least in WoT you have gold ammo and gold consumables that are very expensive and not affordable and they do really affect the gameplay of your tank.

  12. P2W is stronger in WT? In what world do they live in? There is no P2W in WT, unless they are talking about the ace crew training, which doesn’t make much difference. The only money spent on WT was in premium tanks/aircrafts, and even that isn’t necessary.

    • Spacefire mk9 says hi

      Captured Tempest V says hi

      LL Sherman with 76mm gun for Russians at low BR says hi

      Uparmored captured KV-1 with German 75mm L48 that can bulldoze your entire team says hi

      Yeah, premium vehicles totally aren’t better than regular tanks or anything…

      Hell, even the SU122P is better than the equivalent tier ISU-122S, since it’s the same gun, similar armor, but a MUCH smaller profile.
      Even low tier premiums are way better than low tier regular tanks.

  13. WoWp is better then playing single player Pong on Atari II, i’ll give them that.

    WT-GF is the most frustrating game ever, so much potential and they don’t do whats need to be done to make it work just because of their moto, Not Like WoT.

    learn from AW, you can have tons more players and $$$ yo damn fools!

  14. This post contains too much sense for a non-active player to be made up, so I consider the content pretty much as genuine or close to genuine. It doesn’t feel like it’s been written with the intent of getting hits either, unlike the previous post concerning wowp..

    There’s tons and tons of feedback though, but the EU and NA staff aren’t allowed to spend their time on both the game nor the forum. Therefore they can’t possibly judge the value of feedback, as they don’t have a clue about the game themselves. The one and only player in WG that actively played this game, left the company.. in Europe at least.

    WoWS + WoWP is a very neat idea. I’ve always had this in the back of my head as a great migration, but please leave tanks out of it.
    Smaller maps is also a perfect idea. Really don’t get why all the new maps are being made so big except for winter war..
    WoWP being RNG however?!?! Lmfao.. As long as your ping is under 120, you’re golden with wowp. GL getting higher than that from inside the EU..
    They’ve showed in the past that the engine is capable of good physics, performance and graphics so yeah they can stick with it, just get people to work on it that understand how to make it like that again.
    They had good controls for all profiles too in various patches, but decided to ditch those for bullcrap too, just like the physics and logic..
    The main success of WT is the damage model. By including one-hit-wonders, they include the factor that everyone can feel useful, because everyone can land a lucky shot no matter how bad they are if they can try 6 times per batlte. even though with normal queues you would’ve played 6 battles in wowp by that time as well, the psychological effect here makes the difference.
    IMO it’s a disgrace how much wowp has focused on tech trees and expanding them, often at the cost of the MM functionality as well, rather than a cockpit view (same team I’d imagine) or just fixing the game in general…

    That’s my view on what FTR allegedly claims is the developer’s view on things. If that were to be true, I hereby lost my final last grain of hope in this particular team of developers.

    Either keep it skilled and tailor it to eSports fanatics, or alter the damage model in a way that everybody feels like they were useful in someway like it is in WT and WoT. In other words: Choose a target audience out of these 2. I’d go with eSports as the latter is already saturized by WT and it’s far too late to start competing with that, plus, in it’s current way it has insane potential as an esport game and can grow at least 5 times as popular as WoT, even though the playerbase might be a 10th or a 100th of the WoT playerbase. Doesn’t really matter either way, eSporters will pay a lot more often and a lot higher sums of money to play than casual players will.

  15. What ı like in War Thunder is playing with British Lancaster bomber and give them a devastating blow :)

  16. The parts they got right:
    “In WoT gameplay, you can pretty much go and at least deal some damage, make yourself be known, fight and earn your kills and skills. In WoWp, … you can spend dozens of battles without scoring a single kill despite actually doing your best to try…”
    But that describes PVP air combat for all games. WT is not much better. Is the player base for PVP air combat SO BIG that WoWp and WT can fight over it and both do well? First person flying is just WAY too hard to do WELL for the casual gamer, and not much fun because of that. “Oh Boy! I spent hours flying in circles and getting shot from behind! What fun!!” Tanks: no altitude, you can stop behind cover and think about your moves, snipe.. Easyt to control, etc. They need to do more market research, and re-think it. I think PvE flying games are fun, because I can set it to EASY and do well. PvP flying is just hard.

  17. I still can’t actually play the game. I log in, it starts loading the hangar, and then the game crashes. I guess I’m not really missing out on anything, but it’s kinda funny that I can’t even play a game I helped beta test for.

  18. ..whether the owners of really old PC’s are actually paying for premium or not and where exactly the threshold is.
    They are retards if tehy do spend money in the game and not new PCs

  19. Well, WoWp is actually very very problematic game to do right. I’ll try to explain some reasons:
    1) The fear of flying. Flying is far more demanding than driving, so there is a reason why bad players are loosing patience and stop playing such game. They can crush themselves easily on very first battles, but the controls are easy to learn, so there is something else. There is no ability to camp. They can’t stand somewhere on map and wait for a moment, when the enemy goes right on a front of their guns. The game itself force players to move and when totally green newbie comes to a server and he has no fuckin’ idea about aerial combat, he’s getting hit and he can’t respomse on any attack. Anger grows and it ends with uninstalling game client. To play this game, you have to know at least basic rules and manouvers.
    2) Damage models. I think it is one of tha main reasons why WT is so popular. In WoWp they are really poor. In real life, to shoot down the enemy fighter with 20mm shell, you had to hit him several times causing some serious damage, but in game, you have to hit the enemy from 7 to even dozens of times, depending what tier you fight with. Upgrading onboard armament from 7mm MGs to 20mm cannon has influence, but it isn’t really cruicial, because your enemies you meet are somehow like flying tanks. It’s similar to WoT, when you hit without causing critical damage and only shrinking his hp bar. The only obvious weakpoint of airplane is the engine, you can damage it almost everytime when attacking head-on, but you can’t really aim on wing or tail and rip it off. Such thing can be claimed mostly in low tier fights, when there is a lot of turning fights in close range. What is more, I consider, that rng factor to shoot off some parts was decreased by WG few patches ago. Interesting thing is, that there is no such thing like blow-up. This is completely fucked up in my opinion.
    3) Airplane’s ceiling is a ruin. Maximal altitude is artificially shrank to something about 6000m. This means, that gaining altitude of 1km is really hard to achieve for some planes, especially when they are on 2km already. Above altitude of 3km many planes are starting to act like a flying brick. Go and check out any altitude performance graphs for WW2 airplane, there is a plenty of stuff on web, and you see, that even Soviet fighters, which are well know for their low level characteristics, had their best speed results even higher than 3km alt.
    4) High altitude planes. On the first tiers, there are no cruicial differences between plane’s altitude performances. Optimal flight heights are oscilating about 1km and the only one airplane, which is totally dominating on high level is Fw-57, but it has rather poor climb rate from horisontal flight. It starts changing from tier IV, when Bf-109B and Bf-110B appear. These airplanes are fast, but not the fustest in level flight and certainly they mostly suck in turning fights against most enemies. But there are three features of these constructions: optimal altitude, climb rate and dive speed. This means, that they are good at energy fighting, so their role is to dive on enemy, shoot and go back to previous height. Some of their tier IV rivals start beeing low but agile flyers, some have only a little worse optimal altitude but are still more agile, but all of them are slower in diving and all of them are worse in regaining altitude. This means, that Bfs flown properly can win the battle alone, just avoiding hard tuns near ground. They aren’t of course 100% immunise, but really hard to fight back. This trend continues and gets stronger with progression to higher tiers. Of course, other nations also get such birds, but Me line is the most popural. The battles on tier VIII (my highest tier at the moment) are in 70% cases won or lost beacuse of amount of high flyers in each team. The one which have them more, wins. It causes, that Japanese, British, Soviet Yaks and Las are less popular only because they can’t fly as high as their oponents. It doesn’t men that they are flying shits, but the one who’s flying them must be skilled pilot and can’t afford for many things. Truly, I can accept that, but high flying birds have mostly insane overpowered climb rate. This means, that when they starting to dive from 3,5km on enemy on 1km they can still regain their previous level. Can you imagine that? even in such conditions, when heigh is shrank at least twice, they can vertically climb for 2km after high speed dive (which is equivalent of at least 4km). But no no no, that isn’t the best. If, for example, Yak-9 (low flyer) dive on P-51A, he misses him or do a little damage, start climbing vertically, his victim (which is high flyer) can pull the nose up, enable boost, start climb after him and shoot him badly.
    5) Shooting distance. Can you remember what I’ve written about small air space? It was quite a lot of text ago, but I will remind you shortly, that height is somewhat shrank twice or more. You think, that shooting distance is closer then. Well, it really isn’t. The most used weapon, the 20mm cannon, can hit the enemy from about 600 to 850m (it depends whether target is approaching or receding), but most effective fire starts from 500m. When climbing 1km is quite difficult for many planes, especially on high level, it means, that when you have just a little bit of speed and no enemy chasing you, you can sometimes pull nose up vertically, climb about 100m before stall and shoot the enemy that is 700m above you. Such situation wasn’t possible in real combat, because to perform such attack, you had to had great speed and small distance from the enemy. It works in opposite direction, when someone is higher, he can just roll over back, dive a little and shoot you without loosing much altitude.
    6) AA. The antiaircraft fire is linear and boring. When flak starts shooting at you, the high caliber guns fire first. Sometimes they miss, sometimes they hit you with shrapnels, but no devastating hits. When you get closer, the low caliber automatic guns start shooting and here it starts. They hit you everytime they fire, like they were shooting lasers, but the effect is like you was hit by a machine gun, or even hand rifle. There is a lack of massive flak gunfire, no random hits, no missed shots and no blow-ups or wings ripped off. When you see any footage of air strike on carrier or land based units, you see a plenty of small clouds, the horisontal rain of shells flying towards aproaching bombers and burning invaders knocked out and falling down after single hit. This is what I really miss in this game and what makes WT so nice for players. Well, I’m not saying that there should be always such barrage, but it should be more active, more random. unfortunately, the damage models are not fitted for such actions.
    7) Ramming. When there is a mid-air collision, what effect will you predict? Destruction or at least serious damage of both planes. But not here, sometimes when you shoot head-on, you ram an oponent and if you had large amount of hp, you both still fly. If one of you had more, he’s still alive. Sadly, the ramming mechanics work kinda WoT style. The heavier one wins.
    Well, these are main mechanical disadvatnages in my opinion. I won’t write you about bugs, crashes and all this stuff. It sounds like I don’t like this game, but it’s not true. I really enjoy this product, becuase to win and perform well, you MUST know this and that about planes and tactics It’s not an easy game and even devs knew that, so that’s why we have PvE mode, plane comparasion table and tips on loading screen. Also, there are a lot of missions and many occasions to grind an unique premium aircrafts (most of them are low tiers). What is more, to farm your pilots for several branches on one nation, you can use only one premium aircraft. There is no punishment when you put a fighter pilot to a premium ground attack aircraft and this is really great.

  20. No matter what they do, I simply won’t play WoWP. Just like how I won’t play WT : Just don’t like planes that much.

    However, I would love if I could play mah ships with human controlled planes, that sounds great. Esp. if the plane is “garage battle” ish. That would be grrat for both WoWS and WoWP.

  21. A potential way to implement weather systems in a way older PCs can handle is an option to render it as a generic fog on the screen instead of showing the particle effects from rain, snow etc, with the color varying on the weather, when the game’s graphics are set to a low enough threshold (i.e. gray for rain, white for snow on winter maps, tan for sandstorms on desert maps etc.)

    That being said I would imagine that the only real effect on gameplay that weather would have would be creating conditions where visibility of enemy vehicles could be reduced, making good scouts even more vital while also making tank destroyers somewhat more viable under the right conditions (though it’s also possible that rain would cause reduced traction on dirt roads on most maps, simulating the rain turning the dirt into mud, causing a slight decrease in acceleration, top speed, and hull traverse rates on “mud”, with the effect being scaled primarily to the vehicle’s power-to-weight ratio and ground pressure).

  22. i like wowp beta more. climbing is less a “damnnable task”. i still cant believe how i managed to survive a 5v1 with a A5M by just simply XXXXXXXXXXX and shooting the planes one at a time

    what, you really think an ace will devulge all his secrets?