How IS-6 “Terrible” Could Look Like

Helo everyone,

if you’ve read the Insider reports, you know that Wargaming is preparing (for Xbox and possibly PC) a new premium vehicle, an IS-6 called “Terrible”. More like “how terrible”…

Anyway, if you are wondering how it could look like – this vehicle actually already exists, in WoT Blitz! Here’s a picture.


In Blitz, it even counts towards the Lion of Sinai medal.

23 thoughts on “How IS-6 “Terrible” Could Look Like

  1. It cuts both ways…
    Instance 1: “How the foch did I bounce off that IS6?” “How terrible”
    Instance 2: [46% 462WN Terrible playername]

  2. Just a tank with special cammo. which will be sold for a high price and for a limited time.

    • ….and than during christmas, special events, special sales etc. “Limited edition”. I mean, you know what the F**y im talking about

    • Yea I can’t wait! Remember, it also has “special armor” and the hand guiding the shots!

      • Heyyo,
        “the hand guiding the shots”??? Yeah, I play using my hands on keyboard and mouse… how do you play? feet? Tongue? If so? All the power to ya! I think that’s pretty neat. :)

        Yeah, the KV-5 is a rare tank.. that keeps making comebacks but no one really buys it since it’s got serious issues due to power creep at Tier VIII and not a lot of good maps for ramming things in a straight line since it doesn’t turn… I wish I never bought mine, lol, there’s better novelty tanks like the TOG II and KV-220.

  3. So.. is this just an IS-6 without special matchmaking? Would at least make the name appropriate.

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  5. Reminds me of that Sherman and Super Pershing XBox version has. Doubt this thing will come to PC, especially with the ban on limited MM tanks (unless they change the gun (characteristics?)) and the already leaked IS-5.

  6. “Terrible”? On russian publics it’s called “бесстрашный” (Fearless).
    So, what is the right name?)