Not much today.

SerB apparently played all of a sudden in a training room on physics test with a bunch of players and answered some questions (some unfortunately only by voice, which wasn’t recorded).

- Type 59 will not return to the shop according to SerB
- SerB: “Waffenträger auf E-100 is for retards. It will be removed.”

And regular:

- the “arcade” physics mode (simplified physics) is different from the one currently tested by “the presence of some “space” (fantasy) forces, helping you to turn around and to accelerate.”
- it’s not yet clear whether the second physics test (simplified) will be soon
- physics tests will run for a long time
- LT7 for T28C is bugged (sometimes assistance doesn’t count)

109 thoughts on “1.3.2015

  1. ‘- SerB: “Waffenträger auf E-100 is for retards. It will be removed.”’
    I personally agree…

      • Don’t worry PuchNix,

        He will have a Nerf in store for you to thank your loyal support soon. And then, “You will be the Retard he calls out next.”

    • Its was him how agree with the tank at the frist place, so he is the nº1 of retards ppl of wot xD

      • He agreed with the tank when he saw how much money he could get.

        He wanted to sell it to retards, obviously.

      • Idiotic morons who can’t play break the game. When can we get rid of them?
        Can’t champion to remove the Waffle without removing them. Lest we be hypocritical. :)

    • - SerB: “Waffenträger auf E-100 is for retards. It will be removed.”

      haha, full ack =)

    • Perhaps true (on the “retard” part). But it’s classless to actually say it publicly. And pretty dumb for a businessman to say it to his customers.

      IMO, it would have been wiser to say something more along the lines of how the WTFE100 is overpowered and very difficult to balance, and that it’s WG’s intention to replace it. No need to be using such incendiary language.

      • i agree, so just remove the fucking thing or nerf the shit out of it. Why does it take so long?

        • Well, they’re not going to outright remove it without there being a replacement. If they did that, they’d have to refund the cost of the tank to anyone owning it, which I don’t exactly see them being willing to do.

          As for “nerfing the shit” out of it, that doesn’t exactly seem fair either. People paid good credits to buy the WTFE100. Fair nerfs for the sake of game balance are one thing and I can accept them. But “nerfing the shit” out of it seems to be punitive to the point that it would appear that WG was trying to get players to sell it … which if the WTFE100 was going to be replaced, would be a bad idea from the player perspective because you’d lose 3M credits if you wanted to buy its replacement at full price rather than let WG simply replace the WTFE100 in your garage at no cost.

          As for replacing the WTFE100, it will obviously take WG some time to go through the process to develop that replacement, which could be many months.

          But here’s a wild, off the cuff suggestion for a “replacement” or significantly changed WTFE100 that would see to be easier to balance, though every bit as fake. Why not remove the autoloader guns and replace it with a single shot version of the gun the JPE100 mounts? Yes, just as fake, no doubt. OTOH, as a single shot TD, it should at least be easier to balance.

          • its already decided to WT panther with 128mm gun or 150mm gun
            128 mm gun was L61 gun with obviously better stats
            150mm gun was L71 with 300mm pen 750 alpha and pretty good DPM (rof would be something like 5 or better)

              • all i know that 150mm gun with 300 pen so L64? i dont think so
                L61 has 276 average pen L68 or L71 can be

            • 5 RoF on a 750 damage gun? are you crazy?
              Obj.263′s 550 damage gun only has 5.61 RoF.
              also, Centurion 7/1′s 390 damage gun only has 5 RoF.

              • wait a sec WTE’s 15cm auto canon had 4 shots rigth?
                i forgot that reload time would be better than 15 sec so… 4.2?
                would be better than 15sec because the 15cm on WTe has something 40 sec reload with 4 shells so yeah

    • I don’t care if they take away the WT E100, but i expect 6mil creds back in my garage and 200k free exp :) not even counted the tier IX wt .. how nice of me (being a retard of course)

  2. - SerB: “Waffenträger auf E-100 is for retards. It will be removed.”

    Why than put it ingame in the first place… i wonder what you call ppl putting in “retard tanks”? :)

    • Yea for real – pretty inane behavior for an adult. Really, calling a whole group of your player base retards? If I had one, I’d be pretty insulted. Sure makes me wanna spend money less.

      • If you feel offended by such a comment, the internet is not a place for you. And yes i do have the waffentrager and i really dont care at all. Come on, it is a weird vehicle. Nevertheless, war gaming implemented the vehicle so calling the players retards is unprofessional.

        • So they dropped a fake tank in that everyone jumped on since its OP and now are removing it? Big Fucking Deal. Players KNOW its OP and are butthurt since it will go away. Retarded, NO. Metagaming, YES. If it will help the game, I am all for it. Just like the viewrange nerfs to balance OP TDs. Its nice not seeing 7 TDs per side now.

          • Only ppl crying are wn8 crybabys. (aka XVM nobodys)
            Those were also the only ones applauding to this in the first place…

            Tanks like: e50, kv4, vkb (before unnecessary buff) show how you can put in fake tanks, which not just fit but also beloved by the community and add to the overall gameplay – without causing years of shitstorms – which (duh) end up like all shitstorms should: in the shit being removed.

            We already had a T18 ingame – we don’t need some more around (in hightiers),
            so lets hope the next replacement is somewhat reasonable…
            and if the GodEmperor want so – learn something out of it :)

              • Could not find a thing on kv4.

                Tbh wasnt all out for it… But other kv’s data is quiet easy to find.

                Is6 and kvFour-tress are my favorites.
                Would like to add them to my models :)

                • KV-4 data is hard to find, because it didn’t go beyond proposals. There are actually like 3-4 KV-4 ‘models’ (various proposals) and WG simply picked the one they liked most from them.

        • This. It might be unprofessional/unconvetional, but lesser words = the better; the more simple to understand.

          • No, it’s not “better” to for a businessman to use unprofessional, offensive, and incendiary language. Period. Calling people “retards” is a sign of immaturity and classlessness. A businessman like SerB should be far more mature and professional. And if some people listening or reading his comments are too immature to understand a mature and classy professional’s comments, that’s their problem. Maybe those people need to grow up.

            • Or maybe you should stop forcing western business ideals onto others. Especially when they aren’t a part of the western world.
              This was never a professional thing from the beginning. He randomly entered a training room and chatted like a normal person would. Slandering him for not being professional at all times is pretty distasteful. The guy does have a life outside of business.

              • I like serbs stile a lot, even if i disagree on some stuff.

                I rather got some one going straight “its crap-we remove it, so shut up bitching” than some one trying to get into everybodys butt and dont please anyone + wasting 10x the time doing so.
                (Plenty devs do that-to many…)

                I say WE can be mature enough to step over his word choice and look on the results.

                U wont care as soon u drive the next “retard fun”… Neither do i… ;)

                Ps. If ur still against some insults……. Wot isnt quiet a place to be, isnt it? xD …compared to wot general chatt…serb is an pink pony of laughter.

              • Has nothing to do with “western business ideals” ‘retard’.

                Glad you proved to everyone that you are one of the immature and ignorant persons that the poster speaks of.

  3. - SerB: “Waffenträger auf E-100 is for retards. It will be removed.”

    It’s Finally Official.

    Wait……….Isn’t this “Retarded” thing created by SerB himself? Or his Creation Factory?

    • Actually, no it wasn’t. He opposed it from the beginning, but the content creators within WG thought it would be a good idea. SerB doesn’t make these kinds of decisions. What does and does not make it into the game is the sole responsibility of the game design department. SerB is one of the head honchos for Wargaming, but he doesn’t make any of the calls in the actual game unless absolutely necessary.

      • The description is right there in the picture, and it says quite clearly that you need to assist in the destruction, not cause the kill yourself.

        • nope, believe me, it is enough to damge (and not kill) enough of the enemy artillery.
          You did this as well (in the picture)

          • the “believe me” argument kinda falls short of the pic I linked, don’t ya think?

            • You both got it a bit wrong….i think >_>

              Anyway, the assist part is spoting or damaging or both. Doesn’t matter, you just have to do 1 of those 2. You do not need to kill the arty, only spot or damage, just don’t kill it. And that’s how the mission goes.

              • I did this today and killed 2 arty. Did all the damage to 1 and all but 130 to the other.
                In an earlier fight i spotted two arty which were then killed and i got nothing.

        • i asisted in destruciton not only 2 but 3 artys about 10 times i did the thing i needed to do but never counts….. in the las time i kill 3 artys by myself and i did the mission….. i was spoting them like 1 mins to assist my team to do dmg….. but never complete it …… really Fukedup shit was really mad in that mission

          • I got LT-7 for the Stug by spotting and killing the arty myself, no one else did any damage to it. I can’t remember what I did to complete it for the T28C off the top of my head.

      • So, a good tank is removed and a shit one replaces it without compensation. Fantastic. Thanks crybaby whining bitches.

        • It’s beyond good, it’s OP & broken, much like the KV-1S was

          So do please QQ more on losing your OP-shitmobile

          • Couldn’t agree more.
            To kinda be on the point, I’ve played the KV-1S when it was T6, utterly OP. Loved playing it, but cannot understand how OP it was against me and such. Accuracy, dmg and ROF was unbelivably good, only a good hellcat player would go against it 1v1 but only in cover.

            Same goes for the WTF 100, OP as fuck, and finaly it’s getting removed. Hopefuly the replacement isn’t as screwed up as this one was. (less OP factor)

        • That’s so hypocritical that I start to believe you’re a terrible troll.

          I mean, what you wrote isn’t whining at all…right?

          • i hope that WTP will have 150L68 with a good camo it just will be a 155 58′s turret placed on panther’s hull

    • not removing, just getting removed by another tank. so, no you won’t get 6 million back.

  4. - SerB: “Waffenträger auf E-100 is for retards. It will be removed.”’

    OK , i am retard , fu.k you , will be back 6 100 000 silver + 2 gun and spended exp?

    • No.
      You have spent long enough abusing a completely fucked up autoloader.

      You’ll get a replacement that’ll probably be pretty great, but you’ll hate because it’s not “point and click 5 times” to do more damage than 80% of players in the match.

      • i think he understood as they will remove it and no replacement

        when i heard it couple of weeks ago it was like “we will remove all wt line”
        in that case they have to compansate it removing one tank will make them compansate it with credit and exp or a replacement tank that is not UP

        yes WTE100 is OP i am not a good player but after 15 battles at test server having something 7k average damage from those battles kinda proves it is OP

        WT panther with 150mm L71(?-can be L68 not sure) that has 300 pen with 750 alpha no autoloader i am ok with it

  5. - SerB: “Waffenträger auf E-100 is for retards. It will be removed.”

    and what is the retarded company and staff which retardly decide to put it in the game at the first place without being proper testing and using brain to think?

    Retarded answer.

  6. They should say to Serb. ” deal with it “… like he always say when some one cry other tanks. If Serb don´t like tank= remove, if +100 000 player don´t like some tank= no one give a sh*t.
    GJ WG!

  7. yes noobs first ask to removed the H100 will then ask to removed the mafs post has Syra the is7 and is4; not go any trenidg learn how to kill these tanks instead of sitting and cry … not bad to go treaning and try stop cry and lern the game dont like the e25 after dont like type 59 and new when the removed new u whant the tank back like type 59 stop cry lern to shoot wher need shoot and how u need to kill the tanks …

    • So is LT, HT and TD´s… hey, let´s remove all the tanks and replace them with sheeps

      • So the top players, the creme de la creme of WoT playerbase… those are retards for not enjoying random death from above.

        OK, so if they’re retards, what does that make the average WoT pubbie?

        • Being the best at the game does not mean they are automatically right. They just put in a lot of time and effort to practise a lot. If I can have a 53% WR just by goofing around as a casual player, being good isn’t really that hard.

          The main reason unicums want arties gone is because those tend to be one of the major limiting factors in their ability to win at their level of skill. They want arties removed because it would benefit them greatly, which is a biased opinion… and that’s exactly why they’re staying.

  8. Well finally it is not too soon they’ll completely turned this tank OP and finally a beautiful phrase “WT auf E 100 if for retards”

  9. > SerB: “Waffenträger auf E-100 is for retards. It will be removed.”

    This is the first time I actually agree with something SerB says.

    …still as rude as ever though.

  10. “- SerB: “Waffenträger auf E-100 is for retards. It will be removed.”

    Although this guy is an asshole, I agree. German tanks are for retards, real players play soviet.

    • Honestly, looking at what is used for competitive play If you want to be the most efficient…
      Play French:
      Batchat, Amx 13 90, Amx 50 100 and Amx 50b are all clanwar/stronghold tanks. It’s two complete lines to grind, however. Unlike the IS-7 + object 140. ( You can use the KV-13 to cross lines ) But there are plenty alternatives for the object 140, AMX 30 prototype is also coming up soon so all the more reason to go full french.

      Granted, you have to be a good player with autoloaders. ( Among other things have the brain to hide between reloads and stay near other autoloaders which is remarkably not a given with the world of tanks playerbase.)

      Downside is the french tier 4′s of course, but potatoes are terrible in T-28′s and T-80′s too, so meh. ( A-20 and T-50 are hilarious in terms of average under-performance and not because they don’t have perks )

      • I forgot the IS-3 is also a clanwar tank, derp. ( hopefully that will change from the nerf, far more people seem to have IS-3′s than AMX 50 100′s so my point still stands as what is more useful to grind. )

      • Yeh but tomato logic says when playing French tanks you should just charge at the enemy and fire a few shots and die – anything else and you are a “camper noob!”.

  11. Hey SS:
    - LT7 for T28C is bugged (sometimes assistance doesn’t count)

    All LT-7s are bugged… just did my LT-7 for obj.260 (completed requirements) but did not get credit.
    Support answer: Delete mods… And even they had announce on their web that said that server-side requirements for LT7s are different than stated in client.

    Dont you maybe know what are REAL requirements for LT-7 (obj 260)?

  12. Cool, eliminating OP, game ruining autoloader tanks. So when can we expect the removal of the Batshit?

      • Neah, actually it could use a little buff. It’s downright underpowered compared to the WT. It’s not like statistics show that it’s better than the WT at DPM, WR, hell, even at the number of kills, and only slightly worse at damage dealt. Check vbaddict yourself.

        And concerning the vehicle itself, what does the Batshit have? Only good mobility, excellent speed and acceleration, 17 mm less pen, indeed less accuracy but APCR as normal ammo, so a faster projectile. Not to mention its camo and small size compared to the WT. So yeah, really well balanced. Remove (just) WT!

  13. Ok. If they will remove WTE100, I suggest a tank instead of it:
    - be as small as a luchs
    - be as armored as the maus
    - be as fast as an m41
    - let it shoot as fast as the tortoise
    - it’s damage should be 1000
    - it’s pen should be 300mm

    Don’t you like it? How terrible!

    • When players claim it is unbalanced, Storm will reply
      “We will watch the statistics”
      When it turns out it is horrendously OP, its ground resistance on soft terrain will be nerfed and maybe its turret traverse by 5 degrees in the next major patch(near future).

  14. ‘- SerB: “Waffenträger auf E-100 is for retards. It will be removed.”’

    And Arty is not?

  15. - SerB: “Waffenträger auf E-100 is for retards. It will be removed.”

    As long as the vehicle they replace it with isn’t a Jagdpanzer E-100 clone (meaning it has to have SOME degree of mobility) and keeps the super-accurate 128 mm gun (not necessarily with the autoloader, just the .29 accuracy without getting completely gimped in the DPM department), I’ll be fine with it being replaced (having a turret would be nice too as the two vehicles before it have one). Most of the ideas I’ve seen so far are of some type of Waffentraeger on a Panther hull, but there may be other options as well.

  16. -Who put WT into the game in the first place? That makes Serb a retard too…

    -In the other hand, artys are for skilled players? Or simply a device for baddies/brain dead players to hit something?


  17. Oh serb you worthless neck bearded fuck. Only him and his customer relation skills can call the people that fell for the gold to free exp scam to get the waffles, retards. I guess in his eyes the people that got suckered into a TD that the whole time were going to remove are retards.

    Serb did in fact scam customers getting some (who we kiddin…most) of them to spend gold to free exp towards a TD that they were going to remove. Whether the customers are suckers or “retards”, WG needs to unmothball a soviet muzzle to put on some of their big wigs mouths who couldn’t act professional if their lives depended on it.

    I would seriously be embarrassed if I worked for WG.

    • The only retard is Serb himself for putting a tank in game for then only to remove it, Gotta love the eastern block mentality so stronk

      • So better leave it ingame, rather than admitting and trying to fix the fault?

        Mucho lokigal

  18. - SerB: “Waffenträger auf E-100 is for retards. It will be removed.”

    So, your saying that ARTY Clickers are not Retards?”

    So, it might imply that a firm who does not turn over it’s financial records an allow’s it’s stock symbol to be suspended from the Cyprus Exchange, are not Retards?

    So, your saying that the people who put it in the game to begin with, in order to take the customers time, money, efforts, & nerf pains are not Retarded ?

    The money from those kinds of tanks allow you to operate the game, an you to purchase into banks in Cyprus, and the customers who grind to them to be Retarded?

    So, you are also saying that you need the Retarded to operate your game?

    Sir, I think you better check yourself, and your investors need to take a look at your business books to find out who might be doing other retarded things? Maybe “WE” the Retarded need to find another game? Maybe it might help all “our” Retarded conditions out some if we did look for another game?

    Maybe, Armored Warfare, War Thunder will not think of their customers as retards when they have them perhaps?

  19. Of course bob srb was killed by a WTE100 and suddenly it is for retards. Does anyone really cares anymore about the tank being in the game? :)