“Give us For the Record for Armored Warfare!”

Hello guys,

lately, I keep getting the requests to actually make For the Record style blog for Armored Warfare or even re-open For the Record with AW content. Well, as I am sure you all understand, it’s not that easy.

For one, there already IS an excellent Armored Warfare blog, the Armored Talk.


It’s run by an American guy, a former soldier if I recall correctly and overly a very nice person to work with and talk to (in other words, an opposite of me). He does an excellent job, better than I ever could with the current workload (free weekends? lol, more like content writing time). Seriously, if you are interested in AW, go check that blog out. If you are not, well, then don’t :)

Now, about FTR. I got shitloads of questions about why on earth did I post that Terminator picture in the previous post. Yea, that’s a good question. At first it was just trolling. But the more I thought about it, the more I wondered if there’s anything I could actually do with FTR. When it comes to World of Tanks, Rita’s doing a pretty good job I’d say – considering she’s been at it for three months and doesn’t speak Russian. In a way she has it way tougher than I did even in the beginning.

So, the question is… what CAN be done? Is there something that would interest you related to tanks, tank history, Armored Warfare, maybe even World of Tanks? I think I’m gonna write some more reviews and notes about the assembly of the Czechoslovak branch in WoT but that’s more like Rita stuff (afterall, the branch is coming relatively soon, 0.9.12 would be my guess).

Anyway, catch you later guys.

16 thoughts on ““Give us For the Record for Armored Warfare!”

      • It isn’t as good as FTR. We really need more WOWS info source that we don’t need to read Russian to know. Rita’s blog page is mostly WOT which is annoying because we want to know what the heck is going on with WOWS’s game direction.

        • Well, To be honest…you probably didn’t go any farther than the main page. We have a really cool feature called “Red Tracker” that logs all Wows developer posts from NA/EU/RU integrated with Google Translate. So, you don’t need to be able to read Russian.

  1. I think i’d like something about tanks in general, not specifically for Wot or AW…

    I do not like the idea of ships very much, but thats because I am not interested in that topic as much as I’m in tanks.

  2. Do you have any plans(aside from tanks). How about like “military aircraft” and “ships”. We are getting deeper into the tank history. The myths, obscure tank projects, and many more are fascinating… I wish more info will come but that’s Rita’s blog and I look into. :)

  3. HAH’n’LOL

    I’ve kept FTR on my speed-dial page even tho it got closed. And I was just clicking it every few days to check…no idea what

    But I’m glad I didnt stopped this so I can see that :)

    Anyway, I suggest doing a military’n’history stuff blog. I dont even play WoT and AW turned out to be medicore but what I loved about FTR were those articles about various prototypes, blueprints, ideas, tank conversions and stuff

    So anyway, I hope that you will reactivate the blog in some way, reading your articles was always a nice spent time

  4. Seems like a good time and place to ask my question again ;)

    Could you tell when exactly Obsidian/AW reached out to you (or you to them) with the job offer?

    What I have in mind asking this question is sort of “retroactive full disclosure”.

    When asked on WoT EU forums, you answered “I probably could, but these matters are hardly something to be discussed on forums of a competing product. That would be very unfair” – I guess this is a more appropriate place, now that we can post again.

  5. Maybe you could focus more on historical articles for upcoming vehicles in both games? Only blog remotely related is Archive Awareness.

  6. Rita’s blog Status Report is kinda … meh, not really good but at least is something …

  7. First off all, it has to be something you want to do and what you can do (timewise i mean).

    I think some historical post or information about certain tanks, tank history, tank developement, tactics, how tanks are made, how tanks work, …
    i think you should search in that direction as you wont have conflicts with wg or aw this way, and have something wich may interest the whole playerbase.

    Whatever you choose think well about it and know you will have suport from lots of guys here.