You know who I understand now?

You know who I understand now?


The original Wargaming dev posting on EU/NA WG forums, driven away by the toxic WoT community, whose departure in turn allowed For the Record to grow.

Overlord was a great guy, I still miss him after all those years.


10 thoughts on “You know who I understand now?

  1. You know you did something right if people still come to your posts a year after you stopped making them regularly…
    The thing you did was setting up an RSS channel ;)


    He quite clearly stats he left as he moved on to other projects.

    You thought the grass would be greener at AW after shitting on the WoT community and building up a circle of spite. What a surprize when the AW community made up of those angry/bitter WoT players, now turns on you and when they’re unhappy.

    Oh poor Silentstalker, always the victim aren’t you?

    • Speaking of bitter individuals, calm down dude. You need a coffee and a break from things it seems.

    • I don’t feel the AW community turning on me. Quite the contrary, I think I am doing fine in that respect. I was just feeling nostalgic about the old days.

      As for Overlord, well… no professional in the gaming industry would write “fuck you, you assholes, I’m out” :)

      It’s always “another project”, “pursue other dreams” etc. :)

      • Maybe because people really do moved on to other projects or opportunities? Not everyone stays in a role forever, especially when a company is growning.

        It was nice when Overlord did his Q&A but I can’t remember anything else he did for WoT other than that. His blog was strange because why send people away from wg forums for info or feedback?

        He remembered me of someone who had one job but kept acting like he was doing another.

  3. I wish that rita’s blog was accessible for commenting like yours is. Honestly silentstalker if you know how to get a hold of Rita ask her this is the Panzer 4 smalturm ever getting a mobility buff or a spaced armor model? Really have liked a lot of your past articles they were really helpful, you should post about your old articles that mention the history of the different nation’s tanks The one on finland was excellent

    • From last info (very old) pz4s will get side space armor in HD model.

      Ach yes, a good old times when Silentstalker was bloging on FTR, not a crap blogs what is now. Only FTR! ;)

      • Correct last time it was mentioned it would get the spaced armor all the way around as they finally decided to close the access door on the spaced armor.

  4. I still have Overlord’s blog and this one on my RSS feed. I’ve moved on from WoT and AW both, but I still enjoy the historical pieces just as I always have.