Photo of the Day – 10.3.2017

Take an ugly personal car and add a machinegun. Oh, and make it Italian of course. What do you get?

Gorgona 1

The OTO Melara Gorgona. The OTO R 2.5 Gorgona vehicle has been developed as a private venture by OTO Melara and was announced in 1982. Two versions wereoffered; an unarmed police model and a combat model which could be fitted with various types of armament. The vehicle is fully amphibious, being propelled in the water by its wheels with steering being accomplished in a similar manner to that of land operations.


5 thoughts on “Photo of the Day – 10.3.2017

    • I think that it’s pointless for military use. The engine is too weak, the wheels too small, the clearance too low (350mm compared to Humvee’s 410mm). It’s needlessly fast – okay, it can drive 120 km/h on the road, which outpaces pretty much any other military vehicle, making its top speed useless, while off-road it would be outperformed by Humvee.

      It’s small, can’t carry much cargo and the ability to swim is also useless from strategic point of view (and for potential Middle East buysers).