Photo of the Day – 20.3.2017

Continuing with the photos of weird or at least lesser known tanks – check this out.

M60 christobel spain

M60 christobel spain 2

This is the Spanish M60A3E1 Cristobita, a prototype upgrade for the aging M60A3 from the early 1990s. Three prototypes were built after the rejection of the expensive Lince program. It seems to just consist of spaced armor, maybe some composites in the front, but I think that’s unlikely (look at the rear of the turret how attached it is, looks pretty flimsy). Very few details are known. The idea was rejected in favor of purchasing the Leopard 2.

4 thoughts on “Photo of the Day – 20.3.2017

  1. Hello, I’ve searched for it and in a Spanish forum it talks about M60A3E1:

    “El subprograma M60A3E1, implica la construcción de un prototipo al que se incorpora blindaje reactivo y sistema antiexplosión, aumentará la potencia de 725 a 905 CV y se le mejorará la dirección de tiro. Una vez probado el prototipo se efectuará la modernización de los otros 153, que mantendrá su operatividad hasta el 2010 2012. Realizado por SBB y los CMSA 1 y 2, comprende la comprobación y prueba en banco de motores y transmisiones, se modernizarán las direcciones de tiro, con la sustitución del telémetro láser de rubí por uno de Yag-Nd. Se contempla la adquisición de munición subcalibrada de energía cinética APFSDS avanzada.”

    Reactive armor, antiexplosion system and increasing horsepower from 725 to 905. Also a better laser telemeter and APFSDS kinetic subcaliber ammo.


    • Are you sure about the ERA? Because this design clearly does not have it, it’s just some spaced armor kit (no idea how effective, might even be a mock-up). The SBB producer fits, the engine upgrade also sounds plausible, as do the laser rangefinder upgrade and new APFSDS ammo.

      • I can’t find more info about ERA, maybe that was the plan but the Spanish army didn’t commit to it.

      • maybe “plastic armour” kit like the Leo 1?
        or maybe they were thinking of copying the Israeli Magach?
        anything is possible when coming from the same guys responsible for the Leo 1/AMX-30 hybrid