This time something from the WW2 era.


This is “Wurlitzer”, a modified Churchill Gun Carrier. It has no gun as you can see, but what it does have are 50 Bangalore torpedo launch tubes. Bangalore torpedos are basically pipes with exposives in them, used to clear various obstacles from minefield over barbed wire to smaller fortifications. They were invented as early as 1912 and are used in situations where the engineers cannot safely approach their target to this day.

The launchers on this vehicle fired these 90cm long torpedos at the distance of 50 to 90 meters. The accuracy is obviously pretty abysmal, but you don’t need it that much at such short distance. The explosion effects were allegedly absolutely deadly. The Wurlitzer was a prototype vehicle only and was never deployed or mass produced.

4 thoughts on “Wurlitzer

  1. who needs accuracy when you shoot 90 Bangalore Torps? Then again i thought those are only for cutting barbed wires?

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