“HE doesn’t work against armor!”

Hello everyone,

Wasn’t in the mood lately to write anything intelligent (not that I usually write any intelligent stuff, but, you know…), sorry for the break. Anyway, a bunch of interesting photos. This happens when a BRDM is hit by a 125mm tank shell. Photos sent by Peter Khromov, thanks! :)

125mm HE versus BRDM 2

125mm HE versus BRDM 3

125mm HE versus BRDM

5 thoughts on ““HE doesn’t work against armor!”

    • I wouldn’t say BRDM has much armour, but I was expecting to see a wreck. I did not expect it to cease existing.

      This was more a case of: “oh, that’s a wheel. And that’s a…thing. And there are… more things over there.” That BRDM became many things all over the place.