That’s not a REAL Panther, is it…

Hello everyone,

This weekend I visited the military museum at Rokycany. They have a whole lot of nice stuff in there. Check this out. This is a nice Panther replica made for re-enactments by the museum staff on the chassis of a T-55. It’s not the same fake Panther that is commonly seen in Poland – this one was only finished recently. On the pics you can see it in the state of final preparations and with the reenactors.





2 thoughts on “That’s not a REAL Panther, is it…

  1. The replica sure looks nice, but they could’ve just turn the chassis around, switch the gearbox… just put the running gear to the front, you know what I mean, that would look so much better, but it would also take a lot more work. BTW SilentStalker, i sent you another email, if you could look into it, i would be glad.

  2. Wow nicely done replica this is a ton better then some other replicas of other tanks I see this one could actually be mistaken for a real Panther at first glance if you don’t know what to look for