T-80 with 30mm RCWS? Why not!

Hello everyone,

Look what was found standing in the backyard of the Central Scientific – Research Institute for Precision Machine Engineering (ЦНИИточмаш) in Podolsk, Moscow region. Photo credits withheld by author’s wishes.

This is a T-80 MBT with a 30mm remote-controlled weapons system (designation unknown). The gun is missing obviously but you can see the mount there. The weapon system was designed to fight low-flying airplanes and armed with the 30mm 2A42 gun (same as on BMP-3 for example). The mount could traverse 120 degrees on its own, the depression was -51/+65, carried 450 rounds.

Who can say how many interesting prototypes are rotting away in Russia. It’s a shame really, but considering this stuff is still classfied, there would have to be a military budget to keep such vehicles in good shape.

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