WoT: Hitler being chased by T-62A

Darth_Woras is a video maker, well known on EU server for his funny Hitler parodies. This one I liked especially, that’s why I am putting it up today. Enjoy :)

24 thoughts on “WoT: Hitler being chased by T-62A

  1. Well known? First time I heard of him and I watched thousands of Hitler parodies.

  2. - vehicles will be rebalanced in connection with the increased accuracy “if necessery”
    I hope so! The majority of problems lie in the lower tier where tanks have crap accuracy, naming some key examples. Short 88mm of vk3601 is bad at long range, 122mm of KV1S/Su-122-44, bad at long range and a lot of other guns in the lower tiers/mid.

  3. /oopse wrong section . Just remove my previous and this post if anyone can,.

  4. to the creator:

    I hate you.

    I hate you for making me laugh out loud at 240am Manila Time.

    now excuse me as I laugh some more.

  5. For germans the Videos are not funny.. Because we understand what they say really.. So.. ni9ce Try again..

    • I’m German American and I found it quite funny. There are times that you have to leave things in the past and move on. The world has mostly forgiven Germany for what has happened in the past maybe my fellow Germans can do the same for themselves.

      • no, it’s not about history. It’s just a real problem when you can understand the spoken language and it doesn’t fit to the subtiltes. it kills all the fun, no matter how hard you try to find it funny.
        i bet there are some great parodies, maybe it would work if i turn the sound off…

  6. I always have loved his vidoes. his best one has to be the 5 wot tips by hitler.