- you hear the sounds not from the spot where your tank is, but where your camera is: that’s why you can’t hear the sound of your own shooting when in arty satellite view, because the camera is high away from your vehicle
- apparently there are differences in additional XP between RU and NA server (NA server gets extra XP for some archievements as parts of some events, RU server doesn’t), SerB doesn’t think it’s a big of a deal (“Experience depends on how you play. You play well, you get experience, you don’t play well, you don’t get experience, you don’t read the rules of this thread, you’ll get a RO ban”)
- apparently, the Superpershing will also get some sort of buff along with its frontal armor nerf, to keep its winrate around 49 percent
- even if you bought the Superpershing in discount (for less than it costs now), you will still be able to sell it for full price
- developers don’t consider it a mistake that they didn’t develop one game for all three weapon types (tanks, airplanes, warships) at the same time within one platform.

Bonus: Listy (British armor buff from the World of Tanks EU forum) started writing on Overlord’s blog – he started with a historical event where a Firefly shot up 5 Panthers, definitely worth reading!

15 thoughts on “9.6.2013

  1. Archievements ? I’ve seen this aRchievements yesterday too… It’s a small deal but for some reason it’s bugging me ^^”

    Any idea what kind of buff the SP will get? I’m not 100% sure what to do with mine…
    If they will give it some extra horsepower the tank can become fun to play…

      • 10mm more pen will give it the same pen as the type59, but the SP will still have horrible mobility. If they want to compensate the armor loss only by buffing the gun they should give it much more than 10mm pen…

        I’m lucky enough to own both the SP and the Type59, and if they take away the armor from SP, and give it 10mm of pen, the SP is not even half as good as the type…

        I guess i’ll sell it for gold after all….

  2. Damn.. it would be really nice to hear the sounds from SPGs all the time :P

      • This mod displayed basic stats, not really “calculating” anything as they were for default 10% crew and penetration indicator was a value for color indicator, already in the game.

        As for other mods: last known position markers on minimap are still on “greylist” on EU and nobody knows who and when gets stealthly banned for them when they finally get to announce if they are cheating or not.

        • Last known pos markers are some kind of help, imo nowhere near cheating and many players that even have Community Contributor badges on EU forums are using it like Quickybaby and Mighty Jingles so i’m pretty sure WG is aware of it and don’t consider it illegal. I also think that some day they’ll implement those options themselve in some update where they will update minimap, just like they did with overtarget markers

    • that mod was more of a cheat then a mod, so i can understand that it got banned. What i cant understand is why they dont ban the same mods on all servers…

      • that mod is not a cheat, all of the things I see there are the basic things I think about when playing anyway, basically, most good players already do everything that mod does

        • so then it doesnt matter, cause noone needs this mods when it only spams things u already know ;)