Super Pershing buff: penetration


Earlier today, developers hinted at the fact that in order to compensate the armor loss for Superpershing, it will also recieve a buff. Now, Vallter (one of the developers on his blog) unofficially confirmed that (possibly amongst other changes), Superpershing will recieve more penetration, around 200mm:



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    • You can require it back from support. Provided that you have it’s price in credits (goldx200?) + proof of previous ownership, they offer a one-time offer restoration of premium tanks.

      I got my T-34 back this way… just to sell it again soon.

      • Not possible. Peoples who sell the SPershing for Gold cant get the Tank back.

    • As SzikraTheDragon wrote you can ask for getting him back. I sold my SP many months ago. On Friday I wrote ticket to support and today I got brand new SuperPershing :) (they took 1,44 mln credits and I had to have free gaarage slot). Now I will wait what will happen with him, if I won’t be satisfied with new version I will sold it for 7200 gold.

      Oh, this Wargaming is so evil… ;)

        • It is currently not possible, but they will introduce the option in 8.7 when the SP is removed from the store. Owners will be able to sell their SP for 7200 gold then.

  1. What? The pen is low but it’s fine! Especially with the accuracy buff coming. Just aim for weakspots, but I guess that’s too hard for baddies to do.

    If anything it needs a mobility buff.

    • I would also prefer a mobility buff over a gun buff, but in its historical config it was both more mobile (only 5mph slower than the Pershing), and had a big Tiger II level gun (which is why it had the external recoil compensators).

      I would love to see both buffs ;)

  2. Makes sense because the 90 mm is practically the same as the 8.8 L/71 in terms of penetration(only slightly less due to shell shattering).

    This could also act as a buff to the T32, T25, and the T25/2 since they have the same gun.

    The Pershings’ T15E2M2 should also be replaced by the 90 mm T54 gun (same ballistics as the 90 mm T15 but in a smaller package). That is another story though.

    • Oh God the T25/2 could really use that buff. I wouldn’t mind the 200 pen on my Pershing either.

      • Agree, Pershing needs a buff. And the T32 could get a buff too. So a fine Tank and so a bad top gun. im waiting for the better sigma and hope this will be enough buff for my tanks like T30, T32, Pershing

  3. FFS, i really wanted to get that gold from SP….now i can’t sell it….200mm is way too good to sell this little tank.

    • Well, Valter wrote that penetration buff to 190 mm has 90 prc chance :).

      • Even 190 would put the SP on the:-? 4th place by pen on T8 mediums?
        Centurion -200+ (best pen in t8 meds)
        Indien Panzer -212
        Panther 2 – 203
        Type 59 – 181
        T-34-2 – 181
        T44 – 175
        8.5 SP – 171

        190-200 mm pen is pretty nice

        • Well, that’s the catch: Regardless of its classification, the SP is NO medium. So dont talk bs here…

        • Well, here’s the catch: I have almost 900 battles in SP and you try to tell me how to play that tank :)

          T69-175 mmpen

    • I have a KV-5 and I care :P
      The KV-5 was also removed from the store, so why not buff it along the SP?
      With 188mm of pen I can at lease pen the mini-turret on top of the KV-4 lol.

    • Be careful. This would make the 107mm gun better than the 122mm D-25T on the KV-3 and would risk buffing the T-150 to obscene levels.

  4. at least some good news for sp tank if this is going to be real i going to love again the sp, why do you need pen buff on the kv5? good armor, good mobility sp don’t have those… shit armor shit mobility shit gun in t9… in t8 maybe good but in t9 bullshit :)

    • The armour of the KV-5 is invalidated by the bloody huge R2D2 weakspot that everyone and their granny can hit, and it’s really not that mobile.

          • @Uncle J
            DPM doesn’t matter if you can’t penetrate, you cum-chugging retard. T34 is far superior to KV-5, that’s science and also a fact.

          • @remove kebab
            As a veteran KV-5 driver with a good WR in the vehicle I can say that you are talking rubbish. KV-5 penetration is quite useable thanks to the mobility of the vehicle and with SPrem the vehicle is practically OP.

    • Those tubes on top of the S. Pershing is at lease harder to hit than the R2D2 on the KV-5.
      Also the even the SP (170mm) right now have more pen than the KV-5 (167mm) and “better” armor, but both tanks have weak spots all over the place anyways.
      Also mobility means more than strait line speed, the Super Pershing turns significantly faster both the turret and the hull.
      Since the SP is played like a heavy you should angle the armor and that is where the faster traverse matters.

      • Hide the R2D2. Its not in the middle. Search your battlefield, not the enemies bf.

        • The mini-turret on top of the turret is also a weak spot on the KV-5.
          Sp you want to hide the r2D2 on the right side of the hull and the mini-turret on the left side of the tank?
          For high tier guns even the front of the turret can be easily penetrated.
          Good luck hiding the entire tank aka don’t shoot :P
          Also the SP have better gun depression which meant its easier to go hull down.

      • no maybe if they remove the fucking gold ammo from the standard battle the sp will not need buff cos every fucking is6/is2/is/kv1s/su152 use the fucking gold ammo

    • SuperPershing win ratio in last month on EU server was 49.22 %, while IS6 had 50.5 %. So IS6 must be even more OP :) (data are from wot-news)

    • rofl really? IS-6 is a great tank and the armor is getting a buff soon. LEARN weakspots ffs.

  5. Hmmm, they could also buff the normal US long 90mm (T32, M26 Pershing, M46/47 Patton, T25 AT, T25/2, T28, T28 prototype), because it is basicaly the same gun.

  6. Ah WG masterplan. Remove the SP now with a fishy reason. Then buff the penetration and bring it back after some time with a new price of 10,000 or more gold.

  7. As long as with this Buff, they do not remove the reduced matchmaker spread

  8. Anyone (SS?) know how SP will be sold for his gold price? After seeing this, I’d like to test drive SP after changes, to consider selling it for gold.

    • On my phone atm so cant find the source (I think its in the EU forum thread connected to the post on the mainwebsite about the premium tank changes)- But ectar (WG EU) said it’ll be right click -> sell and you’ll sell it for gold instead of credits

      • ^same anon again, if you follow SS’s link and search for “Da7K” you’ll find a question regarding this. Cant copy the answer for some reason, but in short: possibility to get gold back will be added after changes have been made AND you can try it before deciding if you want to keep it or not.
        Im guessing you’ll have a certain amount of battles to play, or simply a timeframe where you can sell it for gold.

  9. Then why not buff regular Pershing also…with 200mm pen and that frontal armor who the fuck needs mobility which will be the only thing regular Pershing has better than SP and we all know how “premiums can’t be better than regular counterparts” yea right they are not selling pwning like bald prick SerB once said..i bet that nwe price for SP will be 10k+ fucking hypocrites

  10. Anything more than the normal Pershings 180 ap pen is pushing things IMO.

    Since the normal pershing’s gun can combat tier 10 tanks, yet the SP only fights 8-9 tanks at max.

    200+ pen would be broken firepower for a limited tier spread medium tank.

    190 or simply 180 would make its firepower acceptable. Regardless, the tank still has its very strong gold rounds.

  11. 180 pene on pershing isnt enough for many t10s. sadly i use often gold on pershing against t9+t10. you have no armor that can compense non penetrated hits.

  12. I also asked about the engine’s unhistorical HP rating (500 instead of 560), Mr. Tolmachev said he will ask the historical consultant and will get back to me. I hope this will start something. I don’t mind “historicalizing” the SP’s armor, but the engine should be on par as well (guns always worked differently in-game than in real life, so a gun buff is indifferent to me).

      • You are totally right, the regular Pershing is the one with unhistorical engine… as it has the Ford GAN engine with 560 HP. I always thought it was supposed to have the GAN, never noticed that it actually had the GAF.

        Thanks! I will correct it on the other blog, too!

  13. FFS all those noobs, not knowing how to pen…the Spershing is perfectly fine as it is, with the low pen, if it’s thrown where it needs to be, and since the MM is smaller than a regular T8, it shouldn’t face T10s if you do everything the right way.
    Gosh am i the only one here that remembers the times when meds where capped at T8? Or the T23 med?

  14. Really, FTR, cant u read?? Vallter is talking to ADAM. And he guessed 190mm, not 200mm.
    So when the 90% will be true, the pen will be 190mm not 200mm!!

  15. From valter
    Vladimir Tolmachev9 June 2013 23:37
    Due to misunderstanding happened, need to write this.

    There is no firm opinion on amount of the new penetration, I’m just confirming the fact that we are currently considering possibility of gun buff, which most probably will include penetration.

    To clarify