Super Pershing penetration buff? A misunderstanding…

Well, folks, I have bad news for you.

Vallter, who yesterday sort-of confirmed the Superpershing penetration buff, just went back on it. Apparently, it’s still being discussed at Wargaming, but we can be reasonably certain some sort of buff will take place, since the vehicle barely reaches the intended 49 percent winrate as it is and a frontal armor nerf could send it plummeting.

To make this absolutely clear: it is possible, that the penetration buff will happen, but not nearly certain.

18 thoughts on “Super Pershing penetration buff? A misunderstanding…

    • Dont be stupid. It definetly needs a buff, and if the SP was penetrating your KV-4 to the front…have yo uever thought he was using premium ammo? Hmm?

    • Thats because everyone who owns one (myself included), use gold ammo in them because its pen is so shit

      • Well, it’s the cheapest T8 and gets more credits than IS-6 (according to vbaddict), you can’t have everything for 7200 gold, can you?
        Think about other premium tanks of it’s tier – would it be fair if SP (7200) became better than others (11k+) in any aspect? It already has better frontal hull armor than T34 or Lowe. I’ve seen SP’s eating BL-10′s shells – the highiest penetration of the times before T10TD’s.

        • Because it will surely get a nerf to frontal armor, so that T34 with normal AP rounds (246 pen) can pen it with 90% chances in the test (compared to 10% chances in 0.8.5) – which means it now only have armor of a normal tier 8 heavy ! So buff(s) will be needed to ‘mend’ this thing.

          And, why do you think the price will STILL be 7200 gold after the buff(s) ? If you played WoT since the beginning of NA release, you will know that Lowe price was only 7500 gold. But then WG think it is too cheap, so they increase the price to 12500 gold !

    • Yeah, 200mm pen is too much. Maybe increase it on par with the regular Pershing(180mm) and then buff the mobility a bit.

  1. The ways to improve the Spersh are simple and easy to perform.

    Ok make the “historic” armour changes. Also change it to it’s historic speed. With the additional armour the top speed on level ground only dropped by 5mph. So just reduce the top speed and increase the “Gearing” to make it accelerate better. The guns needs it’s historic penetration which was comparable with the long 88mm.

    What we would get is a stock M26 engine (the real one not the in game one) with stock tracks and with the top (or better gun) and better armour. Seems to be a fair Premium tank to me.

  2. They will go back on pen buff but instead they will give the radio module 10% more hp. This should ensure SP going well over 50% wr [/sarcasm]

  3. Why not buff the Super Pershing with a really big engine instead, one that will give it at least 15~17hp/t that way there’s no need for gun buff.

    • If they are “trying” to be historic putting a B.F.E in the thing is hardly going to improve the realism…

      • B.F.E.? You mean Big Fucking Engine? Nice :-). And yes, in the name of historical accuracy, I won’t mind the armor nerf with it’s (real) 500hp Ford GAF engine compensated by historically accurate gun penetration values and accuracy.

  4. so much talk about Buff and Nerf but I think what we need in the game is that the penetration potential of each gun varies with the distance to the target
    some might say this is asking for a more realistic game but I think it’s needed because right now you can just hide a smaller medium or heavy tank that has a powerfull gun and keep shooting over 600m away from the target and still one-shot him
    I’ve done that with the BDR G1B 90mm and the T-150 122mm DERP guns
    I’ve even one-shoted a KV-1 with the BDR at over 800m away from him

    It’s strange to one-shot a heavy tank with a DERP gun from 500+m away or to have full pen potential with a short barreled and/or small caliber gun at the same distance

    • As far as I know, BDR doesn’t have a DERP gun, it’s a regular 90mm gun firing AP/APCR ammunition. And one-shooting some tank is quite rare, but it happens. Either you hit his ammo rack, or several shots hit him in one second thus making it looking like a ammo racking.

  5. I personally always found the t26e4 one of my above average tanks. It current rides a 60% win loss in my garage and that is without throwing around premium rounds left and right, which makes this tank dominating.

    I believe people just do not really understand how to play such an odd tank. There are many mentions of how it can’t stand up against heavies. Which clearly isn’t what you should be doing in the first place. Ultimately if you ARE pitted against the front of say and IS-3 or Tiger 2 all you have to do to gain the upper hand is pull out gold rounds, which are extremely effective when compared to other gold rounds of this tier.

    A penetration buff would easily make this tank much easier to play for those who don’t know how to play it.

    IMO a slight buff to the tanks mobility and speed would help it do what it should be doing. Flanking and trading shots with medium tanks, where its armor is robust and effective. This can be provided by buffing the horsepower slightly and or removing some weight.(WG is removing armor now!, gotta take into account the loss of weight that way! ;D)

    The people that already don’t know how to drive the tank probably will not be pleased if they buff the mobility because it still wont be blazing fast or effective against heavy tanks. (firepower of a medium doesn’t belong in front fighting the big boys)