WoT on Xbox?

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So, we will now have World of Tanks for consoles. I guess it could be expected, I mean – with such a huge success on PC, it would be strange NOT to have a console game based on the same principle.

I assume that due to the different nature of both systems, console players will be kept on separate servers from PC players. That’s a good thing, maybe it’s just my impression, but I kinda guess the console crowd is considerably… younger, than PC WoT gamers.

Personally, considering the fact that Xbox360 is getting replaced by Xbox One (somewhere I heard the two systems will NOT be compatible, is that true?), I am surprised the game was announced for the 360. Still, I am even more surprised about the

a) cool sounds in the trailer
b) cool explosion and destruction effects in the trailer
c) new battle interface, noticed that?

Why don’t we have that in World of Tanks PC too?

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  1. Q.Why don’t we have that in World of Tanks PC too?
    A. Stop begging, join the army.

      • I think I read somewhere that graphic effects such as explosions will be improved. Wait.. I think it was Quasar’s Q/A. Well, now what? Was he telling the truth or did he pull this out of his arse as well?

        “Q43. When do we can expect better graphics for effects in game? Like better explosions etc.

        A: We are working on it … There is big plan for this.”

  2. The X-box One port will be a lot simpler, it’s a tweaked PC just like the original box.

    • That might change and we may benefit from it.

      If they make multi-core support and improve engine with close cooperation with microsoft, PC version might improve as well.

    • It’s a different subsidiary that’s working on the console title, so no, it’s not taking resources away from WoT ;)

      • And, is it a totaly different company? I think it is the same wargaming company, which has many smaller dev teams but they are “fed” by the same guys

  3. Did notice the video had tier 10′s yet their website says tier 8 is the max?!

    • The video also had British tanks and it says there’s only German and US. I suspect the majority of the video is just PC clips and the 4 clips where they showed UI are the Xbox ones.

  4. “revamped controls and matchmaking”? – that sounds interesting!

    a revamped MM is maybe a hint for a player skill considering algorithm to achieve fairer battles? i guess the XBox version could serve as a testing ground (less risk to lose a huge audience over a big change in game mechanics) and if it works well we will see it in the PC version soon enough.

  5. Oops! I totally forgot to tell you that! 6 months ago i saw the prototype version and forgot to upload it on the forums. There still figuring out the kinks and the controls are a bit weird i heard. I’m not sure on release date though.

  6. Age, schmage – most players have an IQ below the average room temperature anyway, kids would at least have a legit excuse for it. I’d guess a rather more important reason to keep the PC and console players separate is that mouse plus keyboard is such an overwhelmingly superior control system for this kind of game than pads it’s not even funny. Would be plain unfair to the console monkeys.

  7. Meh, I don’t know why they’re rushing so fast between projects.
    PC WoT didn’t even reached 1.0 version and they’re working already on a tablet version and a xbox version…not to mention they’re working on WoWP and WoWS…

    They saw WoT has been a great succes giving them alot of money and they want to milk more money from as many ways as they can?

    What we’ll see soon, WoT for Wii?

  8. Xbox One will not be compatible with Xbox 360 because Xbox One is x86 ( like PC ) and Xbox 360 is Custom PowerPC ( from IBM) , the only way to play 360 games in One will be, with some kind of emulator or playing them in the cloud.

    And why we don’t have better graphics in PC and effects and…….

    Same reason why WoWp has better graphics, the game is freshly baked with the same engine yeah, but more depurated to do the same with WoT WG will need to almost redo all the game, same reason WoW don’t improve too much over time.

    And is natural to keep both communities appart, M$ tried to put together his Xbox Live ! with his Live ! but PC player keep kicking asses even while being average players they could beat pro console players, you can’t beat keyboard + mouse with a gamepad even with assited aim.

    Also if WoT is going to be in Xbox 360, that means they are likely to be in PS4 and One, beacuse both new consoles use x86 and porting from PC should be piece of cake.

    • Also they won’t have to compete with wave 0 xbox exclusive AAA games. They can afford to wait with it till the one becomes a bit more mainstream.

    • Pfft! World of Warplanes has better graphics? put tanks on that game and it will look worse, trust me.

  9. It makes sense to release it on the Xbox 360, because the Xbox 360 already has so many users, unlike the Xbox One, which isn’t even released yet. This is what Grand Turismo 6 will do when they decide to release it on the PS3, not PS4.

    I disagree with you about the separation of server/player tho. Let’s face it, even today WoT is already filled with underage kids. Why not take something good from that, let Xbox player also play on PC server, making it multi-platform server and thus, more players. More players is always good, good for us, good for the community, and the most important thing, good for MM.

    • Nope. PC players will kick console players arse.
      Why? Because mouse aiming and looking around is so much faster.
      And other controls – ping map for example.

      • Another reason is that one of the clusters would now have to be connected to Live, meaning that the load would increase. So one cluster gets more players, while the rest stay the same. Kind of a raw deal, population-wise.

        It’s smarter to go with a separate server, as it keeps the newer players on the console, from being dominated by the “older” (experience-wise) players. Which could kill the game early on.

  10. ‘As a reminder, the World of Tanks®: Xbox 360 Edition Beta is currently limited to residents of the United States and Canada’

    Too bad, they don’t even write that before you apply.

  11. if by younger you mean idiots who swear all over the place then, yes !

    look at one of the cod youtube videos

  12. Is it sad then within the first few seconds of that reveal I told the friend that I was watching this with “That sure as hell looks like World of Tanks” ?

  13. I’m angry because:
    1.They get exclusive maps and game modes (4v4 in trailer)
    2.They get a better aim assist (probably more bots though to be fair)
    3.They got instructional infographics the first day (WG didn’t think WoT needed some sort of a tutorial/intructionals till recently)
    4.They get controller support (WG said WoT couldn’t have controller support, yet WoT-Xbox does hurr hurr)
    5.They will spend development time and money on a game I never supported, instead improving (better yet fixing) the one I am paying them to better!

    I am happy because:
    1.WG might start ripping off 10yolds with their dads Xbox account rather than PC players(10yolds with their dads Paypal account)

  14. No way they can implement same stuff for PC as for Xbox, bcs PC’s configurations differ, while all Xboxes are the same. Newsflash: PCs are not for gaming only.

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  16. I Love the way WOT videos show tanks zooming around and duelling but absolutely no sight of the game ruining, Arty !!!

      • Nor do they show the afks,bots,lemmings,team killing,gold ammo overload, bullshit spotting system,shitty performance,tanks designed to troll the other(french).

  17. Omfg GL playing without a mouse. I guess you can only aim good with autoaim so a lot of bounces huehuehue

  18. First of all, the video shows tank that are currently not available in WoT for XBOX. Second, who cares about nicer explosions when there still are no acceptable tank suspension physics? Explosions do nothing for the gameplay, better physics do! Third, if you want really cool sounds in WoT, get Kriegstreiber’s sound mods (which allow to install engine, gun and ambient sounds separately from each other). Forth, a compass … so what?

  19. War Thunder already announced for the PS4, looks like consol war reached the F2P MMOs too.

  20. typical wg style. juming on a train that dirves into the station.
    xbox 360 is DEAD for a long time.

    • …but has a damn large user base (76 Mio sold until 2/2013), and after hearing about M$ next piece of genius, the XBox One with “you-have-to-go-online-every-24-hours-or-you-are-fucked” feature, it will stay like this for a long time.

      • but only playable when u are xbox live gold member, this game will be a big flop trust me

        • Gold membership is officially 5 € per month (!), and when you buy a 12 month membership on the bay, its less than 3 € (!) per month…given that a new game often costs 50-60 €, this is not worth to complain about, really.
          I think they will have success with Xbox WOT.

  21. “a) cool sounds in the trailer”

    WHAT? I bet this is irony, cause the gun sounds in that trailer were so goddamn horrible :/ All guns sounded the same and, moreover, so shitty.