19 thoughts on “Dynamic camera fix

  1. yeah, i also changed that file already… similar changes… didnt know what i did have to change so i just changed most of the variables in the dynamic tags to 0… The shaking is annoying, and the camera still moving after you stop the tank gave me motion sickness…

    I really like that it’s stabilized on the move, but that shaking and weird moving is one of the most retarded things WG ever thought of….and talking about WG, that means a LOT.

    • It’s a feature that lets you aim precisely in sniper mode while you are driving. In 8.5 the retice would move up and down when the tank goes over a hill or a bump, with dynamic camera, the reticle stays aimed on one spot so it’s a lot easier to drive and shoot.

  2. j1mb0′s crosshair has been updated for 0.8.6 and contains an avatar_input_handler.xml without the shaking too, with an added bonus of extra zoomout.

  3. I’m the only one who doesn’t quite like the new camera thing? I mean…when you stop your tank is moving weird…or near buildings…weird stuff happens:(

  4. Agreed just turned it off in the options settings lol – game – enable dynamic camera

  5. I like it but, it’s seems bugged and the mod you linked in this news has ultra zoom out included which I hate, is there any no swing mod without stupid zoom out?

    • Whoa… whats stupid about zooming out a bit more? I respect you opinion and it can be considered a slight cheating but it gaves you great view of space around you and it enables you to see where the enemy guns are pointing in urban areas – awesome for flanking…

  6. I’d love to use this feature if it actually helped. Now it just feels as if teh camera is attached to a rubber pole which sways around every time you make the slightest move.

    • that’s exactly the point of this mod. So you have the useful feature without the stupid camera movements…
      i actually still feel bad from the motion sickness i got… sometimes WG just likes to fuck with us… there’s really no reason for that shitty movement and shaking to be in there…

      • I’m using the mod and it’s not helping with the swaying in 3rd person mode.

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  8. download a file ain’t needed, you can uncheck the box in game tap in Settings ;)