Matchmaker fail in 0.8.6


Basically, Storm made a post, where he asks people to present MM fail screenshots. Currently, there are apparently some issues with the matchmaker in 0.8.6, namely the fact, that since tier 10 heavies have the same MM weight as tier 10 arties, currently it is possible for one team to have two tier 10 heavies and the other two tier 10 arties. Storm is currently considering what to do with it.

I will follow this post to see, whether they come to some conclusion.

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  1. Because REAL hardcaps were apparently too difficult for them to do *facepalm*

    I’ve preached about this for well over a year on NA for MM over tier 5

    20% Arty Max (3 or less)
    20% TD (3 or less)
    20% Light (3 or less)
    40% Medium (6 or less)

    And leave Heavy tanks as the “filler” class uncapped so the MM can use the above variables as max values in a worst-case scenario, and use Heavy tanks to fill in the blanks.

    • Any hardcap is fail. Hardcap you proposed would kill the game. Just read about Navy Field.

      • This is a retard thing… Arty should need a real nerf so there would be less arty players, but instead they are messing everything up :(

          • Well, it had some little nerfs, but since there were tier 8 arties, it just got out of hand (both in randoms and CW) arty just had a huge inpact on the game! Some maps are nearly unplayable because there aren’t many artysafe places, and if you just stay in that artysafe spot, it is gonna be a draw, and that is not fun!

      • Given how much fun it is in games without Arty, it’s hardly a comparison to the FUBAR situation Navy Field ended up in. The games do not stagnate, the remaining classes of tanks have no trouble in dealing with each other. I don’t think we need full caps as mentioned by Sean, but a cap of 3 arty per side would be welcomed by so many it’s not funny. The only other change (without going into a long list of arty rewrites) would be to make scouts a separate class from lights. Give lights a MM like mediums, give scouts the screwed up MM lights have now. AND a go no go, if there are no arty in game, then no scouts either.

    • How is that even remotely game-breaking?

      Hardcaps are the ultimate balance… and they’re just “max” values, meaning it could use less than the max giving infinite combinations of what will actually be on the battlefield.

    • Exactly how would say an arty hard cap of three, make the game stagnant and boring

      • But SS gave a link to entire article on US forum where it clearly indicated that hardcap IS game breaking in the long run

        • …because the current programmers can’t figure it out?

          They’ve changed the engine, added physics, and are getting ready to implement even more physics changes.. adding subroutines like hardcaps is possibly the easiest change possible. Furthermore, adding caps by percentage is futureproofing the game if they ever make maps the size of WoWp and implement 30 man teams (basically the numbers would just double).

      • Beacause a hardcap will not get rid of arties, it will just mean there will always in every single game be 3 arties. That will be stagnant and booring as every match will have similar match ups.

        You may see games with lots of arties as a problem, but you need to realise that those games also means there will be games with no or few arties.

      • I think another problem here is that the MM considers arties as valuable as heavies, that is totally wrong in the first place. Heavies are the top dogs of a tier, but arties should be worth the least right now as they are not nearly as good as another tank of the same tier.

        • You two are morons. Arty is easily the king of the battlefield currently.

          What is wrong with having 3 arty per game. That is a nice medium that gives Heavies and TDs something to worry about , yet not enough that everyone camps behind rocks all game.

  2. Where’s the problem? Should tier 10 arty play with tier 12 tanks instead?

    Hardcaps are not a problem if you get kicked out of queue instantly instead of waiting. Or after a few consequtive games in one arty, to make room for other players.

  3. Harcap on Arty is cool by me. From what I read, hardcapping the other types of vehicles could make the wait time to get into a game skyrocket. Focus on arty and let the rest work itself out.

        • BS No one is calling for a harcap on anything but Arty. To say people would be nearly as vocal about other tank hard caps is complete BS

  4. They saw this coming in the test, even SerB commented on it (working as intended). They don’t necessarily need a hardcap if they don’t want artillery displacing top tier tanks – they just need the MM to create a balanced team of tanks for the top 10-12 slots first, then let it go looking for artillery to fill in the open slots.

  5. From test server, hope it won’t happen in normal 8.6

  6. Well i had really strange match… Our team had only one Tier 9 arty as top tier tank and the enemy team had 2 tier 9 heavys+T9 arty and the rest were tier 8 and 7…where should i submit screenshots?
    P.s. The next battle our team had Tier 9 arty as top tier…enemyes didnt had any tier 9 tanks (again i was playing with Tier 8)

  7. I play on the US server so I can’t comment on 8.6 as of yet. Did the E-100 side armour get nerfed to 120 like it was on the testserver? Or did the old 130side armour remain unchanged?? because I dont see the change listed to its damage model on the 8.6 patch release notes.

    Any EU players can shed light on this?

  8. “namely the fact, that since tier 10 heavies have the same MM weight as tier 10 arties, currently it is possible for one team to have two tier 10 heavies and the other two tier 10 arties.”

    And WHO would have seen THAT coming? Seriously, there must be only retarded morons working for WG… What a bunch of stupid idiots, to not predict THAT problem!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Sorry SS, you misread this one. What he said is that, for example, one team can get tier 10 arty + tier 9 tank and other team tier 10 tank + tier 9 arty. Because there is still a rule that teams must get the same amount of arty ±1 piece. And if you look at the screenshots below the post you’ll see that this rule isn’t broken anywhere.

  10. Had match: enemy M103 as top tier, and our top tier was Tier 8.
    Talk about broken MM…
    (we still won :D)

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  12. i still believe that the MM is way better now.
    i prefer having a single tier X arty against a tier X heavy tank instead of 5 top tier arties on both teams.

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  14. I’m rather confident that the arty-player base will decrease now with 8.6. Although I don’t think arty was nerfed hard at all.

    First, because of the nerfed aim time, playing arty successfully now needs at least a bit more skill. (pre-aim, predict victim’s movement, map knowledge,…) Many unskilled and whining players will hopefully quit playing it now. Or at least they’ll play it less often, because they are frustrated.

    On the other hand skilled players (who regrettably often play only for their own stats) will probably also quit. I know many good players, who play arty only for on reason. Boosting their WN7 rating, which is mainly composed of average dmg/battle in relation to average tier level and frags.
    (e.g. Tier V Hummel could easily reach 1k dmg/battle, while a ‘normal’ Tier V med/heavy could not! [except M4, PzIV derps^^])
    Have seen many players now, who lost about 30-70 WN7 rating. Muhaha, Schadenfreude! ;)

    What do you guys think …?

  15. I had a game where we had an E-100 and the enemy only had a lot of tier 9… Didn’t matter to much since it was a “REAL” E-100 driver… (43% WR 600 eff) he was sniping on el Halluf (only 1 arty per side)… We still one even though it was kind of weird.

    Also saw it on QuickyBaby’s livestream yesterday. The enemy had an E-100 and they didn’t have any tier X

  16. Also I really like the changes to arty and accuracy.

    It actually means arty returns to their roles of being a anti camper mechanism.

    Tanks that aren’t actively moving can be hit. Tanks that are actively engaging and fighting the way they should now have a far better chance to not get shot to pieces by arty.

    I always found it rediculous that arty could hit moving targets that where actually fighting and actively engaging. Ary turned tier X games in to campfests because moving ment getting shot. Now moving means dodging shells and camping means trouble..

    Love this patch and hope they keep the all the changes as they are. Sniping actually works now.

    Great work WG

  17. They can add rule to MM, that 1,2 or 3 top tanks are of the same type on both sides