34 thoughts on “New T8 premium “112″ gameplay footage

  1. This tank forgives A LOT, though that battle was full of total noobs and guy in 112 didn’t even fought against any proper 8 tier tank (except IS-3, but that was one shot…).

  2. Looks pretty balanced to me if you are not shooting gold.

    On the first look accuracy is pretty bad(as balanced) on the range even with the new shot distribution(even though i would have aimend differently on the tiger P), but for a final verdict i’d like to see a view more matches.

    Pretty good armor but in this game its frontal armor wasn’t realy challenged other than the t34 which was probably aiming on the gun mantelt /turret and had an ammorack hit, because he shot so slowly.

    Otherwise its armor seems balanced with low speed/accelaration.

    So i guess, wg did a good job balancingwise if you let gold ammunition out of the evaluation.

  3. Looks like a nice earner!
    Probably same crappy gun depression like all the other Chinese but it’s definitely on my ‘maybe I should buy it’-list.

  4. Did anyone notice the side-plates on that T-44 (at 2:20), something they will add to make it more different from the premium T-44?? Can we hope to get the correct T-44B turret as well maybe??

  5. The 112 player made several mistakes which could have got him killed. Lucky for him the enemy team was poor as well. Overall, this looks like a noob friendly tank.

  6. 112 has the same shit gun like IS-6, most of tier 8 tanks can penetrate only with gold ammo

    • Yea nothing different at all. Such as IS-6 shit 150mm turret which my Type59 can pen frontally, vs 240mm of 112.

      Oh yea and the 120mm sloped armored front identical to 113 (a TIER10 tank). Oh and IS-6 giant 90mm driver port vs no driver weakspot on 112. Yes nothing really different. :)

  7. Does anyone have a link to the mods he was using? I especially liked the ones that show the tank stats when you move your cursor over a vehicle, and the one that shows the direction you were shot from. I haven’t found any of them on Curse.com…


    Rich Vail
    CO, The Blues & Royals (NA Server)

  8. It will arrive in patch 8.7,i think that it will hit live servers in about 2 weeks.

  9. what horrible graphics, what kind of lame drunk enjoy a game with this bitblit crap.
    anyhow i save 300eur to buy this new digital marvel, i hope it would be enough cause i want to spend more & more money on this wonderful game.

  10. The 112 unfortunately is not as mobile as I thought it would be.

    On the other hand, its module damage does not seem to be as bad as I had feared.

    Furthermore, it seems like nobody has the intuition to aim for his LFP.

    Seriously, the 112′s LFP can get penned by a Marder II. It is BUTTER.

  11. Even though I already got a Löwe and KV5 im really tempted to buy this thing.
    Looks like a regular t8 strength wise without the obvious downsides the other prems have …

    • Unless you’re a big chinese tank fanboy like me, you may want to wait a little bit and see if your average pubbie ever figures out that the LFP is a major weakspot. If they do, the 112 may have some issues. If they don’t, its high trolling ahead!

  12. Would it have really been that hard to have made the Chinese tier X heavy this with the 113 gun and upgraded engine??? COME ON, WG! :P

  13. Seems like the accuracy and penetration of the gun are kinda bad. He missed the cupola on the Tiger P so many times even when fully aimed with the new shot distribution system. Also, it seemed like it couldn’t go through the Tiger P’s front plate. It is tough but my T34 goes through like a hot knife through butter. Then again, it is a T34…
    Plus side, damage looks pretty good (seems about the same as the T34) and has a faster reload than the T34.
    IDK, not a huge fan of the Chinese tanks but this may be decent… just needs more pen and depression

    • Tiger P started moving right as he fired each time somehow, its 175 pen vs 248 on the T34, Tiger P frontal hull armor is 200mm. As for the depression, it already has -6, which is way more then about every tank with a 122mm. IS-6 also has the exact same pen, but the 112 has a way better gold round. I think it’ll end up being a great tank.