Hello everyone,

you might have noticed I have put up a new poll. We’ll get to that in a second. The results of the one I just closed were actually better than I expected, very few people consider this new interface to be outright bad. TBH, while the start had some small issues (the comments for example) and I do miss certain functions from the blogspot (the look was easier to modify and there was the function to see exactly the page where the visitors are coming from – google analytics doesn’t have that, as far as I can see, only the general source), I do believe everything is working pretty smoothly right now. So – thanks everyone for your continued support :)

To the new poll: it is confirmed that the next tree to appear in World of Tanks will be the Japanese tanks (possibly very late 2013 or early 2014, given the fact that WG ran into some problems when gathering sources, the latter is more probable). Apparently, two branches (19 tanks) will initially be implemented: a light/medium mix and a heavy branch.

What are your thoughts about that? Are you looking forward to it?

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  1. Not really looking forward. I’d prefer they focus on completing the existing lines instead of constantly pumping out new nations. Of course the additional slots are welcome, but for the rest.. Not really. We’ll need to train totally new crews, grind up a whole new nation (heck, haven’t even played a single Chinese tank yet). Somehow I’m not interested in those tanks, probably because I know more about the European ones (and some USA ones of course).

    • Same here. The Japanese above to tier 4 or 5 will be semi-fictional tanks and are as such of limited interest to me. Meanwhile the Brits have notable vehicles with extensive WW2 fighting records still missing. Archer, Achilles, Challenger, Vickers Mk VI light. Heck, even the Tetrarch is still missing from the British tree.
      Not like a Tetrarch with a LittleJohn adaptor would not be the coolest addition to the WoT lineup since… ever.

    • Well to be honest WG was mentioning Japanese tree way before Chinese tree IIRC but greed is greed so they had to make Chinese “tech tree” first. Also on comments about semi fictional tanks-WG has insight in some war archives we have not, so you can’t possibly know everything about Japanese tanks from internet, books and movies.

      And most important: OFC i would love to see Japanese tree before EU mesh up “tech tree” and siemka tanks.

      • “Also on comments about semi fictional tanks-WG has insight in some war archives we have not, so you can’t possibly know everything about Japanese tanks from internet, books and movies. ”
        Oh please. So far all that has been revealed is based on pie in the sky concept drawings. They might as well add a Mecha unit to the game since there are plenty of Japanese drawings of those too.

      • The reason Chinese tanks came first was because it was actually possible to get hard data on them, i.e. blueprints and armor layouts. No such thing for the Japanese designs, at least not back then.

  2. Only thing im looking forward to ATM is the RU251.
    Its been 4 months and 3 patches….

  3. Well the thing is, japanese tanks might be interesting… but as far as I know the Heavytanks are really huge, but not that strong armored or armed. So I think you get some great HP-pool tanks and every shot wents through your armor. Not that kind of tank I want to play. I think there are other branches which should implemented before, think about the 2nd german TD line (is it still coming at the end of 2013? – I’m not sure to believe this), an alternative Russian Medline, a 2nd American Heavyline or also very interesting a second French Heavyline; not to forget that there’re still missing some lines like the chinese arty and TD-line (British arties coming next patch, right?).

  4. I understand the need to keep the players interested, but I wish they would complete the existing lines like the others have sad before me.
    In the end WG will do what it thinks is best for them and the game (I hope).
    Time will tell. It should be an interesting ride.

  5. If theyre adding new tanks I want them fun to play, original and useful (CW/Company wise/not burden to the team like FV4202). They could remove brits & chinese and most people wouldnt give a damn. New fantasy tanks from the sake of being new, no tnx.. I also doubt Japs are gonna be uhm.. “practical”.

    BTW any1 else noticed how WG seems to run out of good tanks on tier10? Take the brits, all their tier9s are really good if played right, while Tier10s are pretty much shiet (atleast CW wise). Chinese T10 med is a larger and slower T9 med (with a HP bonus oh tyvm WG), T10 heavy is a copy paste of T9, Obj 263 doesnt fit the 2nd TD branch “theme” and is as rare as FV4202. =/

    • What do you mean it doesn’t fit second TD line? It is fast, great DPM, fine armor? I think there are not many of them because previous tds are shite

  6. I hope they come soon, I’m itching to drive Japanese steel around the battlefields.

    • Indeed. Am I looking forward to the Japanese tech tree? Fuck yes I’m looking forward it!

  7. Japanese tanks should be in game, thats obvious. Japan deserves this place hundreds times more then China. But I will not play Japanese tanks. I have already too many in garage and I am waiting for EU tanks :)

  8. I am looking forward to see Japanese tech tree, because the Empire of Japan had such great part of WW2, so they deserve a tech tree on WoT, just like other nation, also i like to try out new tanks on test server then decide what to grind, especially waiting for a good medium line, something like the current american meds,with good gun depression, but with more accuracy.

    P.S. Cheers on the blog, the effort that u put into it must be huge, i read it every morning when i drink my coffee at work .

  9. Totally waiting for it, we need more variety. Much more needed than Chinese. I takes them too much time and that is also not a good prophecy for their other games – like, when Royal Navy gets in WoWs; KGB promised half a year from release, but judging from delays, it won’t be before 2020… LoL? Or not LoL?

  10. Oh great: British, Chinese, AND Japanese trees before the French get any new tanks. I can’t wait! :P Although I do want a Type 140 so I voted “looking forward to heavy tanks”…

    • Well yes. Cause very few french tanks are WW2 and pre-war material, too many AMXes… And i can’t wait for Japanese lights and mediums they should be a blast :D

  11. WG is directing WoT in its development for new markets – I mean wtf, who really cares about jap tanks outside of Japan and some tank nuts. Cant remember having heard of jap tanks fighting in Kursk or North Africa.

  12. It is a problem. SerB comment. is right.

    Almost none of the WWII Japanese tank Researchers in Europe and America and Russia.

    After WWII, Almost none of the WWII Japanese tank book is not translated in Europe and America and Russia.

    A book of the Tomio Hara is not translated in Europe and America and Russia.

    Only a few Anime Nerds, Japanese tank poor informations translated in Europe and America and Russia.

  13. Bloody hell Ive been waiting since October 2011 for Marder III&Co., instead we got chinese shit tanks…I really just want the 2nd german TD line…no matter its prolly gonna be shit anyway…

  14. Hell yeah cant wait for it, heard about some “heavy heavy tanks” and I really like this kind of tank
    Furthermore I love the chi ha – the only japanese tank currently ingame

  15. Can’t wait! Seems to be similar initial tree setup as UK tree when it was introduced.

  16. Regarding people thinking Japan will be a bunch of fictional tanks: the projected Light/Medium tank line is entirely real, the only paper tank is the Chi-Ri Kai which is simply an upgrade to the existing Chi-Ri. Every other tank in the line exists and was built, most of them used heavily. The projected tier 9 and 10 tanks are post-war.

    Sadly I cannot say the same about the Heavy line; Japan did not seem to share Germany’s enthusiasm for building giant blocks of metal. That’s a good thing historically, but for us it means the heavy line will be a lot of paper tanks. From what I’ve seen, the heavy line might be more of a novelty, the medium line looks like where the serious armor will be.

  17. I voted “No new tanks” because I’d rather Wargaming spend some time updating the user interface, etc. Things like sorting/filtering tanks by tier, built-in XVM/performance data, etc.