Competition rigging on US server

So, remember how I told you a few days back about competition rigging and how to do it?

To recap quickly: basically, if you want to rig a competition, you make as many platoons of you and your friends and possible, log in during low population hours – and there is a really good chance that all those platoons will end up in one game, especially on not-so-populated lower tiers (although technically lower tiers are the most populated tiers in the game, they are played thru the day, because only “hardcore” people play deep in the night – and those actually play high tiers only).

Few weeks ago, US server (just like EU and RU servers) hosted an XP competition. You know, the “have the most XP on new vehicles and get rewards” one. That one the concerned the new Soviet light tanks plus the German tanks.

Long story short, a player named KingAlphyn (clan leader of PUPEH) fixed the competition, using the method described above.

First, he logged into battle with many platoons of his clanmembers:

KingAlphyn 1

Then, he and his squad of goons fixed the battle so that he gets to kill everyone:

KingAlphyn 2

In the battle, he “scored” 12 kills:

KingAlphyn 3

Here, the results of the battle (notice the XP amount he got):

KingAlphyn 4

And… voila! Instant competition victory (same XP amount, so this battle was used to win):

KingAlphyn 5

So, KingAlphyn gets to enjoy the top prize (Type 59 or 5000g, I can’t remember). Makes you wonder… since the WG folks don’t check even the overall winning replays, what ELSE is rigged? And does it even make sense to participate in such events, when it’s so easy to do this and if not for the “detective” work of several players, he’d have gotten away with it?

I really hope he gets banned…

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  1. I don’t think he should get banned… Just strip him of his prize and ban him from next competitions… I mean, you cant ban someone from the whole game because he tried scamming the system and winning the tournament, or can you? o.o

    • They should, it’s cheating and if they catch you “hacking” which is also “cheating” they ban you.

      • They actually should ban everyone involved from that clan. Its not liek it was that particular person only, it could have been anyone from the clan in that game. Its plain and simple cheating at a competition, everyone who helped is just as guilty as the one who claimed the prize.

        • Yeah, that sounds reasonable, because everyone in the clan is guilty.

          What bozos post here.

          • Aiding, abetting, counseling or procuring….

            His whole clan of cheating puke-bags aided him. (He didn’t even have the modesty as clan leader to have someone else in his clan win)
            His clan abetted the cheating knowing what he was doing.
            He has further ‘counselled’ the commission of cheating by telling everyone how to do it with the intent of doing it and more than that he undoubtedly will have done it before and helped others to do so.
            Remedies for such cheating must be harsh to deter such things happening again:
            1) Permaban him
            2) Disband his clan as punishment
            3) Bans for all clan members and especially for those concerned
            4) Look at the other ‘results’, don’t tell me they weren’t doing exactly the same thing.
            This kind of crap makes me furious and they MUST stamp it out. They need smaller prizes for a start and better vetting of results with massive punishments for cheating or this will only get worse.

    • On the NA/US server, pretty much the same people/clans win all the events. So, to most people of mid-level experience, they aren’t even worth attempting, since you have a nearly zero chance to win. WGNA forum bans anyone who protests these things on the forums. [I know, I was labeled a "ringleader" by Mugsy/Jinxx71/Catstalker of the original NA map roll out. I can no longer post on any of the NA forums, and my clan (which I lead) was stripped of Council of Armoured Forces membership].

      So…any contest on the US/NA server is usually seen as a giveaway to the top clans, since they always win tourney’s, events, etc…that being said, this guy should receive a perma-game ban for cheating.

      • Even worse in other servers I think esp. SEA where cheating is even justified and everybody whose anybody in WoT is in on it.

      • I remember you. I can’t remember your game name or clan, but you had real problems with the NA landing event (with good reason)

        I can’t believe WG has banned you from the forums and what they did to your clan. The sad thing that the current clan wars SCAM is even worse. All of this is presumably known by WGNA and they don’t give a damn.

    • Anyone who does this should be banned, account closed, deleted, all future accounts made deleted by IP upon creation.

  2. Lifelong ban should do it. Too bad people exploit stuff only to their own benefit.

  3. “If you want non-rigged competition join russian politics” … wait that made no sense.

    Seriously though I think these “get the most exp on tank X” competitions are silly anyway.
    It depends mostly on luck, mostly your luck of having both brainless zombies in your and the enemy team.

    The easiest way (aside from rigging) of winning in such an event is (yeah I know captain obvious at work) to
    only play the event tanks, until you get an aweful team that dies quickly against an slightly less aweful team, which is then killed by you.

    And by now I don’t think it requires skill to shoot the mindless zombies that enter your viewrange one by one
    thinking… scratch that I don’t think those guys are thinking at all.

    Don’t get me wrong though, I like to have interactive events, however I think they need to be ironed out a bit more.

    • “It depends mostly on luck, mostly your luck of having both brainless zombies in your and the enemy team.”

      Yes, it should be rather not one battle, but average XP in a given tank during whole event. It is less luck dependent and much harder to cheat.

  4. I never participate in those events. I can’t prove it, but I bet as a “normal” player you never have a chance. Its always platoons and groups of clans winning. Isn’t it a coincidence, that always members of well-known, big clans win?

    All those events à la “The top X players who get the most XP/Gold/Kills” are stupid and set-up. But actually I don’t care too much, since all these events only take part in the forums which are full of “my-winrate-is-over-51%-my-penis-is-big”-tards anyways.

    And btw nothing is gonna happen because WG doesn’t care. Those events are MADE to satisfy those players and not for everyone to participate…

    • I won some prices in this “top xp for one tank”. My experience is, that platoon-games don’t give you that much xp compared to solo games with stupid teams on both sides. If you have good platoon mates (and I assume, you don’t platoon with muppets), they will simply start killing stuff. And probably won’t die too fast. So in the end it’s less damage and less xp for your own.

      (good) Platoons increase your Winrate and your average XP (as you win more often…), but won’t gran’t you top-xp scores.

      And ofc, using less-played tanks helps a lot. It will be much harder to claim the price for top-50 of t32 in the current event, compared to, lets say, FV215b.

  5. ban him and those involved from competitions and clanwars, that ought to hurt

  6. Don’t hope he will get away with it. At least I think his prizes will have to get taken off and banned for future competitions. This is just full douchebaggery acting.

  7. I find it funny because the one who released the screens was also from PUPEH clan…You can see that he’s using a PZ2, and there is only one pz2 in both teams…so….
    Clan mate got mad because his commander won the prize?

    • Yes, I noticed that, too.

      - PZ2 Driver
      - Nickname rather short (6 letters)

      I’m sure many ppl from the clan will remember who was the PZ2 driver. And also we can take our guesses. After invastigating a little bit I’d say it could’ve been only Brauno, dork11 or Kermut…

      –> SS: Censor screenshots more and delete comments.

    • Maybe he doesn’t like the cheating either…but then again he participated so who knows?

      • I play on EU server, this was an American event. Blacking out the names was a part of the deal I got the pictures in, replay was passed to the authorities (yes, it also is available).

        • Glad to hear you passed it on…this kind of thing happens all the time on our (NA) server. The top clans win pretty much everything…while they are good, they often rig the competitions just like this.

          CO, The Blues & Royals (NA server)

  8. A lifetime ban still won’t be long enough. Lets hope WG catch the oik.

    • Sadly, if you’re in the top clans on the NA server, you can do/say pretty much whatever you wish, as WGNA tends to cater to those clans.

      CO, TBR (NA server)

      • Actually, you’re completely wrong. If one of our guys was discovered doing this my kicking finger would get a brief workout.

        DC, HavoK (NA Server)

        • So you as DC would advocate kicking out ANY member of your clan who took part in such cheating? -
          —My respect for HAVOK just increased if that is the case o7

      • Having been in the clan scene for a long time I can tell you that WG does not cater to the top clans at all. They simply refuse to punish people for things that are not explicitly against the rules.

        In clan wars there are no rules and top clans abuse this fact. WG doesn’t punish them for it. The people who are banned make tinfoil hat claims and generally try to cause a disturbance. They earn their bans.

        As for the XP event. Is this really news to anyone? People have been rigging these since I first started playing. The NA server learned how to do it from EU/RU.

  9. All those from same clan who were obviously involved should be banned as well.

  10. Regardless of the fact he won a prize in a competition or not, the truth is this kind of behaviour in battle is bannable and he should be banned simply for that.

    • “Please note that any attempt to artificially inflate your score (entirely determined at the discretion of Wargaming staff) is grounds for disqualification from the event.”

      • I’m pretty sure that only means don’t fake your xp total. The events need better planning if they can’t fix the problem regarding platoons from the same clan joining the same battle.

  11. Is it really forbidden? Or just morally wrong ;) ? Anything in EULA, ToS etc?

    • “Please note that any attempt to artificially inflate your score (entirely determined at the discretion of Wargaming staff) is grounds for disqualification from the event”

  12. Why should they ban the Guys?? The dont hack or cheat?! They were only smart an shows us how stupid WG is. So whine against WG not against they.

    • “Please note that any attempt to artificially inflate your score (entirely determined at the discretion of Wargaming staff) is grounds for disqualification from the event.”

    • Don’t whine when someone plays it smart when you accidentally drop the soap.

      • LOL. Everbody can have the Idea to but no one of us had the idea so: Gratulation to the Clan, wish more people like you at Wot.

        Ahh you are one of the Gus who crys when the other Team are smarter and better or what? Sry but i cant see the Problem. WG made the mistake with there crappy MM System and no one else.

        • - No he cheated and thereby detracts from genuine play. Such things continue unpunished merely prevents participation and drives down profits in the long term for a company whilst pandering to wankers like him and people like you who want to stroke him for your mutual pleasure. – He cheated, frankly it verges of a fraud and you are a moron.

      • Uhhh in the internet are you brave but in real life sure a chicken.. COme to me and say it to my face ;) Poor little Guy..

        • We’re so afraid… BTW – we don’t need to meet irl, you’re attacking us over the internet with your retardation and bad grammar.

          I really hope you get assraped without lube by a fat nigger with aids one day – you’ll understand that it isn’t about the rapist being smarter than you, or you doing some mistake. You’ll learn logic the REALLY HARD way.

          Watch your back kiddo. :P

          • wow, not only are you a moron but a racist one. Please go back to the rock you live under and keep your stupidity to yourself.

      • Without a doubt. He’s a remarkable example of what’s wrong with our educational system. I hope he keeps posting.

  13. i stopped playing events long time ago, from the start was evident that WG just don’t care, and that it would be waste of my time and nerves.

  14. well, add a rule the results should be achieved without playing in a platoon yourself? it should make it a lot harder to rig the competition i gues. still, all this is a workaround, not a real solution.

    oh and yes i stopped trying to gain highest xp after the first competition

    • That still wouldn’t work. He would still have a good chance at joining the same battle if he and the platoons entered the queue at the same time.

  15. I still not understand why this is a problem. Like real life, if there is a way to do it, it is legal.

    • I mean, it is not against any rules. So they are not cheaters. You should blame the rule system, and WG.

      • “Please note that any attempt to artificially inflate your score (entirely determined at the discretion of Wargaming staff) is grounds for disqualification from the event.”

      • Greedy idiots like these should be wiped out and I hope they stay in this game when the game that will surpass WoT comes.

          • “Just a game”? WHO SAID IT WASN’T? people who reason this way are just idiots! People spend time, use up their PC, pay electric and dsl bills, buy in-game items to play this game fair and expect the same from others. These cheaters steal fair chance and insult fair players. If that’s tolerated then WG or other gaming companies should be sued for fostering this type of fraudulent behavior in people and youth in particular.

    • No, it is wrong. Just because someone gets away with wrong behaviour doesn’t make it right.

      In fact, what those PUPEH did is borderline criminal behaviour (fraud to be exact). They obtained a price (a virtual reward that is worth real money in this case) by rigging a highscore in an open competition (it’s what Armstrong did when he doped his way to several Tour de France titles albeit on a much smaller scale). Obviously, it is a rather low amount of money and WG isn’t really harmed since the price doesn’t cost them anything. On the other hand, players lower in the winner list are because they lost out on a price they would have deserved.

      This is very much WRONG! If you can’t tell that you need to review your morals.

      • You keep saying THEY… The only one who benefited from this was KingAlphyn. Pay attention. This wasn’t a CLAN activity. IT was an individual who used some of his friends from within a clan. The vast majority of the clan had no idea about this crap until this post.

      • Morals among humans? I understand the point of your comment, but life is not a fairy tale, that’s how everything works irl. :(

        • Says a coward chicken shit. Cowards like you don’t deserve to live because you just go with flow nothing truly good comes from you. Your just tools who steal air from this world.

          • Are you frustrated by something or wtf? I just stated facts. And I’m definitely not a conformist.
            Oh, I know, just a troll…

          • And again, it would be great if everyone would live ethically by Kant’s moral imperative. But humans remain humans.

          • Wow people like you should go back to the stone age where you could live like the animal that you are and fyi greedy and easily corrupted weaklings should be taught a lesson cz your the cause of all the shit in this world.

          • I still can’t understand why you are taking it personal. Again, I stated facts. You have comprehension problems. All I can see, that you are still just trolling.
            (I couldn’t reply to your last message, there is no reply button for me there. :( )

  16. Now imagine how many fake highscores are there who faked it only to get gold, just to not attract attention.

    • If they just lowered the rewards it would reduce the greed involved. This kind of thing quite obviously goes on all the time along with rigged clan wars competitions designed to cater to and stroke the ego’s of these big clan wankers. WG will need to break the monopoly of such huge clans before this will stop. They are breaking the game.

  17. A couple of things you seem to have failed noticing.
    1. It happened at 9 pm. Not a low population time.
    2. There are sorry platoons in that battle.
    3. There were still 7 players on the other team and 9 players on his team that were not in PUPEH (4 on his team did 0 damage with several others doing very little).
    4. 4 of his kills were not clan mates

    Did he inflate his score? Yes. Should he possible lose his prize? That is up to WG. Does he deserve to be banned? Definitely not.

    • He won’t get banned. No chance.

      The whole point of this discussion and leak ist not to get him banned. The point is to rip of his “I’m such a good player because I won the event” mask and show the wohle world, that a) he is a cheater without dignity and b) his clan is a bunch of dicks…

      • Easy pal…. This constitutes only 14% of the clan. This is an individual action… Not a clan action. Albeit, he used some of his cronies from the clan.

        • “This is an individual action… Not a clan action”.

          Yeah and that’s why the clanoob leader set an example with his clan henchmen.

          IMHO the corrent punishment would be stripping him of the prize, dissolution of the clan and naming & shaming of those involved.

          • First I would like to exchange the friendly insults that you started with: F you too, Roasted_Nuts[PUPEH].

            Now that I have your attention I may finally start to explain.

            Clearly this was an action of the clanoob leader, right. The group is judged by the actions of the leader, aight. Since the leader is a cheating fixing scumbag then the clan does not deserve to continue.

            That’s like “kk dudes, we cleansed the SS/NKVD/Stasi/{insert evil organization of choice} of the bad people, let the rest work under the same name!”.

            But then again, people with any sense of moral will leave the clan on their own…

    • “alt accounts” don’t have to be in a clan…they could do this any hour of every day…greed knows no bounds. The people controlling this game look more like shit bags everyday. I can’t wait for a better game than this sham.

  18. There are only 2 ways to prevent this garbage from happening:

    1. WG has to review all replays of contest winners.

    2. They have to enact draconic penaltiesup on those who get caught cheating.

    Controls + the threat of harsh punishment should do the trick. Therefore: Ban KingAlphyn permanantly, ban all of the clan member who participated for a month.

    Nevertheless, I wouldn’t blame those PUPEH cheats for trying. These competitions are like a bank vault without steel doors or security cameras. If you stumbled upon an open bank safe and nobody was looking wouldn’t you be tempted to take the money?

    • Nope, seriously there are still honest to goodness people on this planet who might be the only reason it doesn’t get hit by an asteroid or whatever :).

      • THIS is the reason I stopped entering competitions. Obvious cheating is obvious. Big clans and monster ego wankers abusing WG easy-going (aka lax) rule enforcement ruin the game for everyone. Only draconian punishment is good enough. Permaban him will make all cheaters shit their pants. Strip his clan treasury of gold etc. Compensation for everyone who entered with a prize share etc.
        I wish I ran WG competitions.

  19. So I suppose a ban on all players who let a team mate get a top gun or a medal by not killing a tank should also get a ban? Timing your entry into a TC to get a match with a WG player to win gold should lead to a ban? Its called strategy and using your head!

    No hacks were used to get his score. WG does not have any rules about tanks having to kill the other team or get banned. If they did half the scrubs I play with in pubs would be banned. Playing smart and to win is a good thing by my way of thinking.

    He killed the 12 tanks and got the xp he gets the prize without any repercussions.

    • That’s different and they clearly intended to manipulate the result therefore stealing from and insulting other players who play fair.

  20. There’s a simple solution. To participate in the event, you would need to post a replay file to WG. Then they automatically select the top replays and give awards IF AND ONLY IF the game seems legit.

    Easy for you to select your best game, enough easy to WG to watch the top replays.

  21. “All results, which were received with attempts of abusing the system (for example, fake fights in random), will be removed from the winners list ” Having seen this post, yeah right.

  22. I am number 7 on the list of winners and I also had a 12 kill game but it was a random solo pub match.

  23. As one comment suggested, this was done at 9PM, which was likely after clanwars at the time, which means that this was actually we call “Clan-wide” count ins where the officer, often King himself has gold for those that KILL him. Therefore this was likely NOT a rigged battle in the sense that they would let him win because they actually do fight each other.

      • MP,
        I’d like to get a copy of the replay… If what you say is true, then I have issues. Not that I don’t trust you bro, but I’d like to see for myself.

        Roasted_Nuts (PUPEH)
        tomcastle71 at gmail dot com

    • Actually I see several, and when Two players netted most of the damage – it’s pretty hard to deal sufficient amounts of damage.

  24. they should ban them not cos its against “rules”, but to frighten away anyone thinking about trying this in the future. WG doesnt need any reason to ban you, its not a freakin curt.

    • He’s been winning a ton of stuff since back when they had “All Stars” contests on the NA server. I remember his name because it was constantly on the winners lists. I think he’s just a tank addict who uses these sort of contests to stockpile gold (for use in later contests for more gold etc). At any rate WGNA actually had to view screenshots and replays for the All Stars contests so I don’t think those would be fishy.

      • Savagee and I play on the same tourney team, and we win similar amounts of the art of war contests fair and square. I have screenshots and replays of all my winning match’s to prove it.

  25. what do you expect? have you seen the RNG episodes lately? they have a fucking submitting thread in NA forum, yet every RNG video showed replays from RU server.

    This is blatant dogshit in the face of US players.

    • Yah, let’s rig every competition! Anon you’re a fucking genius! And I mean EVERY competition – rigged olympics? HELL YES!


      • So, you think Olympics, and sport competitions are not rigged? Just to say, every professional sportsman use doping. That’s the only way to stay competitive. And there is also a big corruption in those events.

        • No they don’t, some do, and when they are caught they get banned for life.

          • Just look at some sports. Football, cycling, athletics… They all use doping. If they don’t pay to WADA, they get caught, that’s simple. It’s really naive to think they don’t use anything. The performance of the modern athlete is far ahead of human capabilities.

  26. The_Cheiftain confirmed thay are investigating this. I hope they will punish this cheater!

  27. I hope this member is banned, their entire account locked losing whatever amount of work and money they put into this game. I hope whoever else was in that game that helped them to do as much is perma-banned as well. Next, this clan should be dissolved for promoting such tactics, exploiting a system.

    Then again, I doubt anything will happen. I submitted replays to customer service recently with players pushing me out in the open to get shot, and random homophobic and racist slang used during the match and put them on my friends list. I then observed them logging on a daily basis for days after this. I then would just randomly message them asking them if they were warned/banned, or started up normal conversations with these ppl and played some games with them saying how I was banned (made up) for these things and they didn’t say a thing that they were, not a single one.

    So, once again, fuck Wargaming.

  28. An obvious ban is obvious, but not for Wargaming… Thy’ll not do a thing. I’ve given up on their contests long time ago. There is no point in them, as you can’t do better than a band of cheaters doing everything they can for one of them to win…

  29. As a PetCo members this makes me feel ill.

    If this is, in fact, true then I think I will be exiting the PetCo family.

  30. I’m actually going to make this very simple.

    Yes, I rigged that game.

    About a year and a half ago, WG did a leichtraktor event, in which you got points for having and killing Ltraktors. If you could get your clan together to get multiple teams going, and both maxed out their Ltrak counts and then rolled over for each other, you could submit a perfect score. I pointed this out in detail, discussed it on the forums with others, and was ignored.

    23 perfect scores were submitted. Times 15 players per team. 345 cheaters, on that one alone. WG declared a 23-way tie, and divided the entire prize pool amongst them. After that, I began organizing rigging operations. I discuss them freely, on the forums and in the teamspeak.

    For example, a year ago, there was an event where you needed a Bilottes, a Top gun or something, and a kamikaze. My clan at the time got together and rigged. It was HARD to rig that one, and in the end, we submitted two entries. Almost managed a third. Total entries for the entire contest? Two. We were the ONLY winners, nobody on the entire server had managed to do it legit.

    This isn’t to say that I always rig. All my scavenger hunts and creative contests don’t need it.

    T60gate is actually the first time that I’ve ever done this to benefit myself. Prior, it’s always been about getting some gold onto my clanmates.

    (posted in WoT forums too)

    • Fuck you shitbag. Pathetic what level these popular clans do. I’m sure they all pull this too. They basically rigged this past clan event and are already working on rigging this stage too. And WG rewards them.

      Anyways King, you’re not justified in this in any way. If this was a reputable developer your account would be wiped, hardware ban, and your clan of clowns disbanded outside of those directly in the event.

      Rest in piss.

      • And you other shitbags who were involved with this hope you’re banned as well.

        They should cut you up. Starting with your feet. Throw them in a little basket. Cute huh?

        • As one of the aforementioned shitbags who participated in this battle, I hope you’ll be pleased to know that I am posting this from a cell in the basement of the Lubyanka. It is only a matter of time before the KGB catches up with the rest of the clan.

    • well you son of a Bich

      i hope you get ban to hell.

      and get rip of all your titles as well……you stupid no good cheater……..and i also PUPEH get dis-banded as well…..

      danm no good stupid main stream clan……

      and have a nice day…….CHEATER!!!!!

    • You’re adorable.

      I’m pretty much just going to keep doing this until WGNA steps in. I hope they do, and I hope it sets a precedent that gets upheld for years to come. WGNA has a bad habit of letting this stuff slide, and even changing the North American EULA to accommodate cheaters.

  31. Are you for real?! What do you expect? All randoms are more or less “rigged”. So a guy who gets many exp points because he plays against afkers, bots, tards doesnt get rigged games? How do you see that “competition”? Its all about ” rigging” by using that afkers, bots and tards with help of yours mates. This is a fucked random, online game. Do you expect 100m dash Olympics? Tell it all that 99% of tards, afkers, bots and nobrains. LMAO :D

    • The only retarded thing is that WG morons change rules after that “competition” to deny any prices or give prices to cheaters or friends.

    • How old are you and are you for real? you don’t seem to clearly recognize the difference between game fixing and random luck which are clearly apart.

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  33. Disgusting. I’m not sure what the EULA says (if anything) about this type of behavior, but if nothing is in there about banning people who rig contests, then it should be. This guy and his clan are what’s wrong with this game.

    • It’s true. I’m terrible.

      But I AM going to keep doing it. If the hue and cry make WGNA change things so that nobody can exploit, and I can find NO new methods of cheating… Well then, mission cussing accomplished. That’ll definitely be a big plus for the game as a whole. We have thousands of cheaters over here, and I’ll be glad for anything that happens to me that makes it more difficult or less appealing for the whole of cheaterdom.

      • I agree with your heroism, now your in the spotlights there might be some changed made by WG to the system so its less likely to have rigged matches, see my post below for what I suggest as a(n) (incomplete) solution.

        If U don’t do it, someone else will, so why not u..

        It would good as well if ppl who abused the system will be stripped of their prizes, even tanks – not giving gold in return – as they weren’t legibly achieved.

  34. Yeah, its a competition and ethically it wasn’t a good thing to do but there is nothing to prevent this from happening again, and it probably has happened plenty of times before in competitions.
    There isn’t much difference in giving someone in your platoon the kills and doing “count-ins” playing with your clan mates doing it.
    Yeah they used the game mechanics to their advantage, but everyone else can do this as well.

    If you are going to ban him, then you need to go look at each game replay to ensure others aren’t doing this as well, or change the match making mechanics so this isn’t possible.

    Personally I don’t see the big deal, every clan I’ve ever been in has done “count ins” because you can and we’ve always disliked the 3 man platoon.

    Easiest solution? Make platoons unlimited in size.

    You only wish you thought of this first…

    • … so that fixing games would even be much easier? that’s was the point of limiting players in platoon in random games to somehow limit the possibility of game fixing.

      • Fixing it?
        Its not possible to fix it, the game is broken if you think this is worthy of being banned for.
        Everyone does it and you can’t stop them from doing it and you can’t fairly ban people for doing it. So the only choice is to make platoons unlimited so that everyone that doesn’t have a clan to do this with can’t complain.

        I’ve played this game for 2 years or so now and this has been going on this whole time, all of a sudden you are going to ban people for it? that doesn’t make any sense.

        You can’t stop platoons form doing this either I let my platoon mates and companies get kills and medals and more xp all the time, because I’m a nice guy. Should I be banned for that too? Where does it end?

        So basically you want to ban people for playing the game as it has been designed to be played. It not our fault the design is flawed, and a lot of people have known about this for a long time. Heck, I never used to do competitions because of this fact. I stopped caring when I realized the devs didn’t care.

        Now you all know about it and maybe they will fix it. I’m posting simply to help spread the word and hope all your rage makes them address the issue rather than simply banning people for poorly designing their own game.

        • It could be actually fixed, just let MM check for people coming from the same clan (maybe more advanced also with derivatives, like 1SBP and 2SBP) and let the MM make it impossible for them to meet each other during the tournament, with limitations of 1 ‘package’
          (if u consider 1 player a 1manplatoon, and 2 if its two-man, and ofc 3 for threesomes :P)
          so u maximally see 3 players of the same clan, with derivatives included, and even then only on the same side

          Maybe this could fix it.. dunno if the derivative part is hard though, if u only look at abbreviations could be hard sometimes.. but if u look at full name and they match >70% or so..

          And to minimize even more -> do the same for ppl in friendlists

          • Also, I agree with what has been said about the good ol’ tournament system.

            Sending in replays is maybe the best solution, but screenshots might say a lot from the start as well.

            Like in the KingAlphyn-game, u can easily spot that this game was rigged, but if the screenshots werent there.. WG-employees have to start every battle and check if there are over 6 ppl of linked clans or smth – just saying that screenshots are quicker.

            And if the screenshots don’t immediately give away that the game is rigged they can always check the replay (which should be stored by WG during the tournament duration – and instead of suggested b4.. only of the competing tanks, on the specific maps or when someone earned a specific medal)

          • People keep saying “rigged” when really it takes a lot of teamwork to pull off something like this. They still have to fight as usual, and its not like they team killed anyone- ban the team killers- we are just using strategy and had to kill our own members to accomplish this.
            Half the time late at night we are always either fighting our own clan or our allied clans- because the game just isn’t big enough on the American server but we are boycotting wargaming because its “ruining our gaming experience” no instead we use it to have gud fights and have fun.

            Unless they want to make it impossible for clan mates to ever face each other on the battlefield this will continue to happen until the game dies out.

          • The best way to explain it is this:

            If there is a bug in any game and a player exploits its the player is usually punished. However, the problem is this is not something new- this has always been the case and it is something EVERYONE can exploit. That is no longer a BUG but a DESIGN FLAW and the player should not be held responsible for the failures of the game devs or the competition rules.

            It really is “working as intended”.

            What this comes down to is money. KingAlphyn made people realize WG gold isn’t worth anything if you can cheat to get it (they will lose a lot of money and reputation over this if action isn’t taken)- so they will probably ban him, even though its really their fault and it solves nothing.
            This was a PR nightmare waiting to happen and it finally did, he just happened to be the one everyone noticed first.

  35. A lot of people say this is OK no rule against it. well obviously it is not by the replies posted here and the talk I am hearing. WG suffers every time something like this happens. I have belonged to several gaming tournament associations and when people lose faith in the provider, their game or tourney is facing real problems. Also those that say no big deal bother me because to me it shows that they would probably do the same thing. I would like to think that my fellow WoTankers are a more moral group. While I don’t think the entire clan should be banned, I do believe that those involved should and the clan broken up. Some thing built of faulty ground needs to be tore down and rebuilt right

  36. ok so what is the deal? clans have been , are pre determined to win a tank in a competition that they have little to no chance to win , unless others let them do it.
    so its fraud, you are defrauding the system, you are manipulating the good intentions of a completion to benefit your selves.
    cheating, simple as that .
    so what is the difference between some one who cheats, by pass the rules to gain some thing that they are not good enough to win.
    the prize pool to all those who have won it should be removed. any one in them battles, banned from clan wars, and tournaments .
    clan wars, is just that, battles of clans, the best succeed, not who can manipulate the system the best .
    so there is a glitch in the rules, a loophole, a way out .
    difference between that, and some one playing cod shooting through a solid wall? principle is the same, you cheated.
    did you earn the tank? or did you manipulate the system ?
    did you just enter a battle, and get told, bring a tier 2 to a tier 7 battle , to find out its a give away battle, you get a count, they get a win .
    its pre determined who will win tier 7 and tier 8 .
    cheating needs to be punished, those who do it , at any level, are just that, cheats, does not matter how you try and sugar coat it, how you try and blame war gaming, they made the competition, you violated trust, and circumvented rules to try and self justify your methods, which at the end of the day are fraudulent, cheating low end intentions.
    so what does that mean? your a thief , you are stealing a prize from some one you did not truly earn .
    wargaming did not tell you to manipulate the system, clans decided to defraud it, cheat, and steal.

  37. I’d say ban them, honestly. This is expressly against the rules, and he shames not only himself, but his whole clan by doing this, as he is the leader. Given there is obvious evidence of rigging, it’s an easy solution.

  38. If this happened in our clan (RTR), I have absolutely ZERO question that the individual’s involved would immediately be banned by the clan. We do that in cases of any such game exploits/cheating, and I was happy to see at least a couple of the large clans claim here that they would do the same. We have taken such actions in the past, and it has become a ‘solved’ problem for us.

    WOT should ban those that participated, but clans should have enough discipline, respect for the game and self-respect that they do not condone such actions by their members as well.

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      • Explain: “stealing” mad goaldz from people who never had it. Your accusation assumes that general moronic retards had a chance at it anyway. Quite Frankly, here is a few clues for anyone still reading this:

        Savagee is a VERY good player at pixel tonkz. He doesn’t do this;most winners, in fact, don’t do this.

        The reason all you booger eating retards see the same names from the same clans winning everything is because…….well, you suck at interweb tonkz. This isn’t a difficult observation.

        CW isn’t rigged, it is a game mechanic known as DIPLOMACY. Please see “international community” on WIKI, or maybe take a fucking world history class. Alternatively, ask YANKEE to give you a lesson or none (your comprehension wouldn’t allow you to understand anyway, fuck it, dive off a cliff instead)

        King Alphyn (pupeh, and petco as a whole for that matter) are NOT cheating anything. If you don’t like the fact that this can be done then you have two choices, quit or stfu. The mad goaldz involved represent ZERO real life currency because they are never made into real life currency. If KA knows enough about mechanics of the game to know this is possible, he clearly has played long enough to be a supporter. Since he is a supporter, and very likely a supporter longer than all of you who didn’t have a fucking clue how to do this, then, CLEARLY he deserves the compensation of in game currency for TESTING the mechanics. Consider it a community service. Or don’t, none of us fucking care.

        PS – enjoy your fucking crayons, I hear the purple ones are delish

        • Yeah, that’s not me. I would never misspell “prizes”. I’ve lost out on gold in the wake of all this, so these days I’m mostly making modpacks and guides over on the NA forums, and directing clan wars for my clan.

          If you see posts from semi-literate fucktards with my name on them, then they probably aren’t from me.

          • You were dumb enough to cheat. Pretty reasonable you’d be unable to spell either. You even have the nerve to be like, “Can’t we just let this go?”

            No, we can’t. WG doesn’t care, but I do. It doesn’t matter how much you do for the game.

            You are a cheater. I hate you. Go away, forever. Go back to byuu. You PoS!

            • I’ve never said anything about letting it go. Heh, I actually kinda like all the attention. ;)