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Hey everyone,

looks like most people are looking forward to the Japanese tanks :) Me too. We should have a new article on them by Soukoudragon lined up soon – and this time it’s going to be very interesting :)

New poll though!

Short background: As you probably know from the translations, Wargaming is looking for tier 10 tank candidates for random rewards (top players in randoms recieving rewards just like the top clanwars clans now) – but the problem is, it has to be a tank not fitting into/planned for regular branches.

Well, we have one: the Weserhütte Tiger, also known as E-75 Ausf.W. It looks cool, it’s balanced, it doesn’t fit into regular branches and – what’s really important – it’s actually (well, partially) historical.

The real question is: do YOU, readers, like it? Would you want such a vehicle in game? Please, answer in the poll :)

36 thoughts on “New poll

  1. Japans are welcome! More tech tree from Axis is needed!
    That would be a real balance!

  2. The E-75 Ausf. W. Would be nice to be implemented as a Random Battle Tier Ten Tank since I would love it. =P

  3. I’m not in favor of this tank because I don’t like making up new vehicles by just meshing up the parts of the others. I want tanks to be somehow unique.

      • I know, but why do these players(maybe even myself) need such an op tank?

        In my pov that would be insane, to give talented(or lucky) players such a biest.
        Personally i would find driving this tank for a time amusing, but where is the challenge in the longterm?
        I bet wg wouldn’t do this either because the playerbase would be forious about the “2 class” treatment and it doesnt fit into their free to win vision.

        But we will see, i guess ;)

        • Why is it a beast? It is a E75 with a lower alpha gun… For T10 it isn’t OP

  4. considering they’re mashing up tanks for the regular trees, these ones could be even worse…


  5. Yes i would like an e75, but i have voted against it. Why? Some reasons(not all)

    6,9 RoF? Without gunrammer/100% crew? (T110e5 has 6 rounds with 400damage)
    10.5 with better accuracy than any other german heavy and same accuracy as jagdtiger 8.8?
    Seriously with the new shell distribution and even without this would be too good.

    Next the tank would be too fast for its armour. Especially hull + turret traverse.

    So yeah i would like an e75 on tier 10 but than again this would make the other (german) tier x obsolete because it is faster, has more dpm, better accuracy, better penetration and still very good armour and less chance for burning more hitpoints than most of the other tier x.
    For example it would be also way better than the t110e5 which is also a beloved tier x and often named as the best tierx.

    So because of this and other reasons i wouldn’t like to see this tank in game.

      • I know, but why do these players(maybe even myself) need such an op tank?

        In my pov that would be insane, to give talented(or lucky) players such a biest.
        Personally i would find driving this tank for a time amusing, but where is the challenge in the longterm?
        I bet wg wouldn’t do this either because the playerbase would be forious about the “2 class” treatment and it doesnt fit into their free to win vision.

        But we will see, i guess ;)

  6. Hey,

    the E-75 Ausf.W should get a 8.8 with 257 pen a faster reload and 260 alpha the rest the same i would like it mutch more than i like your idea now.. :)


      • As a side note, I have no idea how to make an 8.8 cm gun penetrate as much as a 10.5 cm gun, so I think the design I made makes more sense.

        • And it cannot.
          Now, DPM can be adjusted but having a semi-realistic gun is easy.

          Take Tiger II L/68, give it APCR as standard rounds and HEAT as premium.

          You can easily obtain this:

          10.5cm L/68 Ausf K:
          DMG 320/320/420
          Pen 285/350/60
          7 Rpm
          Acc 0.34
          Aim Time 2.3s

          Slightly less DPM than E-50M, lowish alpha but excellent pen to help make full use of that DPM.

          Basically a fast medium/heavy hybrid able to damage anything although vulnerable to peekaboo.

          • You forgot: 10,5 cm KwK 46 L/68 APCR penetration is already 285 mm. We’re better off just doing an extra boost to the regular gun like how L/52 was upgraded for E-50.

          • Yes, I did a tank gun more similar to the original L/68 in specs, using its APCR as standard ammo and E-50 L/52 heat ammo as premium.

          • Hey,

            the L71 88mm APCR pen is 237.. make a Ausf X at the end..??

            whats the prob? your design is semi historic anyway..??

            sry for my terrible english :/


  7. I’ve been playing this game since the closed beta phase, and, as a WoT veteran tank collector, I think a Weserhütte Tiger would be like an ugly duckling in this game.

  8. M47 with acpr regular ammo and heat prem on the 90mm could work at tier 10 with 3200 dpm or so and a bump to damage like the 100mm and 105mms get at tier 9 (270 damage or so).

  9. I wish it was instead of current German T X behemoths, not a reward for a few players.

  10. the H2 from that american Question-mark conference, it has a negative frontal hull plate, thats’s something unique.

  11. or the sheridan as Tier X light tank, high mobility paired with a 152 mm bastard launcher and insane camo rating, but thin armour.

  12. hmm how to start..
    i’m against WG adding ANY more tanks, the game doesn’t needs more tanks -in fact it has waaaay too many- it leads to “tank inflation”, complete fantasy bullshit tanks and either power creep or problems to differentiate from existing ones…
    WG needs to JUST STOP adding tanks(i know they won’t because add a tank and people will flock to unlock it and you could argue that if you don’t add “content” the game stagnates -which is bullshit, release maps, not tanks-). And ofc WG will never stop releasing premium tanks for the cash cow….

    In fact since ~1 year ago every tank added was completely unnecessary and it helped ruin the game even more, let’s recap:
    1) T10 meds: abolsutely stupid idea and what’s worse was after they promised that top tanks where to be heavies only(which is when the game was still FUN because… TANKS, HEAVY, not OP meds that can overrun them), T54 was perfectly fine in the ecosystem. Also, T10 meds have superOP guns that have more pen, accuracy and everything than a T10 heavy -STUPID!-, meds should have at most 3/4 pen than the same heavy of that tier, it’s a stupid MEDIUM tank it should NOT be able to compete toe to toe with a HEAVY/SUPERHEAVY, it’s just WRONG. Oh and not only that, they KEPT/KEEP ADDING MORE STUPID T10 MEDS to add insult to injury!)

    2) T10 heavy inflation and 2nd lines: ¿US autoloaders?, complete BULLSHIT!, autoloaders where supposed to be a french tank feature only! -it was the sole reason for that line-, yet they ruined it completely with an entire autoloader line(with far better specs i might add) on the US tanks…

    3) To a lesser extent the T10 TDs: T110E3 was fine because the T95 plays completely different and it’s a “vanilla” TD with “vanilla” specs.
    268?, it has an insane top speed… that’s already entering BS territory…(same dmg as E3 but twice the movility and superbouncy front).
    263?, what was the need for that TD?, it’s underwhelming in every aspect but it has an impenetrable front… just leave the 268 only and make the two branches converge!
    what was the NEED for the F155?, on one hand i can understand it being an autoloader(as it is the defining french characteristic as said above) but did it really had to have only 100HP less per shot?? it should have less than 800 per shot to be SANE. Oh and don’t forget that it has extreme mobility and speed…
    FV 183.. just… WHAT.. what in the 10 levels of fuck where they thinking?!?!, granted it has zero armor, but 275 pen with 1750 dmg with AP?!??!, even if hesh is unreliable(don’t use gold then…) that performance is more than enough, i’ve seen that thing oneshot tanks it should have no business killing… ridiculous…., the PRIME example of powercreep….

    so yeah, i’m tired of WG adding more fantasy tanks, more premiums and powercreep balancing problems with all that adding, and at the same time they produce the most horrible all open maps, no city closed map since the game was released….
    the days when T10 heavy was IS7, maus, T30ish(OP110E5 is… meh) where the GOOD days, tourneys and CW where all IS7, with sme T54s for scouting/mobilty, and all was good with the world.
    now?, all T57, ophax 25 / 62a, maybe an e100 or maus for a specific point/map…
    stupid, ridiculous, ruined….

    • >too many tanks

      Um, I get your point about power creep, but this is WORLD of Tanks. Of course they’re gonna add more f*cking tanks. Most of your points are the useless whining bullshit that SerB loves to make fun of. Say what want about the man, he says what most developers are thinking without the PR department sugarcoating it. Which can DEFINITELY be a bad thing.

      I do agree that they need to do some more balancing like the 8.6 patch. Things like the tier 5 HEAT rounds were certainly OP. The increase in armor effectiveness and the general accuracy buff were good things.

    • Almost full agree to your well written opinion:)

      We have too many tanks with too small and view maps. Especially since some of these are only for lowtiers and others not anymore ingame:
      Dragon Ridge
      Serene Coast

      There is certainly a point why they aren’t for all tanks in the mapcycle, but also shows how many of the relatively small amount of maps aren’t playable.

      We need more Maps not more tanks!

      I fear, that the new winter map will also be only for max midtier bu we will see.

    • What? tier X tanks other then heavies are fine in my opinion. Historically thats how tank production went (MBT’s), was also annoying for TD and Medium players not to get anything from clanwars because there tanks werent exactly used unless the strat was rather…needed.

  13. Since every nation gets post-WW2 designs, and some quite late ones, we can go not only with western ones (like Leo1) but also Nationale Volksarmee and full import mode :) from Russia to DDR.

  14. I like the basic idea, to give some interesting reward tanks for random players too.
    But I just don’t really like this ‘Wesersomething’… It’s just a new KT-clone… ok germans designed their tanks in such way… but do we need another twin for KT- E50 – E50M – E75?
    Something more unique tank would be nice… I know… it’s a big problem to find something atleast semi historical stuff for germans in high tier, but still… :/