OMG giant tank

Thanks to Dom1n for this one :)

Looks like the WoT tanks have grown up quite a bit. Check this out. If you zoom in on the newest July wallpaper, you will find tiny sheep :)


61 thoughts on “OMG giant tank

    • I bet it’s an easter egg, or kind of. It can’t be there without purpose. ;)

  1. P2000 Leopard, the original design :P. But it was to big so they made it smaller and named it Leopard I -.-

  2. Well if there was tiny SerB giving us a finger, that would be interesting xD

  3. *checks wallpaper* yep. L1000 Leopard apparently is not good enough to stop sheeps from devastating grass plantations.

  4. Oh, so they just take some cool pic and edit a tank to it… Umm, great.

  5. Now we know why tanks drive without the crew and where are all humans in wotwerse :D

  6. The general low-res ground in leo’s immediate area doesn’t look lazy at all…

  7. i think they just place leo 1 on already made picture this is way its like this hihi WG artist are just lazy it summer hihi what you expect ;0

    • Hmm, every digital artist pastes real life pictures into their work. There’s no point in wasting time trying to recreate grass, rock and stuff when you can just use what is already available on google images when you need to add texture to your image. This isn’t classical art where the process is just as important as the end result. In digital art, you focus on lighting, composition, you’re not trying to reinvent the wheel. Especially true of comissioned work.
      Ofc, leaving these sheeps in was a mistake, but eh, people should realize that none of the awesome ‘realistic’ styled digital art out there are done using just the brush tool in MSpaint.

  8. The ultimate proof that they love to increase the size of german tanks…Historical nerf, huh? :D

    • I’m sure it would have something around 20,000hp to compensate, as well as a 12000mm gun with over 5000 damage per shot.

      Don’t forget the great weight of the tank at 100,000tons, great for ramming.

      Might take a while to level up the 400 crew required to drive this thing though.

  9. Graphic designers have to get their chuckles some how. My friend who does work for catalogues always changes one of the pantie profiles in the womens underwear section to the other gender and vice versa.

  10. DIz Iz Inception. Ehh someone was drunk probably, ooooor just haven’t noticed those little ones over there. OR this is a FEATURE of present month wallpaper.

  11. It’s like those books: Where’s Waldo? (or Wally or Walter or you get it)

  12. Very nice wallpaper! as for the tank….i really tried to like it. But my W/R plummets while playing it. You may have all the speed in the world and gun depression, but if your turret cant bounce a single shell, meaning the difference between life and death, you cant do much with it. A little AMX can ruin your day or half your modules and crew. I even had a T20 ammo rack me.

    At 15k battles, this is the only tank that seems to be veeery team dependant for me. No matter what i do i simply cannot carry the team with this paper tank. And because of that everyone turns their attention to me. With 59% w/r on ProtoA, i barely got 50% with Leo 1. If my team is bad i cant do shit to change it. Unlike other tanks, where with a bounce or two you can change the fate of the battle.

    And having the same rof as other MUCH better armored meds doesnt help either. Well i guess tanks with light armor are not for me. Sold the Leo 1 and bought T-62. A super bouncy turret means alot! even when having -5 gun depression. Now i understand why Leo’s are so rare.

  13. omg…wtf had put this Runestone in this picture?…
    You can find this runestone in Sweden…~.~

  14. And people at WG are actually getting paid. I hope they all have regular mandatory anus examinations.

  15. WG and their not so good photoshop work…
    What happened to the days when they really made awesome pictures? I guess those are gone…

  16. I don’t understand why people think they are sheep. I’ve zoomed in and they just look like small pebbles. o.O

    • It got renamed to World of Warsheeps long time ago. BTW – I can already see reactions on wows, they will all be like: “meeeeeh”.

  17. Is there maybe a connection? I have some theory in my mind…
    See, it was about 15, 16 years ago.(some of you might remember, some of you might not be born that time) and I was playing “Worms” that days and I remember, there was this cracy little sheep jumping around doing “meeeeh” and than *boom* – it explode. I can’t remember how often my worms suffered when my mate took these little whoolfanatics out of the box. Now, we can see the little sheeps again yet(it’s worms-size), friendly, doing their job and dung the field before they go crazy … Maybe, Wargaming is somehow related to that stuff – see, it’s round about 15 years ago – isn’t there the 15th wargamingbirthday now around?
    When we find the bananabomb, we can be sure :-)

    - subaluigi -