What will be the 8.8 Soviet medium branch T9?

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as you probably know from earlier FTR entries, parch 0.8.8 will bring the alternative Soviet medium branch. But the question is: how will this branch look and where will it start? First, here are some articles on vehicles, suspected to be in the branch:

Tier 6 – A-43
Tier 7 – A-44
Tier 8 – Object 416
Tier 9 – ???
Tier 10 – Object 430

However, as stated earlier by Storm or SerB, it’s possible the T-44-122 will fill in the branch at tier 7. Does that mean there will be two tier 7 tanks, or is the A-44 getting scrapped? Or perhaps kicked up to tier 8? I don’t know.

The original branch idea, presented last year by Wargaming, was:

T6 – A-43
T7 – A-44
T8 – Object 416

And that was it. No tier 9 and 10. Since then, the Object 430 was confirmed to be the tier 10, making the line a “Kharkov” line (all the vehicles in it were tied to the Kharkov plant, temporarily evacuated to Nizhny Tagil during the war). I very much doubt that everything will simple be shifted one tier up – Object 416 seems too underpowered for tier 9 (though – with unhistorical buffs, everything is possible), so we are looking for one more vehicle, that would fill in the tier 9 role, something comparable to the T-54 and worse than Object 430.

Now, I am not a Soviet tank expert, but when looking thru various experimental tanks and Objects, I found one that could fit, so it’s possible it will come at tier 9: the Object 140

Object 140


This vehicle was mentioned as a tier 9 candidate several times on Russian forums, but never officially, so this is just a speculation. As the name suggests, it’s a Soviet experimental tank. Basically, what happened was that in 1950 or so, it was decided to design a brand new medium tank in Nizhny Tagil (Ural), designated “Object 430″, under the supervision of A.A.Morozov (this name is probably known to you, if you have read the A-43/44 articles). In 1952, there were some internal disputes between the designers and the directorate of the Ural Plant, resulting in a whole bunch of designers and technicians (including Morozov himself) moving to Plant No.75 in Kharkov (where he took many of the Object 140 solutions and used them to designt Object 430).

The work on Object 140 continued in Nizhny Tagil under the leadership of L.N.Karcev – a decorated tank designer, responsible for the T-55 and later T-62 and T-72 tanks (he died cca two months ago by the way, he was 90 years old). Some solutions, implemented into Object 140 were later used in Object 430 (so there’s a clear connection there).

By 1957, two prototypes were ready – one took part in comparative tests against Object 430. During these tests, a number of serious flaws (mostly connected with the engine and the transmission) was uncovered and by the initiative of Karcev himself, it was withdrawn from the tests and the project was basically scrapped. Later, some of its components however were used in the T-62A/T-62 tanks. This way, the vehicle is tied to both Soviet branches, but the T-54 is tied to Nizhny Tagil more, so I guess this would do just fine as a tier 9 “Kharkov” vehicle.



Another reason why this vehicle could become the T9 of the Kharkov branch is that it is in almost all aspects inferior to the Object 430. Let’s make a comparison – first number is Object 140, second number Object 430.

Crew: 4 – both
Weight: 36 tons (35,5 tons)
Engine: TD-12, 580hp (5TD, 600hp)
Power-to-weight ratio: 16,1 hp/t (16,9 hp/t)

As you can see, engine-wise, Object 430 has the upper hand. Both vehicles suffered from engine issues, but Object 430 apparently had it worse, so engine hitpoints might be somewhat better for Object 140.

Hull armor: 100/80/55 (120/55/40)
Turret armor: 240/183/65 (248/185/63)

The armor, as you can see is roughly comparable. While the Object 430 has the upper hand in frontal armor thickness, Object 140′s armor is somewhat better sloped.

Gun: D-10T (stock)/D-54TS (D-54TS or U-8TS)

Here, the Object 430 clearly is better. The U-8TS performance is roughly comparable to the L7, while D-54… we know that gun, don’t we.

It’s also worth noting that the Object 140 characteristics are practically identical to T-54, with one exception (frontal armor – the turret is 40mm thicker, but T-54′s frontal hull has better slope), including the same weapons and engine.


IF this tank makes it to the game, it would roughly be a T-54 clone. Why on earth do would we need more of those, I have no idea, but… *shrugs* Maybe they found something better to fit the line in. Either way, historically this vehicle would fit.

Source: http://sa100.ru/armor/USSR/ob140/ob140.php

28 thoughts on “What will be the 8.8 Soviet medium branch T9?

  1. We already have a “T44 122″ as T8, why they plan an “entirely new” tank with that gun?

  2. I believe that we still lack a passive tier X scout. Big aim loss on the move, moderate acceleration and good stationary camouflage may characterize the new branch.

  3. too bad object 907 is tier X (gift or whatever)
    for me that would be better as tier 9 tank than t10

  4. Why have any tank at all? All tanks are in the end clone of the same concepts.
    Certainly it wont be a total clone, there is always something that makes it different.

    • Tried to find such a difference. I really did. Haven’t found anything. All its components are pretty much standardized. The engine had some issues, resulting (in game) probably in worse HP, but otherwise… *shrugs*

  5. On this new russian line the only tank i’m excited about is the Obj 416…All others are just another variant of the T54….Thanks god that it’s just tier 8 and it’s easy to reach it…

    • Maybe the KV-13 will be just like the old VK3002DB…will get in the middle…But then what’s with those 2 other tier 7 meds? A34 and the t44-122

  6. Am I really the only person looking forward to the new tank trees less and less eagerly?


    • No, I’ve already got not enogh time and credits to grind all the tanks I’d like to have. And new ones keep coming :[

      Well, at least there are test servers from time to time where I can play anything I want ;)

  7. Well somewhere i saw fan-made branch including T-55 as Tier 9…i think it would fit quite well there as it is basicly an upgraded T-54 :)

  8. Soo Brits 8.7 Russians 8.8? When the hell is those U.S Meds coming? They were teased last Oct 2012 good god, think that would be a long enough wait, besides what’s 8.9 ??? 9.0 Is that huge update or w/e it is they talked about?

    • Which US tanks are you talking about? T54E1, T69? They’re already in the game, The only med that hasn’t seen the daylight is T95 MT.

          • Well first will come Chineese arty, 2nd German TD line, 2nd Soviet line and British artys… :)

          • gogopv: Well first will come Chineese arty, 2nd German TD line, 2nd Soviet line and British artys… :)

            8.7 British arty
            8.8 2nd USSR medium line
            8.9/9.0 2nd German TD line

            SerB told in one of these daily Q&A topics that they don’t have enough Chinese arties to fill 1 line! So forget about those cheap copies made by Chinese, because they will not come soon.

  9. I play German tanks, but that branch will be mine :) Kharkov is my home city and my father served on T-64 as a commander many years ago :)

  10. Sooo…
    8.7 British arty line – After arty nerf… not interesting enough.
    8.8 USSR 2nd medium line – Grinding the 3rd T-54 like line after the original and the chinese one? Nope.
    8.9 Germany 2nd TD line – Big, heavy and slow? What’s new? Nope.

    x.x Chinese Arty line – After arty nerf… not interesting enough.
    x.x French 2nd heavy line – This could be interesting. Maybe.
    x.x French 2nd medium line – Another medium line that ends with a Leopard like tank (AMX 30). Sure.
    x.x Japan skeleton tree – An entirely new nation with tanks that we know little about. Make it faster, please. I want to find out about those tanks.
    x.x Rest of the world skeleton tree – Including the european tech tree that’s been promised 1 year ago? It’s EUROPEAN! We want it.

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