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      • Whatever, I’m sure it’s fun anyways. Gonna test it in a few minutes on test server. Same goes for the MT-25 and hopefully soon the 112.
        - DMminions

          • Hey…change ur name…I’m here on FTR for half a year >.<

            On-topic: I think the playstyle of the E-25 will be similar to the one of the ELC AMX.

      • It was originally planned to have the 7,5 cm KwK 45 L/100 (panther top gun with 198mm penetration), would have been awesome, even if it meant that it wouldn’t get preferential MM.

        • Would also have looked so stupid it’d be physically painful. The ARL 39 with the long 90mm is already terrible enough to look at.

          • FFS it is more important how it performs than how it looks. With 150mm of pen on T7, it is just paint scratcher. L/100 would be perfect gun for it.

          • its really not, it have mm of 6tier tank. Max its gonna meet is 8tier. For example Hellcat have 160pen and doesn’t really have problem to pen. 150pen gun is good enough, dont forget its ridiculous dpm of 3000. 100% rate of fire will be nerfed.

          • Am wonderink however did SC ever get past most Tier 7 meds. Also I for one prefer to have tanks looking halfway sensible and credible, and the 75L100 is neither.

    • Good luck trying to penetrate an IS-3 or Tiger II frontally with this tank.

  1. 7k Gold? No tanks, but if it ever gets a 50% discount like the Panther M10 got, i’ll buy it.

      • Yeah but Meds can circle a Heavy… a TD can’t, most times it has to stay 2nd/3rd line.

          • Main reason is medium tanks got a turret, so you dont always need to be able to circle, but it’s already much easier to just peek and take a quicky shot at the side of the enemy.

          • Your reasoning is… difficult to follow. Anyways, DAT ACCURACY. If you can’t work with those specs stop trying to play “sniper” vehicles altogether.

          • Don’t bother discussing with Kellomies, he’s a known idiot and russophile.

          • HAHAHAHA OH WOW now that’s some solid and legitimate argumentation if I ever saw it.
            Also not seeing how my hypothetical Russophilia would even be relevant here…

          • Kellomies was, just like Private_Miros and a handful of others, nice chaps to have around in the forums whenever there was need for judgment and reason.

            I actually miss them…

          • “What, did Miros and the rest get banned too? o_O”

            I’m pretty sure he did.
            His last post was basically a goodbye post where he detailed all of the completely arbitrary warnings he had gotten and he was only one more away from the perma-ban. So he probably got that last warning from posting about disciplinary actions.

          • Well poop. Disturbingly arbitrary as the moderation there tends to be, I will freely admit I *did* deserve a fair few of those warning points. I’m having a hard time believing the same would apply to Miros however, he always seemed like a far more friendly and polite fellow. :/

    • It fires with speed of french autoloader without the need of reloading the drum…

  2. stop whining about the pen all, 150 is perfectly playable on a fast and camouflaged td which it should be, and besides, 2700 dpm without vents rammer or any other bonusses is pretty huge

    • Not to mention, that with 0.3 accuracy and just 1,5 aiming time, you can take hits at weakspots pretty quickly and from a good distance.
      I’m a bit bummed about the price, I think it’s a bit too expensive, but nonetheless, I fell in love with it the very first moment I saw it, and my love only increased after seeing a replay of it, so I’ll be buying it.

      • so you could technically be out of ammo after 3 minutes … good tank … especially when it’s nerfed down to 150 penetration. Expect that when sniping, (you surely dont want to go close combat with 40mm frontal armor), after some hundred meters only about 130mm penetration reach the enemy tank …

        • My Stug with vents,ramer and BiA reloads for 3,7 sec and it only has 36 shells. Dunno how long reload on E-25 is but 60 is reasonable number. I often ran out of ammo on Stug if the battle requires it so i guess E-25 will too sometimes.

          • also 60 shells is a whopping 8100 damage, you shouldve won by then

    • Panther M10 has the same gun and doesn’t get t9 matches, so pretty sure E-25 will also have limited MM.

        • Well it can do passive scouting as well. So I doubt that it will get limited MM
          - DMminions

      • Panther M10 has poorer accuracy, aim time & rate of fire in comparison. E-25 has much better mobility as well. Only the turret gives the M10 an edge.

  3. Until I see WR and survival rate, it is meh for me.

    Mark my words: 150/135 , owners will cry tears soon…

    • Free Steel Walls for Tiger II and IS-3 who get shot by it from a distance ;)

    • So make like Pershing drivers and fill your racks with Jew Ammo, I have it on good authority their guns aren’t worth too much otherwise either.

  4. i just played a round on the test server with the e25 very unimpressed by the gun i wont be buying one.

  5. Every new premium tank is more expensive than the previous. 7k gold for tier VII premium? I bought Loewe for 7,5k…

  6. Only reason they postponed the super pershing nerf is casue too many players would trade it in for gold and then buy the E-25 instead..

    • Actually I think that they postponed the 112 because they want us to sell the T26E4 and pay the gold difference to buy the 112…

  7. I tested this tank and put my StuG 3 crew on it.
    All my crew members have 100% camo (excet for commander who has the sixth sense and camo skill after it at 57%) + I was using camo net and camo paint.

    And still this tank was spotted very easily on almost every situation. Not good.

  8. My Jagdpanther will still be far superior than this ugly pig. Enjoy scouting, guys!

  9. Very unimpressed. At 700hp for less then 27 tonnes I thought this thing is going to fly, but it does not. And it turns too slow to compensate for the ridiculously low pen and DMG. A lot of guys at test servers shout “ZOMG ZOMG ZOMG THIS TANK IS AWESOME I’LL BUY TWO!!!111!!!” but I think they will be really disappointed when they buy it for 7k gold and roll out for a real battle, when there will be no 7-8 40mm hull E-25 on each side, LOL. 7k gold just for fun of having a fast tank? Buy PzIC and three months of premium instead.

    • Explain to me how is it that the traverse speed is somehow supposed to be the “compensation” for penetration and damage.
      It moves extremely fast, turns fast (really don’t know how you can say it turns slow), has amazing accuracy and aiming time. This is a mobile sniper, simple as that. You are supposed to aim at weakspots with your accuracy. If you find yourself unable to do so either because of your ignorance or your skill, it’s not the tank’s fault, it’s yours.
      You are also not supposed to be on the frontlines with this thing, you are supposed to stay back as far as you can and snipe away. Enemies approaching? You get the hell out of there thanks to your speed. The team needs support on another flank? Go help them, thanks to your speed.
      If I can consistently damage tier VIII tanks with a Chaffee, that has only 137 penetration and a miserable 0.39 accuracy, I’m confident I can do serious damage with this tank. Just because you clearly don’t know how to use this tank, doesn’t mean that others don’t either.

      • Can u definitely say its better than the SU122-44 which is 6750 gold? at tier 7 this should only be 3500-4000 gold.

        Also maps in WoT are not that big to forever retreat from enemy. Ok it’s a “support” tank – and these have small chance of winning games on their own, but is it worth 7000 gold?

        • Apparently the anonymous guy that replied to my post at first has a special version of the game where only Steppes, Sacred Valley, Oakville and maybe few more big, open maps spawn. Also, it does NOT move extremely fast – maybe in straight line, but it corners like a brick at high speeds. Turning on spot is fast, but not fast enough. I really hoped that with such ridiculous power surplus (Power/weight ratio is around 26hp/tonne) and weak pen the thing is going to be able to approach enemy, pull off 2-3 shots to the side/back and then quickly GTFO. That’s why I’m disappointed with it. If I wanted a fast bush-occupier then I’d bought back my Hellcat for much less then 7k gold.

  10. They really need to buff the pen or drop it to tier 6. A premium tank, especially a TD, that requires gold rounds to be properly effective against its own tier misses the point of what a premium tank is meant to do.

    • Yeah, because it won’t make JPZ IV useless.
      Act like its ELC acting in TD-mode, and you’ll be good.

  11. I love it, either play it as a zigzagging annoying fly (Like the Hellcat, prior to the nerfs),
    or play it like a sneaky stealth sniper (Hellcat after the nerfs).

    Sadly like someone else mentioned currently there’s a huge amount of E-25s running around, however
    I also had some battles that were with only 3-4 per side and were ridiculously funny.

    The gun is more than enough to pen the lfps of most tanks even up to tier VIII, however I highly recommend
    only doing so when the enemy is on low health.
    Most tier VIIIs can easily two-shot the E-25, so it’s better to be sneaky, or outmaneuver the tank.

    Which brings me to the next part, the speed and maneuverability are awesome.
    It’s even better than the Hellcat prior to the nerfs and reminds me of the ELC AMX, however it’s hardly ever drifting.

    If the tank comes on the live server with the current stats it’s a sure buy, although I’ll properbly change the
    I’m running it with coated optics, rammer and vents on the test as a brawler.

  12. Good, seems many dislike the E25 so Servers wont get flooded with the thing.

    Personally im so buying it but not before it gets discounted as for me as TD lover its a great little package.

    Yes, 150 pen but i have the same on the Panther/M10 and on other meds, yet the thing is smaller than a hetzer so with camo and net its extremely well hidden and as soon as a light amored tank or some heavy tanks sides show up it rains lots of not too pricy shells in seconds.

    Many Heavys have turrets turning so slow that you can fire 3-4 shots at them meanwhile and if you break the turret ring theyre done for.

  13. This gun works (barely) on the Premium Panther-M10 because you can flank; on a TD its just going to be bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce….

    Awful tank. The D-Max is better and has a better gun and its a tier lower and only half the price.

    • *shrug* All I know is I see D-Maxes only extremely rarely and when I do they tend not last long or achieve much what with that combination of size, armour and mobility.

      • My DMax is good for ~1000 damage on average, which is nearly twice its hitpoints.
        And I´m a bad player so I guess the TD itself must be ok.

  14. I’m not paying no 7k gold for a StuG III on steroid

    It’ll be a nice addition to the garage but not 7k nice

  15. you are all uuh uuh so fast uuh so little uuh so ubér and after i knock the shit out of you with type and you cant fight back with 150 pen u gonna cry. just saying…

  16. I had fun in this TD but its not worth 7000 gold. Sadly the 150 penetration is a joke for this TD. In order for it to even be effective you would have to be firing gold rounds.
    Yet, like I said it is fun to drive around :)

  17. 7k g.
    Yeahhh…. right.

    And there is nothing official on the limited MM yet or is there?