T-34-3 – new premium T8 preview

Meet the replacement of the famous Type 59

T-34-3 – Tier 8 Chinese premium medium tank

Ingame description:

The T-34-3 medium tank was to be a modification of the T-34-2. Unlike the Type 59, the T-34-3 featured reduced armor. The design was developed in 1957. However, mass production of the Type 59 was started in 1958, and the T-34-3 project was discontinued.








Frontal armor: 90mm (lower plate 70)
Side armor: 50mm
Turret front: 190mm
Turret side: 150/120mm

Maximum weight: 38 tons
Hitpoints: 1300
Ammorack hitpoints: 180 (just like on the T-44)
Maximum speed: 50km/h
Engine: 580hp Norinco 12150

Gun: D-25TA (with very bad depression, like 3 degrees)
Ammo carried: 40
Reload time: 14,4s
Aim time: 3,4s
Viewrange: 380
Turret turnrate: 46
Hull turnrate: 46

144 thoughts on “T-34-3 – new premium T8 preview

    • Reduced armor, reduced gun depression, slow firing gun on a medium. All around a crap design to replace the 59.

      • better acceleration and mobility, huge alpha damage advantage, higher ammo capacity, (probably) 300pen HEAT shells

  1. heres hoping it gets reduced MM

    should be good fun with my 5skill T59 crew in it

      • Then it is another tank taken straight out of WGs ass… T-34-1 and T-34-2 at least look as plausible development over T-34. And this thing? According to description: “The T-34-3 medium tank was to be a modification of the T-34-2.” – sure, a modification of the T-34-2 that made it look exactly like T-54 -.-

        • Let’s just say Wargaming is milking the cow (players). Everyone who wanted to get one of those Type59′s but cannot get them anymore, will give the new tank a try … It’s pure marketing mechanism ;)

  2. What a fucking pile of shit!! a smaller and faster KV-1S bumped to T8. This should be T6 instead.

  3. Replacement………
    1) will they delete Type and set this into Shop?
    2) or they will leave Type to be and set this into Shop?

        • Like you were wishing that somehow Type would get deleted… lol…

          I mean, where did you read that between the lines to mean Type is going to be deleted. I think there is ample Q&A and what not on FTR which would tell you that Type is not going anywhere, they are simply going to release another T8 chinese prem med to fill the gap left by removing Type from the shop (not the game).

  4. Ohhh yes give me more Chinese versions of russian tanks as T8 Prem…….. or maybe you could give me back my T23!!

      • T-34-3 has:
        - same hitpoints, horsepower, top speed, hull and turret traverse and view range (1300, 580hp, 50kmh, 46, 46, 380)

        - better hull armor ( 90/50/?? vs 70/45/45)
        - better turret armor (190/150/?? vs 180/120/60)
        - slightly more dpm than T-34-2 with the 122mm (1625 vs 1560 DPM)

        - higher weight, meaning a lower power to weight ratio (15.26 vs 16.97 hp/ton)

        • With those stats, it’s hard to believe it will have limited MM. After all, premium tanks aren’t supposed to perform better than other regular tier 8 mediums, in this case the T-34-2.

          • is-6 has avg 175 pen. so does type 59. if T-34-3 gets same, it will have better MM.
            expect the same on 112

            SerB says that preferred MM is delivered by gun pen.

  5. Great shit, the Type 59 still has its (unhistorical) 7° gun depression, while all other T-54 copies have 5° or less!

    • Are you sure its just the -7 gun depression which you find objectionable on type… perhaps if we could just remove the gun altogether… Get over the type please… its not the Holy Grail of tanks.

      • dAT armor type 59 has, that is why it’s OP, being top tier you can rape half of the enemy team yourself. If you have enough ammo.

  6. “Gun: D-25TA (with very bad depression, like 3 degrees)”

    Still has better gun depression than the SU-101, let’s go for it!

      • The question is:
        When they can nerf the Superpershing due to historical reasons, why they cant just change the Type 59 to its historical parameters? (4° or 5° gun depression)

        • It’s not about depression of Type – of my point of view, it have OP armor for its tier as medium.

        • IIRC they tried nerfing the gun depression…the shitstorm that followed was epic.

          @Woras – And the type doesn’t have OP armor…learn to aim.

          • It has OP armor, dumbass. Not for you, not for me, but for an average WOT player that will be bouncing like hell off it. I remember when I began with WOT, that was the time of massive amount of Type on the server. Couldn’t have killed it at all. Well, from the side I could. With time I’ve learned how to deal with it, but can see in the death cam mode how others deal with it…

            Also, it was removed form the store because of its OP, and also if you would check the net earning on the tank, I think only JgTiger 88 has better earnings…

          • I think I’ve seen the French 120mm monstergun bounce off the upper glacis, actually. That was a bit of a WTF moment.

  7. It looks like a Type, its armored like a Type (presumably) moves like a Type, but its not a Type!

  8. What is taking them so long in coming out with a medium tier 8 premium for the Soviet line? Hell just release the tier 7 t-44 so I can train my med crews and make lots of credits.

    • Its a poor man’s type… maybe you can fool some newbies and get them to wet their pants thinking they have a type coming their way.

  9. Can someone in-the-know comment whether this thing actually existed or is it another made up tank?

      • Between the language barrier and the fact China’s still a fucking police state, I’d be very surprised if the less-than-excessively-cooperative Russian archives weren’t a veritable Wikipedia in comparision…

        • True dat, but some Chinese players are visiting FTR, a slight chance exists. Because for now it looks like a pile of BS.

          • Why? There’s nothing in particular abut it that comes across as particularly difficult to believe, and I understand the Chinese *did* use to work on the T-34 platform long past its best-before date. Beggars* can’t be choosers and all that.

            *to wit, desperately poorly industrialised third-world states shot to Hell in a decades of civil war and foreign incursions

          • But this is a copy of WZ-120.. T-54 is my favorite tank ever but nuff cloning it god damnit!

          • You expect us Chinese citizens to know anything about our government’s military secrets (even though its dated)? Seriously?

            The Chinese philosophy: the only one that can keep your secrets is yourself. So the government’s secret is NEVER told to ANYONE, except those involved.

    • From what I know a tank named T-34-3 did exist.
      The whole T-34-1/2/3 projects are Chinese’s effort to mimic the T-54(A) before the USSR decide to transfer the T-54A design which became the Type 59.
      What I don’t know is if this is how the tank should look, but it wouldn’t be too far off since it is suppose to mimic the T-54.

    • THis game long ago became World of Prototypes, or World of Tanks Pulled Out of the Devs Ass.
      But yeah, I’m sure you can find weird stuff in the Kremlin archives. If not, make the shit up, people will not care.

    • Dpm isn’t that far off from t44 tho, 390 dmg every 14s versus t44′s 440 ish

      • T-34-3 with 122mm: 1625DPM
        T-34-2 with 122mm: 1560DPM
        (T-44 with 122mm: 1220DPM)

        Type 59 with 100mm: 1725DPM
        T-34-2 with 100mm: 1765DPM
        T-44 with 100mm: 1745DPM

        Only around 100-200 difference in DPM (excluding the absolutely useless 122mm gun on the T-44), which isn’t much considering the huge alpha damage advantage.

    • But its a fun to show up behind a heavy and pump a 122mm bullet into its ass. ;-)

  10. Was hoping on a Type 59 with fast firing 85 mm gun, but this will be like a KV-1S without the good MM… Just has to wait for the brittish premium tier 8 while eating these like swiss cheese with my Centurions, cause I see swarms of these tanks in the future just like the Type was, so WG, you better start making as many Prem-Tier-8-mediums as you have heavies to avoid swarming…

    • Fitting a cannon into a tiny turret isn’t really the problem. Reloading it is. I imagine this tank has seriously buffed rate of fire compared to real life.

      • I imagine they learned from the Soviet experience with the T-44-122 and didn’t try to use an unitary cartridge that ended up almost as long as the fighting compartement was tall. At which point you’d be talking about something roughly comparable to say the IS-3 with the D-25, which IRL the Red Army seemed to consider acceptable enough.

        • And here I wasn under the impression AFV loaders in general were expected to be 4′ dwarves with the arms muscles of the Incredible Hulk and triple elbows… :/

          • Well, PLA used to recruit tankmen around 1.5-1.6m. That wont be a problem for Asians but it would be impossible for Russian and other western countries. Believe it or not, man like that height can still be as strong as a standard soviet tankman. (Sorry for my bad English.)

          • I thought the Soviets used to exploit their huge manpower pool in a very similar fashion? Anyways, the corvee’d Egyptian peasants who did the heavy lifting for the Pyramids weren’t AFAIK much bigger fellows if you see what I mean.

      • pretty sure the Chinese didn’t spend time on putting 122 into a T54 or T34, first improvement was a new 100mm smooth-bore gun based on the type 59′s and used some technology from the 115mm gun on a captured T62 in 1962. they made type 69 and it didn’t work out great,so they put the old 100mm back which created the Type 69 II, later they bought the 105mm L7 and there is the type 69 III(or called type 79),they got 2 120mm gun design,first was not powerful enough second is too big to fit in a tank, so they put it in a TD called type 89.

      • here it is
        type59 - t-34-3
        200/130/60 - 190/150/120mm
        100/80/45 - 90/50/50?
        36 tons - 38.0
        14.44 hp/t - 15.26
        56km/h - 50
        1725 dmp - 1625
        Reload time:
        6,9 - 14,4s
        Aim time:
        2.9 – 3,4s
        Viewrange: 380 – 380
        Turret turnrate: 46 – 46
        Hull turnrate: 46 – 46
        Ammo carried: 34 – 40
        Alpha * max ammo: 8500 – 15600
        -7 – probably -5 gun depression

        conclusion: different game style than the type. Type is like a t-54. T-34-3 is a normal Chinese tank with its pros and cons. Its only the preliminary stats, I think they will be nerf it. Like 3.9 shot/min and 560 hp engine. With these stat it is too similar to t-34-2 and a little better. And a premium tank cant be better than a normal.

  11. Does that mean that, when I first log-in into 8.8 when it’s live, I’ll see this thing instead of my beloved Type-59 between my other tanks?

    • No… It is not REPLACING the Type 59. It is just going to be the new tier 8 premium medium in the Chinese tree.

    • People are panicking and making fools of themselves… UNDERSTAND, you have paid real money for a premium tank, so they will not replace it. It may be not sold anymore if it is OP (as Type is).

    • Well, the Pz. 5/4 isn’t better, but it’s still playable even though it’s difficult.

    • You alter your playstyle to fit the tank’s strengths…it will play exactly like the top tier Chinese mediums with their high alpha guns.

  12. looks interesting, will definitely get it when its released, since I never bought the type

      • I don’t think the T-34-3 will be OP. I’m personally very excited for it, but very few people can deal with 3 degrees of gun depression.

        I’m more worried about how big a PoS the T-34-2 is about to become. Before it at least had the gimmick of being the only tier 8 med that can use a 390-alpha gun and do a good job with it. Now the T-34-3 is going to do that same exact job but better.

    • Ye, normally there is the motto, that the premium tank is a bit worse compared to the other tanks of the same level. So beeing better than the t-34-2 in nearly every aspect is a big advantage.
      Btw i played several rounds with the t-34-2 with 122mm ended up nearly every round with nice dmg while having normal mm and a worse tank compared to t-34-3.

      • I also played my T-34-2 with the 122 and it is DRAMATICALLY worse.

        It has almost no gun depression and unless you want to try and snipe people using a gun with the accuracy comparable to a 105mm Derp and the firerate of an Object704 with the penetration of a tier6 tank destroyer, it is ill-advised. The 100mm has much better everything except damage-per-shot, and it can be outdone in damage even by the 100mm with twice the fire rate and 1/4 the ammo cost with no real need for throwing expensive gold ammo.

        Plus I don’t know where people are getting unfavourible matchmaking from on the T-34-2 from… I almost always get tier 8, sometimes tier 9, and almost never tier 10 games. I doubt it will have better matchmaking when it has the gold ammo power of a tier10 heavy tank.

    • Get on the test server and try the T-34-2 with the 122mm gun. It takes a very special breed of player to be able to cope with the horrible aim time, accuracy, reload speed and abysmal gun depression. If you can find you can handle the T-34-2′s 122mm gun, fine. Otherwise don’t bother. The high tier chinese mediums are not for everyone.

  13. Will wait till WG feels urge to boost annual income and release Type to gift shop for a while.
    This tank looks like crap – low armor, limited angles of attack, long reload. Track means death.
    300 pen on gold – do you want to massage your ego or to earn on premtank?

    • This looks like a specialist tank for the players who have gone very far up the Chinese medium line.

      • Agreed. This isn’t another KV-1s/IS-3/T-34 in which every tomato can feel like a god of war, Chinese meds are tricky and demanding, but rewarding if handled properly :)

          • Yeah, the IS-3 has some horrible aimtime and it’s pike nose can be a double-edged sword…

            The KV-1S on the other hand is seriously OP, I recently bought it on sale and my winrate has already exponentially increased. It’s only drawback is it’s propensity to go on fire and it’s low RoF.

    • Not true, WZ-120 and 121 have it as bad and they are playable. They require a lot of skill because you need to choose positions carefully (with the depression in mind), unlike dmg spammers such as T54E1, Batchat etc.

  14. What a hunk of trash, I am happy to be able to eat these up come 8.8, though.

  15. T-34-2 hull w/ WZ-120 turret and gun model…..Interesting. Even with crap for gun depression it will still be a more useful tank then the E-25.

  16. If this tank is probably sheduled for 8.8 and the 112 got held back for balancing issues. I might fear that either the 112 will never be introduced or it will be nerfed into utterly depths of crap. Because i dont see any way to balance out the massive frontal armor on T8 without nerfing, ROF, acc or movement too much. Heck even an HP nerf could hit him. But even then, the T34-3 looks somewhat fun and all the ppl who played the WZ120 with its big gun will know that -3 gun depression is somewhat workable

  17. that gun? with that gun depression

    even worse depression than t-34-2

    t-34-3 useless

    • Its actually the same gun depression as the T-34-2. Both of them have -3 with the 122. The T-34-2 has -5 with the 100mm gun… but that gun is useless anyway [it turns the tank into a worse Type 59 or worse T-44].

      • Bullshit. T-34-2 with 122mm Gun was great, far better as with 100mm Gun! If you can handle it, T-34-3 will be a great Tank. ;)

  18. the gameplay of t-34-3 will be close to the wz-120′s one, except of the penetration amount and reload time, so:
    pluses: + high amount of damage per shot
    + decent hull armor
    + very strong turret armor ->>> hull down tactics not very useful due to low gun depression
    minuses: – low depression ->>> no much brawl
    – low penetration (175mm is kinda low)
    – slow aiming ->>> no much brawl
    – high reload time ->>> no much brawl
    Basically the gameplay of this tank will not allow you to play aggressive, but more carefully and reserved, lurking to inflict a 400damage to the distracted enemy.

  19. another copy of a copy tank lol..
    this game becomes so odd and boring… World of tanks = arcade kiddy counterstrike with tanks

  20. Mr. Silenstalker Files of model t-34-3 i can find in 8.7 test client to view in ex. wot tank viewer ?

    • It’s gonna be a tier 8 premium medium, not a heavy.
      Tier 8 heavies cost, on average, 11,140 gold.
      The 2 tier 8 premium meds that have been in stores cost 7,200 and 7,500 gold. I imagine its price range will be somewhere around there.

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  22. Well I will buy the T-34-3 as I like the look of the thing always wanted a Type 59 but know it will never go on sale again I will give this little medium a fair chance. the price will be 7,500 gold I think.