LTP – new tier 3 light tank stats


Courtesy of Applesaucebandit (US server), thank you. LTP will most likely be some kind of lowtier reward tank (possibly for WG’s birthday?), so the stats aren’t exactly groundbreaking:

Speed: 45.1 forward 18 reverse
Armor (hull): 30 front (including the driver hatch), 15 upper side, 20 lower side, 10 tracks, 30 rear
Armor (Turret): 30 all around
HP: 230
Hull traverse: 52
Cannot turn in place
Radio range: 360m
View range: 310m
Engine power: 170
Fire risk: 20%
Ground resistance (best to worst terrain): 1.2 1.3 2.3
Weight: 10.8t
Load limit: 13t
Gun: 45mm 20KL
Depression/elevation: -8°/+20°
Dispersion from hull/turret/shooting: 0.26 0.16 3.5
Ammo capacity: 150
Aim time: 2.1
Reload: 25 rpm (2.4 seconds)
Turret traverse: 36

29 thoughts on “LTP – new tier 3 light tank stats

  1. Better than T1E6 cause it’s tier III not II. Looks like T-127 but worse, only speed slightly better but worse HP/tone ratio, reload, armour, view range, Hit Points, turret traverse, even fire risk ;) . I hope it’ll have the same MM as T-127.

  2. If it is a giveaway tank, any guesses on when it will be gifted?

    Presumably, it won’t be given away to EU players?

  3. It seems like a very nimble tank to me. A bad HP/tonne though, but very good traverse speed. I like that.

  4. So compared to the T-127…

    - Smaller profile (should mean better camo, if nothing else it’ll be harder to shoot at)
    - Less health
    - Less view range
    - Better radio range
    - ~2 tons lighter (don’t ram anything)

    - Frontal armor is basically the same (ignoring the upper hull where nobody ever shoots anyway)
    - Lower glacis is tiny
    - Turret front armor is weaker in every regard, but the turret itself is a smaller target, and there’s less flat/non-mantlet area to shoot frontally
    - Tracks are thinner and cover less area

    - Same depression
    - Less elevation
    - Turret traverse is slower
    - Reload speed is slightly slower
    - (I would guess) slightly better accuracy
    - Higher ammo capacity (because 100 rounds just isn’t enough?)
    - Slightly more dispersion from moving the hull
    - Much less dispersion from moving the turret

    - ~5 hp/t less
    - Much better traverse (52 d/s is absurdly good, should bleed little speed if any while maneuvering)
    - Higher speed limit (though whether it can reach it on the flat is to be seen)
    - Lower ground resistances in all terrain types

    It’s a smaller, quicker (once it gets going), more nimble T-127. It looks to me like it’s meant to be more a hull-down sniper, taking advantage of its little turret and decent gun depression.
    Probably not going to be nearly as good as the T-127 at brawling due to its lower fire rate, worse power:weight, and weaker armor.

    Based on what I’ve read here, I’ll probably keep it. It’s likely not going to be able to bully people like the T-127 can, but it compares decently enough.

    And hey, it’s free, and leagues better in its tier than the pile of crap that was the T1E6. I appreciate gifts, and generally try my utmost to keep and use them, but…that thing got sold within the week to free the slot, it was so bad. I can see the LTP sticking around, at least for a bit.

    • Don’t diss the T1E6 “Cowboy”, it’s a hilarious little trashbin. The main problems it has are really A) T18 EVERYWHERE B) Province *again*?

      Also it’s kinda cute, just like the T-127 and this guy. Who’s a widdle liddle tank?

    • I am interested in this as well – crew count and composition. I hope it has similar layout to T-127 or BT-7 so it can train Commander + Gunner + Driver kind of crew.

    • The turret seems to small and narrow compared to the driver’s hatch that I’m starting to worry this thing might actually be a two-man job… :/

        • Bugger, now all it needs is a proper tier 3 MM (tier 3-5 battles) and it’s dead on arrival :-(

          Still hoping for 3 man crew, BT series have relatively small turret as well (and Commander surely can’t be sitting in the ammo compartment).

    • If I remember correctly, It has a commander who does all of the gun stuff, and then a driver and radioman in the hull.

      • I just double checked and I was wrong. The crew has a commander/gunner/radioman, a driver, and a loader.

    • Well, it is propably 15th anniversary gift, so what could we expect ;) You think they could give us something higher than T3 ? It is WG mate …

  5. Today first battle ı was kill 3 tank , next battle 4 kill and last battle 5 kill i like this tank :D