Post-0.8.6 changes in efficiency rating

Hello everyone,

I really, REALLY didn’t want to get into this topic and postponed this article several times already, but I guess the time has come. I didn’t want to do it mostly because I dislike the XVM mod and numbers, but whatever.

Anyway, here’s the background: as some of you know, the server (that currently hosts FTR) was made by a Russian player Edrard. Edrard is – amongst other things – the creator of the classical Efficiency Rating system (that XVM uses). Some of you might have noticed that post 8.6, your efficiency rating changed. This is due to the changes made in the formula. Edrard explains:

And so it was that with the release of patch 8.6, the artillery, which earlier was ranged from tier 2 to 8 became tier 2 to 10 – and everything would be fine, if the tier 8 artillery suddenly didn’t become tier 10 and not only its tier was changed, but also your account’s old statistics, in which, vehicles tier 8 became vehicles of tier 10. As a result of this, many players had their average tank tier increased. For example, mine (previously 7,65) became 7,77 and I lost 3 points of Efficiency Rating as a result. However, some player’s ER dropped by as much as 10 points.
In the beginning, we planned to simply introduce a compensation by re-calculating (compensating) the artillery tiers, so that during the calculation of average artillery tier, tier 10 arties would count as tier 8, while tier 2 arties would stay tier 2. This would certainly do the job and would produce the desired effect, but in the future, it could bring a number of problems, such as:

- real average tier would differ from average ER
- in the future API from Wargaming, average tier will be calculated and it wouldn’t fit the ER calculation
- third-party (side-) developers will have to take the fact into account, which can lead to errors and misunderstandings

In the end, after consulting the colleagues and guys from XVM, we decided to implement another solution. We won’t implement the compensation at all, but will re-calculate the rating boundaries. At this moment, they look like this:

After the re-calculation, they will change and most likely decrease.

Silentstalker: This was posted roughly two weeks ago. Talked to Edrard today and he actually stated the re-calculations are ready and have been passed to the XVM guys. You can thus expect the new system soon (I am sure it will be announced)

41 thoughts on “Post-0.8.6 changes in efficiency rating

  1. You know that XVM mod is not only about the numbers? It helps to change the hp bars, text fields and what not.

    I want to make it clear: XVM mod is not equal to the Stats.

    • I just really dislike situations like I had for example yesterday.
      10 seconds after logging in:
      Maus: LOL 10 percent winning chance see you suckers
      *Maus suicides on Malinovka field*

      • You’ve made the point. Win Chance calculator is the worst thing that XVM devs coud ever invent. I disabled it in my mod long time ago. It leads to situations you have described.

        • When I have XVM installed, I have the winchance only show up on the after-battle results. It can be pretty funny then.

          However I don’t think I really need it that much. Just add locostan’s minimap for the view range and spotting circles and you’re ok.

          • SS, retards will be retards regardless of xvm, the stats can also be used in a useful manner for your team(eg killing that enemy unicum ASAP), and people who suicide because of winchance are usually <47% baddies anyway

      • Maus was idiot, and if he dont have xvm do stupid thing too. XVM not change it.
        But I use user stat (not win chance, is sime times to scary) to suspect if player play wise, or will show side armor, not angle etc. So i dont count on him, and play more pasive. (with good team u must play aggressive, because you may not shoot once otherwise)

      • I can understand the Maus driver though. Imagine you are a good player and work hard every fucking battle to get the win. And it’s always YOU who carries a bunch of retards to the win and they don’t do much besides stealing 1% kills or get out of cover if only 1-2 enemies are left. So what? It’s his tank and if he doesn’t want to fight for a certain team or doesn’t want to present some retards the win.. it’s his decision. He’s just sick of stupid players, like am i and i don’t like to present retards a win, though i do way too often.

        • This is the biggest bullshit ive ever read.

          So if you’re in the army, if you don’t like your troop you commit suicide? Of cause not.

          The whole Idea of WoT like games is to win as a TEAM. If you don’t like your Team, either a) don’t play randoms or b) don’t play WoT. You don’t get to decide which team you like to play for and destroy the fun for everyone else.

          • Blabla.. Army? You’re the joke here. If you want realism, join the army idiot.

            Seems you are one of these under-developed retards who think the others will do the job, while you camp somewhere at a safe place waiting for some easy kills. Get the fuck off monkey.

          • You’re not in the position to tell anyone what they should do LOL. Maybe you wish to but… no.

            You need to understand that good players are sick of monkeys like you and we don’t want to present you the win and some easy kills on a tablet every round. If you want to be accepted on the battlefield you need to show good performance, XVM tells me if a player is good or bad. If XVM tells me that my whole team sucks i think of suiciding also, or stay near water to be able to drown my tank. Et voila ;)

          • muertex, you pussy…
            If you don’t want to support your team, you are not so good as you want others to believe. Whether your team is good or bad, it’s _your_ team, mate!

          • near water: same here. if i see my team sucks like hell and do just silly thing and it is seeable a lose i drunk myself. next game, next chance, fuck of stats or money. i play for fun not for the statswhores. its my time and my decission how i act with. other players decission is to do suicide rushes or still to camp to death. i do what a tank crew does if they have to give up the tank, i destroy it.

  2. The win %age has been disabled by default in XVM for ages. Even the developers tell you not to use it as it’s so outdated and useless. Just because other people manage to be total dicks with it doesn’t mean you have to.

  3. First, he was in a maus, that says a lot about mental capacity the drowning part just reinforces it!

  4. Btw EU has its first mission this weekend now with the special. Ill be Panzer 2 farming nonstop. 25k bonus for top gun + 30% extra credits for being one of the top 3 damage dealers in the team will be a credit rain. 6 kills are easy in tier 2, and im pretty much always top dmg dealer in those games, so millions here i come. Also KV1S has +30% credits + 30% credits if you are top of the dmg dealers, so that can be a pretty epic farming tank too this weekend.

  5. Don’t use XVM (or XFM) but rather enjoy the Noob Shouters who spam chat with “Noob Team” then take a swim or get creamed in the first minutes of the game and then we go on to win, and win wel,l without them.

  6. I didn’t notice anything happen to eff. The US server’s most used stat sig generator stopped putting it in sigs because WN7 is simply better.

  7. Last time I checked Eff-rating was still totally retarded (e.g. samae damage in t5 and t10 gave same amount of points) …

    whats the current formula used?

  8. interesting table. It confirms what I suspected – the xvm stat (most useful since it’s most simple to compare) is scaled linearly with win ratio/eff/wn6/whatever.

    What I would like to see as a golden standard would be the infor from the last column – where you are on a distribution curve.

    The simple number that would tell you: “you have a rating of 75, what means 75% of players has worse stats then yours.”

  9. My two cents. The whole average tier level is just stupid. Hello, if I’m fine driving tier IV-VI, I’m not going to advance. Why? If I find the most enjoyable tanks there, and less stats whores… Also, without premium account the upkeep of tier 9-10, even 8 sometimes is just too expensive.
    Anyway, efficiency leads to XVM whores, that I despise. It is not only hining before the game that we i.e. have a low win chance, but also… Running away like a little girl to the garage, when they see most of the team in red, and enemy in green. And they even don’t have the dignity to be a typial AFK/BOT idle player. No, they will say – our win chance sucks, bye…

    • If you were able to keep the same dpb/hp ratio in t6 and t10 come back and we can talk again.

  10. I have 13k battles and I have never seen anyone suiciding at first 1 min due to “noob team” or low win chance.

    • Lucky boy, but it happens really. But not so often. Would say once out of 1000 batlles. I would think the rating influences more the individual gameplay, say for example “doh, 30% win chance? Ok I will stay behind arty or rocks and wait for some red dots.” or “Let’s make a quick suicide run to get the next tank in garage”

  11. 8.6 update has messed up the stats big time. Now it is a lot easier to do damage since there are so few arties. 3k damage on average per battle doesn’t seem a lot anymore. I am just a little above average player but i can easily do 4k damage on average in my obj268. My previous stats on it looks a bit rediculous now.

    • Perhaps you are too ‘new’ in game, but nowit is how it used to be. Good players were doing good damage once, before the desease of arty took over the game.

      I still remember roflstomping entire teams wasn’t a rare thing, if your tier counterpart in enemy team was a noob.

    • Lets assume avg T10 match: 5 T10 * 2000 HP + 5 T9*1700 HP + 5* T8*1500 HP is 26000 HP in Pool. Replace 3 with 500 HP arty and you have about 21400 HP in patch 8.5
      There is your difference.
      With 8.7 there is very roughly on average 20% more HP to reduce. Am i correct?

      • It is hard to evaluate exact effect of 8.6 , because it is not just the fact that tanks and td’s have more HP, but arties were the main damage dealers, while everybody else were camping a lot.

  12. “some player’s ER dropped by as much as 10 points.”

    That would be so nice… Mine suddenly dropped 25 points after 8.6 (from 1213 to 1188)

        • I have about 2000 games in tier 10(8) arty and alot in lowers as well and i lost 50 wn7 points.. dont know about EFF rating cause thats shit anyway and no one cares about it.

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