ER (XVM) changes after 0.8.6

Source: Edrard,

Hello everyone,

earlier, I translated Edrard’s post, where he explains what will be done with ER to compensate for new tier 10 arties. This is what was done. The winrate borders were – as expected – moved thus:

On the left side is the earlier version, on the right side, the new one. As you can see, the border values were dropped roughly by 15 points. The XVM scale formula was changed thus:

XWN_0.8.6 = IF(WN6>2160; 100; МАX(МIN( WN6*(WN6*(WN6*(-0,00000000001268*WN6 + 0,00000005147) – 0,00006418) + 0,07576) – 7,25; 100); 0))
XEFF_0.8.6 = IF(EFF<420; 0; МАX(МIN(EFF*(EFF*(EFF*(EFF*(EFF*(0,000000000000000045254*EFF – 0,00000000000033131) + 0,00000000094164) – 0,0000013227) + 0,00095664) – 0,2598) + 13,23; 100); 0))

19 thoughts on “ER (XVM) changes after 0.8.6

  1. Don’t really see much of a difference, so the actual numbers won’t change, and the borders will?

      • Nah, what i’m getting at is this strange shit that’s been happening for a few days now – my XVM eff just got boosted by a whooping 150+ points over 2 days, so i was thinking about some recalculations and stuff, but the formula itself hasn’t changed and the wot-news calc shows my old eff.

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  3. Well in-game I found that my eff rating is 1k higher than the one displayed on stats sites like wotlabs or noobmeter or even wot-news.

  4. My WN6 went down about 50 points (under 1900 :( ) when arty tier changed. After that my effiency rating boosted sky high. Would have wanted it otherway around but whatever.

  5. The only true way to know a players WORTH is to play with them for 15-20 games back to back. Ideally playing the same tank over and over. After that many games you should have a fair idea if they are any good.

    Other then that and damage per game its pretty much useless to use creative figures.

    That’s my 5 cents.


    PS don’t bother blasting about my stats since any argument you make will fail and fail hard.

  6. Hey Silent could you ask Edrard if he going to implement dmg upon spotting/detracking to the formula ? or is it already there? coz when i play light tanks sometimes i do like 400 – 600 dmg but get 3 or 4 k upon spotting

      • You -can- technically get it – if it’s written in the after-battle stats it could be stored somewhere, but it could be some tough shit to get – totally not worth the “accuracy” of the formula.
        I’m pretty sure that anything that shows up in your dossier (the cache-file stored in your game-files) can technically be brought up to the xvm database – but there’s no real use in that.

        • I would highly appreciate spotting dmg part of the wn7/eff formular.
          Aggressive gameplay (brawler) would benefit from it and campers.. well… NOT :)

          You might get the data now, but you’ll have problems getting the correct data for past matches. Where spotting dmg wasn’t part of the after-battle report. But could also be wrong here…

          • Spotting damage can be manually increased as a result of passive scouting about as much as you can increase regular damage by camping (or KD-ratio by killing low-health tanks instead of using your 560-750 alpha), so it wouldn’t really show much.
            Besides, it would benefit a very little group of players that play only scouts – i doubt that you have ~10-20k games with 50-70% of them being scouts (of different gameplay and purpose).
            What i would like though is the AVG amount of spots you get, or a more dynamic formula that would take the last X games – when i started i played like a brainless tard, which i don’t play like now, but the first 2-4k (~) games still count even though i’ll break the 17k limit soon.

          • “Spotting damage can be manually increased as a result of passive scouting”
            So what should – for example – a Chaffee do in a Tier X game? Spotting is its core business, isn’t it? …you can’t measure efficency of a scout by kills and dmg. Although a good player will also achieve good values here with ease. (but still less than with a heavy or TD)

            “Besides, it would benefit a very little group of players that play only scouts”
            Since I’m used to brawl in the front line, I often have more spotting dmg than the scouts in my team.
            Don’t get me wrong, I’m not whining to get better eff or whatever. I just think all different classes should get equal possabilies to achieve the same WN7/Eff. Which isn’t given now…

            “a more dynamic formula that would take the last X games”

  7. yeah maybe you are right its not worth it coz not many ppl play scouts , but you can’t measure efficency of a scout but dmg and kills

  8. they should raise the border values, too many purples running around
    maybe 2000/2000 WN/ER :D