Sturmtiger model spotted in WOT

Author: Peo1 via Firatstyler

Sturmtiger is not exactly in game yet, but the model has been put as an easter egg:

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12 thoughts on “Sturmtiger model spotted in WOT

  1. Amazing xD

    Never ever did I pay attention to things like that.. even dough I just loved roaming all around Skyrim searching for easter eggs :D

    WG devs surprised me nicely with this one ^^

  2. Wow, what a find. I wonder how exactly the player stumbled upon it…
    and more importantly, if there are other easter eggs like these.

  3. Is it wierd that even if its liek that i want to run away infront of it?

  4. i found its model:
    look at 85_winter.pkg (in res/packages)
    then content\militaryEvironment\mle108_BelogorskTank

    its only static model (no guns/ tracks etc – just one model) but some modellers can make good thing

  5. Hmm…first time I saw SturmTiger it wasin a 8.5 Asap video, detracking a Leo1 with the splash from a sheel that landed 20 m away of him.
    Now I can take a closer look, yay. :)

  6. First of all, thanks for promoting my video, but it’s Peo01 not Peo1 ;P

    Thanks again to Firatstyler for mentioning it in his thread in the german forums and LeutnantSieg for showing people the tank~

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  8. actually there been roll once in public match in EU server whr its on tier 7 vs tier X battle.. the missile damage from tat cannon is around 3k when its hit on Maus and E100.