Reward T10 E-75 Ausf.W (“Weserhütte Tiger”) – Next Step

Hello everyone,

some of you might recall that not so long ago, Storm stated that they want to introduce more reward T10 vehicles (like the M60, Object 907 and the Failowe), obtainable thru random battles – but they have a problem: all of the tier 10 candidates are already “scheduled” to appear as regular vehicles with lines of their own.

As a reaction to that, Kankou, Zarax and me did make a tier 10 proposal: the E-75 Ausf.W:

You can read about it here (including proposed stats):

What happened afterwards?

Two things. Basically, I asked an “unnamed developer” (I don’t want to bring pressure on him, my question was informal), whether this design would be viable. Basically, his reply was that it’s as good as any other proposal. At the same time, I gathered feedback, which was actually quite positive (more than I expected at least).

In the meanwhile, Kankou did propose it to Wargaming officially thru some other contacts. But honestly, we all know, every project needs support – your support, the support of players, who like it and would like to see it in the game.

So, this is where YOU come in, dear readers. This project needs your approval and some good hype. I can see you asking one (the most logical) question – “Why should I support it?

Here are a few reasons why:

- first, it’s (semi) historical. The historical background is described at length in the aforementioned article
- it’s not another German huge metal box. You probably could find more heavy tank “historical” candidates for the German T10 position, such as the “Tiger Maus”, or the “E-100 Ausf.B”, but all of them are basically Maus/E-100 clones. This proposal is different, it’s more mobile, has sloped armor and packs quite a punch, it’s like E-75 on steroids
- it’s essentially a player-described evolution of the original Weserhütte hull proposal. In other words, if your feedback can get it in, it might as well be the first “player-suggested” tank in the game.
- it’s as good a design as any, when it comes to T10 random battles. If you have a different idea for the T10 reward tank, sure, that’s cool too, but you have to consider the fact it can’t be anything “common”, as those vehicles (for example the Chieftain tank) are scheduled to appear at some point as regular vehicles. If you care only about getting some rewards for random battles too, you might as well consider this tank

Regarding the third point – make no mistake, the chance to get this tank in is most likely small, but I still think it’s a good idea and it’s worth trying.

So, what can you do?

Talk about it. Propose it. This appeal goes especially to EU (and possibly SEA) server, where every community has its own language section (especially the EU German, Polish and others), you can translate a part of it if you want to, post it in the “suggestion” section. Stuff like that.

Of course, if you don’t do any of that, that’s just fine. All I am asking for you, dear readers, is to at least consider the idea and the reasons I posted above.

117 thoughts on “Reward T10 E-75 Ausf.W (“Weserhütte Tiger”) – Next Step

  1. I’ll translate it and post it to the german section later today. Since I’m a huge fan of the E-75 I’d love to get this one.

    • You can send my a version of your translation via WoT forum PM and I will beta read your work.

      And now in German:
      Kannst mir den Text dann übersetzt über die PM Funktion des WoT Forums schicken, dann mache ich den Beta Leser.

    • I hope this action will not succeed. We have to many copy/paste tanks already and we dont need another german fantesy tank.

  2. We’re also considering a TD version out of it, although it will need some serious engineering thought before any final design.

  3. I am OberstKnorre and this is my favorite tank on the citad… erm… I mean…

    This tank sounds awesome. I always loved the E-75 at tier 9, since it was very, very, very well rounded, which is why I always preferred it over E-100 and Maus. A (stronger) E-75 at tier 10 would be just great. Especially if it’s somehow historical.

  4. I’m gonna propose this tank to the sea forums… Hope they will also like it as much as other players do…

  5. I’d love to get a Object 277 (IS-8 on steroids) instead of this semi-real WWII beast. Why? Because, every day, WoT is turning more into a Cold War-era MMO Russian tank game. :D

  6. NO!
    Why should another E-75 be separate from the original one? A new E-75 (be it Ausf. W or Aufs.M) should follow the normal E-75 in the tree.
    Besides of that, there is already one special reward German heavy. Why putting just another one into the game? What come next? T95E5 as a new American reward med?
    The new special tank should differ in nation and class from what is already there: British TD, French heavy, at least American heavy or German med.

    • Because the developers specifically stated they are looking for possible tier 10 reward candidates. Also, because German tanks (unlike French heavies and British TD’s) are popular. If you know of suitable candidates tho, feel free to post them in forum suggestions. I don’t.

      • The developers are whining about the overpowered-ness of 50′s Russian tanks, but they’re not looking at Jagdtiger or Tortoise.

          • …Penetration-wise, JT has similar characteristics with the 130mm M-65 tank gun, which can be found installed on some 50′s Russian heavy tanks like Object 770 (rejected by SerB because of too much penetration) and Object 277.

            There’s 1 idea about how to nerf the OP penetration of this gun; it can use the same ammo with IS-7′s S-70 gun.

        • The Tortoise basically gets the Tier X heavy gun with stupidly good RoF and acc stats. Don’t take one on frontally pretty much. :/

    • People poo-pooing potentially free stuff that needs to be earned. This is why we can’t have nice things …

      • @Herr Klugscheisser, poo-pooing free stuff? I actually would like to GRIND this tank, in fact I loved E-75 and it’s still in the garage despite I’m long done with grinding for E-100.

        On the other hand, what I would like to get as a possible special reward (assumed I’m good enough) is something SPECIAL. Now there are already 3 German T10 heavies. Why should the next tank be heavy again? Especially since it would be the most logical continuation after T9 E-75.
        Honestly, Ob.770 is a far better candidate, since it won’t fit any current tree (unlike 277 which would logically follow IS-8).
        There are a plenty of American heavies and possibly some meds and TDs. Why not include them? The devs are 100% aware of them, since there’s enough of that stuff in Hunnicutt’s.
        Then again there are 120mm FV4004, 183mm FV4005 and FV3807, the so called JagdChieftain, of which only 1 will be actually implemented as T10 TD. Why not use the rest?

        • @LaterTimeLord
          Did you just called Jagdtiger OP? You sir are a retard. Retard with capital R. Either that or you got shot by one cause you are too stupid to take cover and not shootout with JT 1 vs 1 so it’s butthurt talking out of you. i won’t say to you L2P, but to grow your brain instead, hillybilly.

          • Sir, you’re simply wrong.

            First, I’m not afraid of the Jagdtiger since I have tanks that could beat the Jagdtiger in correct situations.

            Second, I’m not a retard that yells angrily at people for no sh*t, unlike you. If you don’t like my reply, don’t read it. Otherwise you’ll just show how f*cked up you are.

          • Then please for the sake of all mentally healthy people explain to me why is JT OP?

  7. Can someone photoshop the missing wheels in it? It is a small detail but i think a E75 sould have a E75 chassis and not a E50s.
    And adjust the color of the turret to the body.

      • read historical facts first than post comments. I dont mean the power wheel whith transmision which is moved to the back.
        I mean the road wheels. E50 has 6 but E75 should have 8. E75 dont have the gap between a pair of two wheels.

        Atm we have just a illustration with E75 turret and stockgun + E50m body part. This is OK if you want to give people an idea what you want. But for an nice nice advertizing campaign something more accurate would be nice.
        Add the two missing wheels + adjust the color to give it a bit of fine tuning. Details make a product succesfull.

        • You haven’t read the article, why are you trying to argue?
          In that particular project, E-75 indeed was supposed to have 3 bogies with 2 wheels each per side.
          As to how these few wheels were supposed to carry 90+tons of weight – I can’t imagine…

          • ” As to how these few wheels were supposed to carry 90+tons of weight – I can’t imagine…”

            Finally someone who understand.

        • FFS read the fucking linked article in the post!

          The entire concept is explained there. Btw hull design is from E50M if you know the differences

          • God damn are you rly so blind. God damn!
            The article tells you about the transmission change from the front to the back and they have to make it longer bla bla bla.
            But not about the weight. 90tons are to much or this suspension. There is a reason why the Adler Werke made 8 road wheels.
            Don´t focus to much on this scatch. If you want a E75 W with the same armor specs like our E75 with the same ufp etc you will need 8 roadwheels.
            Just compare the ufp of the Adler Panther and the Weser Tiger. They are the same. Maybe the name is wrong and the Weser Tiger should actually be the Weser Panther. I don´t know. But the ufp are different, but we have here an E75W which has the same ufp armor as the normal E75. Which will result in more weight.
            So dont fucking focus to much on this scatch. No mater what 90tonns whould push the suspension far over the limit. Thats why you will need 8 roadwheels.

            Rly I dont understand what is so complicated about that. It is just common sense.

  8. Why should be a reward/premium/promo tank be better than a regular one?

    And who wants another copy/paste tank? I’d rather have a somewhat fake tank than a copy of a exsisting one.

    • Because the regular one is T9 and this one would be T10?

      The hull is different too than on the regular E-75, it’s a longer E-50 Ausf.M hull (well, suspension-wise anyway).

      • I don’t think that he didn’t reslize that it is Tier x.

        He is referring to the stats of this new tank which would be “op” compared to current Tier x and i tend to agree.

  9. Do you mean by “all of the tier 10 candidates are already “scheduled” to appear as regular vehicles with lines of their own”, that the reward tanks will eventually have their own line in the future?

    • It is historical, the two tanks shared base chassis, only gun, armor and suspension would be different.

    • How about the new quest system and some weird prerequisites? Like getting exactly 500 xp (no prem) in a tier10 match? This will be really hard to rigg ;)
      So that the reward is not tied to being the topdog in damage/xp or whatever is ‘riggable’ in a battle.

      • So you want to complete quests by sucking at the game and earn 500xp on a tier X battle? I feel sorry for you..

        • I can already imagine the advertisements: “I’m a good player, will play and boost your account for only 10000 gold if you want that tier 10 special tank.”

          • Well, it seems nobody has really read my post:
            I didn’t said getting more than 500 xp, I said exactly 500 xp not 499 (or less) or 501 (or more). And I didn’t thought about the exact number, you can easily switch it to 1000 xp if you want to. But my point is, that the dmg-rng can easily screw your rigged game. Or even if someone is ‘stealing’ you xp, because he’s spotting for you. Or you accidently spot for someone else.

            If you are all as good as you say – try it out: Get exactly 1000 or 500 xp. Not more, not less. It is as hard, as it is ‘riggable’.

      • It is in fact very easy to obtain. Just play some random battles. Let XP outcome be a random variable. If we don’t count some epic battles let us assume that you get between 0-1500 non premium XP. So there is certain non zero probability that you gain exactly 1000 or 500 XP. If you take n battles then probability of receiving exact value tends to 1 as n goes to infinity. There is no skill involved.

        • If it is so easy, then take the tank you like the most and write down your average xp. Go out and play 100 battles. Then write down how often you got exactly your average xp. If the number is 1 or greater: Okay scrap my idea (Oh, screenshot/replay or it didn’t happen ;) ).
          My example was 500 or 1000 – if you will even 600, 700, 800 or 900 – because a xp-rating with 2 or 3 zeros at the end is more eyecatching than your average xp. This weekend I played more than 100 battles and I never got a 00 as the last 2 digits of my battle xp.

          Actually if you’re having a better idea to make a competition ‘non-riggable’, go ahead and tell us.

  10. How many made up tanks do we need to satisfy wehrboos and their wet dreams?

    • why would you care if its historical or not?
      I dont mind driving my Prowler tank in PS2

    • It’s not made up.
      It’s based upon the historical E-75 drawings by Weserhutte which showed a slightly longer tank than the initial design.

      The source is Spielberger so it’s realiable.

  11. Just to point out, Ausf. W would be incorrect as Ausfuhrung is sort of equivalent to Mark or Model, E-75 (W) would be the correct name for it.

  12. So basically its the E-75 Ausf M?So less egine fires and a few tons lighter.

  13. Let’s just throw in more fantasy vehicles shall we? Semi-Historical or not. It’s still some what made up.
    Might as well throw in some secret Norwegian medium tank designs from the 50s while we’re at it.

  14. Personaly, I’d rather have it as a researchable e75 hull in the nebulously distant future.

  15. But i want this thing as a regular vehicle…Giving this thing as reward for some clanwars is not that fun…
    Let’s face it, this Better E75 is much better than the E100 / Maus. So why would they give this awesome tank only as reward? Not fair at all…

        • This is a proposal for a reward tank obtainable through random battle, dude. Still I would prefer to see less paper tanks based on a pair of conceptual drawings.

          • You do realise that random battle is RANDOM?
            As long as they will request you to be in top 10 exp with 5 tanks or whatever you will have to rely on RNG to win this tank.
            You can be as good as you want, but without RNG on your side you can’t be in top 10 exp with any tank.

            This would be a nice reward if you unlock all german heavy tanks. No RNG involved.

  16. Id really love to see this tank introduced, however if its like the M60 I wont ever get one myself, and therefore I couldnt care less if its introduced, as it will be unavailable to me anyways.

  17. I don’t see what is it’s strong point. E-75 has good armour for tier 9, what would this have ?
    The gun doesn’t have such a big punch with average pen and OKish DPM
    13 hp/t is not quite med like agility
    it has mediocre hull-down capabilities
    armour is on the level of tier 9 with big weakspot in the front
    pretty big silhouette
    OK mobility for a Heavy but
    sniper gun

    I don’t see any big selling points but maybe I’m overlooking something.
    I’d still want it because of the Jack of all trades / master of none feeling. That’s what a post war MBT should have been. But … still. I would have wished for something at least more exotic, a niche vehicle. The difference in HP and speed doesn’t justify a tier 10 E75 for me.

  18. If this model doesn’t somehow make it.. the Panzer IX Propaganda bubble tank would make an interesting candidate.

  19. Anothert same looking german tank, it’s so boring. I know there is not much choices in design, because most of them are based on same hull and same turret but still…. I would prefer to see new nation than another clone of german or russian tank.

    • All is left is Tiger-Maus (basically worse mobility E-100 with Maus turret) and a couple Maus early drafts, not exactly what I’d call exciting or different choice.

      Your pick, sir.

  20. What a boring tank suggestion. No thanks. Id rather see them introduce something else.

  21. My post somehow disappeared ;(

    Anyway.. as someone above mentioned to put it into the signature [ As a link, I suppose ].. why not make it as a picture with some text on it [ Uncle Sam style.. We need you ]. Then just link the picture to this thread or the one with the specifications ^^

    After that all we need to do is.. spread the picture all around :P

    • The *reallly* optimistic could hope that one day it’d push aside that dreadful “E-79″ that keeps popping up time after time like an obstinate turd in a toilet bowl.
      “I have a dream…” :P

  22. I like it but id rather see them buff this tank, put it at tier 10 and branch off the super heavy trash tank (Maus specifically but E100 is slightly less trash because of the gun). Then I can put my maus crew in something fun.

  23. Stalker pls…
    People have been begging WG to do the 2nd TD line Krok style T10 forever and a day, and even before the JPZE100 was shown off. And WG refuses to give that to the people, and are now making a semi-slow E-100 chassis open top TD for the next T10, lol… What makes you think they’re going to do this?

    And I hope Kankou didn’t have say in how to “balance” this tank, because she’s demonstrated she doesn’t have the concepts nor skill as a competitive player to do such. She’s got the ego though.

    • The Krokodil is bullshit through and through already as a design nevermind now being 120% fake.
      This, at least, has *some* basis in reality.

      Also did you actually even read what the whole thing is about?

  24. Meh, IDK whats more boring, German tanks (copies of Tiger2) or Chinese (copies of T-55)? Either way i’d rather see another Russian prototype, they’re at least innovative and more often than not a physical prototype was actually built.

    • I know but ironically the developers consider them too overpowered compared to the shitty tanks other countries can offer… Obj 277 had protection, mobility and high rate of fire all combined in one sexy package, it would make tier XII or XIII according to SerB…

      • errate corrige: paper tanks that people can make up on the basis of obscure doodles found in some forgotten drawer.

      • Devs are considering Obj.430U(something like mini-Obj.277/770), perhaps it will be 3rd Soviet tier X hvy.

  25. 这个计划看起来很不错,但是装甲和火力是硬伤。不过我想知道此方案的火炮俯仰角是多少?

  26. Hope this tier 10 will has a competition which give chance for clanless or weak clans players to get this. Due the previous M60, Object 907, VK7201 mostly for strongest clan and some clans are too strong for other can against them.

  27. I would like to see it in game, as both current German heavies are just disgusting for me. But I would not like it to be only CW reward, as it would mean that again only a few the best clans will be rewarded and I as clanless player will have absolutely no chance to get it.

    • “In recent Q&A, Storm stated that while they are looking for some tier 10 vehicles to serve as reward tanks to be obtainable thru random battles, but haven’t found any. Well, here’s one they could use. Presenting: the Weserhütte Tiger!”

      • Right, then it all depends of how exactly it could be obtainable, if at all.
        It should be regular German T10 instead of this huge barn E-100.