Russians?! In my EU ESL?!!! Impossibru!

Hello everyone,

looks like we have found our EU server “rage of the week” (well, at least until regular WG EU weekend event screwup).

Basically, what happened: a Polish player is complaining in a rather long thread that Russian teams are joining European ESL competition, while European players are not allowed to play RU ESL. And – because they are better, folks are like “evul commies steelin muh cheezburgr prizes n stuff”.

Naturally, the whole thread (along with its several “child” threads) has become a trollfest, with many players claiming Russian bias (that never gets old, does it). Therefore, several minithreads got canned by mods.

There was also a separate voting thread, ending… well, obviously, not exactly in favour of Russian participation in EU ESL.

Anyway, those who complain also bring up the WoT Pro League rules:

A Russian player can only either play in the RU Pro Leauge or the EU Pro Leauge, but not in both.

(yea, there is a double typo in official ESL rules, just brilliant)

Honestly, I don’t care that much about e-sports and I don’t know, whether those Russian players participate in BOTH leagues, but if you feel like supporting the Europeans (or to oppose them), just go to the abovementioned thread. Personally, I think it would be easier to just… you know, allow everyone to play everywhere.

And what’s your opinion?

70 thoughts on “Russians?! In my EU ESL?!!! Impossibru!

  1. „looks like we have found our EU server “rage of the week” (well, at least until regular WG EU weekend event screwup)”

    hahaha, nice one

  2. uugh. not the polish again cant they just shut up and join war thunder or some other stupid game.

    also i’m with you on this one SS e-sports is just a waste of time but I just hate people who are serious about a stupid little game. some idiot: “just shut up you little noob, your win7 is rubbish” me: “well why are you so serious about a FREE TO PLAY game. also this isn’t the USMC so don’t use the “noob” word to me”

    I think that went well.

    • No offense to anyone, but… I just thought you are supposed to get slim and fit while doing “sports”, not the opposite…

      It’s a game, not a sport. Nothing wrong with that, is it?

      • How about chess? I’m certain you guys know it is one of the Olympic sports…

        • It’s called a “game of chess”, not a “match of chess” after all :) Nah, I don’t think chess counts as sport either, despite it sometimes being referred to as such.

          • Chess is a competition just like anything else. Archery and Shooting are also not exactly sports where you would have to move your body so much. Similar thing. I would say that sport is literally everything which involves human competition and is commonly performed just for a pleasure / entertainment. eSports seems like they fit in that definition.

          • Not sure if I get the “game of chess” vs. “match of chess” either, that seems irrelevant.

    • What USMC had to do with noobs ?
      Why are you ranting about small meaningless country in EU ?

      What is important to respect things that are important to others not only you, noob!

      • are you talking about The Czech Republic? You must be a stupid narrow minded fat American kid then, GTFO

          • Haha this also never gets old, geography-challenged ‘merricans mistaking chechnya for czech rep.

          • Czechs are europeans, Czech Rep. is in European Union, member of OECD, NATO, etd… So NO terrorists here + they are Caucasians, so next time you will start blaming your allies from something they fight with you against (terrorism), move your lazy uneducated arse and get your sh*t right man. Czech Republic in not Chechnya, you should really apologise to them and pray for their forgiveness.

      • stfu because its true? Painful innit? Don’t worry in a couple of years you won’t even get it, you will become a fat stupid American speaking Spanish.

  3. Wether you take the league seriously or not wouldn’t really be the point. Rules are there not always just to restrict, but to help ensure fairness, and often in such “sports” for the purpose of ensuring entertainment value (spectators).

    If the rule exists, then it should be enforced, otherwise options would be:

    -remove the rule and allow either side to fight on either/both leagues.

    -combine the leagues and increase the prize values (combined amount of both) or increase the lowe rankings to get reward (instead of places 1-3 being rewarded, allow places 1-6).

    Wether or not the russians playing in the EU league are better isn’t that important, as the idea is the best teams/players win, but to let 1 side have 2 chances, and another only 1 chance wouldn’t be fair.

  4. Come on now, if Russians are allowed to play on EU but Europeans aren’t allowed to play on RU, then yeah, that’s obviously biased and unfair. Russian players are consistently treated better than Europeans, just think about recent missions or that ammo affair. No amount of manipulation and shilling will change these simple facts.

    • think about campaign…
      for ALL servers its top 30 getting M60 but on Eu server there will be one M60 per 333 active players, on Na there will be one M60 per83 active players …oh and on Ru server there will be one per 1100 active players… yeah russians get treated way better :P

      PS: Number of active players was taken from Calculated with all Top 5 clans being in Top 30 and all clans having 100 members with enough battles (so its 3000 M60 per server)

  5. “A Russian player can only either play in the RU Pro Leauge or the EU Pro Leauge, but not in both.”

    case closed. Everywhere they say we should obey the rules. And here noone rly cares.

  6. i dont mind having russian players performing in the EU esl stuff… what i fear is that it becomes some kind of lopphole for teams, maybe not good enough to qualify on the russian server but still better here :/

    but since i have no clue about how good certain russian teams are…

  7. Can I reach something useful If I complain about any issue?

    World of Tanks announced as a community game, but earlier I’ve read an article – here – that says: “Community suggestions are 90% stupid…” I think u will guess who said that.

    I think the income frome EU servers is decreasing, that’s why WG allows Russian players in EU.

    It seems the best thing I can do is uninstall.

    World of Warplanes is more enjoyable for me yet, but I don’t want to think about that how can they ruin it.

    • “Community suggestions are 90% stupid…”
      Seeing some of suggestions on forums – I kind of agree with that.

      • A client is never “stupid”. Client can be “in the wrong” or “not sufficiently informed”, but you NEVER call a client “stupid”. That’s PR 101. Guess the simple rule never reached east of Bug river.

        • Sounds like the truth hurts. :v

          That reminds me, Finnish police apparently have a number of running jokes about “being a service occupation where the customer is *always* wrong” and “the customer is in the right, the baton in the left”… :P

          • WG doesn’t exactly have a cashflow problem the last I heard and AFAIK the dev Q&As are basically informal volunteer work. Plus the Russian audience on the whole apparently *likes* SerB’s snarky attitude and the only reason the rest of us even know about it is the tireless work of volunteers like SS – not to mention that I for one have no problem with it either.

          • That’s Russia for you – as I said, east of Bug river. Anywhere in the civilized world company would forbade SerB making any public announcements. “Stupid” is a piece of cake in comparison to other things he called people.

          • and as in the “civilized” world (YEAH we western ppl are so much better than those russians *facepalm*) success and therefore capitalism would proof him right :P

            I still dont understand how someone in our educated civilized world could get upset by someone calling stupid things stupid…

          • Ok, so let me answer “SerB-style”: you’re a dumb faggot because you can’t use punctuation. How does it make you feel? Are you upset because “truth hurts”? Or maybe because that’s not how polite people speak to each other?

          • Why do u think im upset by that? Don’t always think ur feelings/ ur opinion has to be the one off everyone else.
            I myself simply don’t give a f*ck ;)

          • To reiterate, AFAIK SerB does his Q&As essentially on his free time, ie. as a private individual rather than as a representative of the company. Which to my understanding means he’s quite free to say whatever the fuck he wants (freedom of speech and all that) – whether that would be good for business in some places is irrelevant.

            Also someone seems to have rather silly assumptions about online interactions, as well as a thin skin…

          • Don’t be naive. There’s nothing like “free time” and “voluntary” when you are talking about your job, on official forums, as a company representative etc.

            People are being fired for less. PR disaster can cost a company millions.

            I’ve personally seen a guy fired thrown out after two days for commenting his job on some blog. He was just a trainee, but still.

            Personally, I think SerB is a troll that should sit behind his desk and write code or do whatever he does as a job and stay clear off public.

          • Thank you for so concisely summing up what I find to be wrong and disgusting about today’s public-relations culture. SerB, as it happens, however is in a position where he can gleefully run his mouth off to his heart’s content.
            DEAL WIT IT and stop whining just because he doesn’t fit the standards of brown-nosing every dickwad that can however tenuously be described as a “customer” that you seem to consider of paramount importance.

    • for last ESL season, playing twice a week for a few hours, teams received 20k gold for each team member in top 10, so..its about £55-60 or 8 months of free premium, for doing something you would do any way…and I think all teams been rewarded buy just maybe a little less and top 3 got even more…so if you only have a skill and time I think its worth it.

  8. Thank god I don’t want to play WoT as a professional, apparently every game has better e-sport than this. Also the ESL guys are a bunch of shitheads, worst organized EU league in commercial sports (virtual and non-virtual), sadly, it is the only noteworthy EU e-sports league.

    I like the idea of e-sport. Taking sth that is fun to a competitive level has its charms, I played ET:QW in ESL a long time ago. It also shows that computer games are not simple “kill all mania”, like football is not only about getting the round into the square (well, bad example…)

    • Off-topic: What was your ETQW nick? Ever played on [lulu] Spielwiese? … nostalgia *sigh* :D

      • Hmm, I think it is dopingman too. But ET:QW vanished from my entered games a long time ago (most likely because ESL abondened the game, a deed which I will never forget and earned them my eternal hatred). Yes, Spielewiese servers were one of the best ones, lots of good team players, most of them speaking German and most of the time friendly. They also had a good map rotation.

        • Unfortunately I can’t remember you (At least not your nick: dopingman).
          Official language should have been ENG, but we all were from Austria/Germany/Swiss… so we rarely spoke english indeed :D

          Was rly disappointed as ESL abondened ET:QW back then. Literally killed the game…

          …well, at least nice to hear that our server was kindy popular.

          • Honestly, I can’t remember a single playername from ET:QW, except for some of my clanmates back then ;) Only some of the servernames stayed as I had ~5 favourites between which I frequently migrated, mostly to play a certain campaign. Does the Clanname Dual-Players [DP] ring a bell? Was the clan I was gaming with.

            Yes, after ESL withdrew its support and closed their ladder the playerbase numbers were free falling. Even regular players stopped playing after most servers were only 1/4 to 1/3 filled. Real shame and rather unjustified. If they wanted to attract more players they could have made some advertising instead of shutting the ladder down and then boldly claiming they would reopen it if they interest is high enough…

          • Actually no, sry. Just too long ago… :(

            The only reason why I can still remember the nicks of some of my old mates is the fact that we still occasionally play ETQW… well, once a year or so ;)

            The game itself was great with good potential, but without support from the devs a game will die… oh wait…

  9. after the noobs left the virtual battlefields, WoT and Esports is like a world championship in roulette … +/- 25% RNG ftw

    • Yup, RNG is pretty annoying when playing WoT ESL. One of the main reasons I stopped after a few attempts (random is random is annyoing as hell)

  10. Can’t comment there, because I told some typical retarded noobs the uncomfortable truth on too many occasations and the moderators were biased due to shared deficites…

    • PS: WTF is the point in localysing these events, if he localisations are ignored and there is selective permission to ignore it? Either ALL teams only get ONE global competetition or entirely free roam for everyone… No other solution is acceptable

  11. Don’t really have an interest in ESL and don’t have any problem with international players either (in this case RU), whole point of online gaming is you play with folks from all corners / walks of life

    Though I do recall reading some rather offensive blogs/articles depicting RU opinion on “how terrible” the EU clusters are inparticular some pretty harsh/offensive statements directed at the playerbase, one of such blogs caused enough hot steam to make it as an article here on FTR

    So if its so bad here, why are they so eager to restart accounts on EU for any reason other than less competition (lower player density here after all compared to RU) effectively “sealclubbing” at a higher level than the norm

    You can play on the RU servers as a non-native but I don’t recomend it unless you are bi-lingual if you thought the stuff we’re used to on the EU cluster was bad (siema!) you’ve seen nothing :)

  12. funny how from the 8 teams only 4[rox.kis na'vi vpro dignitas] were russian, 2[ag nstr] were ukrainian (dont tell me ukrain is not an european country), 1[mouz] were from poland and 1[db] from germany.

  13. The way I see it (and the way WG likely sees it) is that:

    Russia is part of Europe
    Europe is not part of Russia

    Therefore Russians can join a EU tournament, but [non-Russians] Europeans cannot join a Russian tournament

  14. First off, if you don’t like E-sports, then don’t follow it. You don’t have to, just ignore it, and your life will move on. Not so tough is it?

    Now as far as this goes. If true that Euros can’t play on the RU league, while the ruskies can play in the EU league, then that’s bullshit. Plain and simple. There’s no defense to this what so ever, and it’s just another volume added to WG’s russian love affair.

  15. the perfect trolling would be if they would allow everyone to play in every tournament. (eu players would suck against the RU ones…)

    • Or if the NA players jumped in and cleaned house of all the bads from EU and the terribads from RU.

  16. Are those RU players really russians? Im asking this because not only russians are using cyrillic letters. Its always a big fun for me when I see a fellow-countryman in battle and when I write in chat “здравей” (hi). Because I always know, at least half of the dudes are wetting their pants right now thinking “oh ma gad, big bad evil russians are comming for me, they will f#ck me, my wife and my dog, help, help, help” xD Its allways hilarious :)

  17. At first: In my opinion WoT isn’t a candidate for serious e-sport. RNG influence is way too high. Example: Is3 vs Is3, first does 440 damage, enemy does 360 damage. WTF?

    Seems unemployed ruskies have too much free-time to play and grind on the Eu-server. They should be banned from ESL as its clearly against the rules.

  18. If the only argument they can come up with is that the Russians are better, maybe they just need to practice more?
    I would feel pretty terrible if I whined on a forum that some people should be excluded because they are better than me.