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Hello everyone,

okay, there has been a huge change of plans. Earlier today I wrote a long rant post about the T-shirts and I wasn’t really happy about it, because – let’s face it: with a dozen individual T-shirts, the prices will vary, then there were the payment options and some other details.

And then, someone in comments (whoever you were, you have my thanks) mentioned the Spreadshirt service. Call me neanderthal, but I didn’t know about it. Anyway, it’s really simple: it’s a (worldwide, actually) service, where you can create and buy your own T-shirts, but also create “shop” with your designs. It’s a bit more expensive than if I did it myself, but in the end, not that much. On the plus side: it’s big and well-rated service, which means you WILL get what you order and you will have various payment and delivery options.

So, basically, you can find the FTR “shop” here:


Inside, you will find 4 simple designs I created. It’s really simple, like any other e-shop and you can select pretty much ANY color and size you want (please, the text is white, so don’t select white T-shirt). So – there you go. The one T-shirt that is more expensive than others has writing on both sides (just check the description). You can get them yourself anytime you want, or you can create your own T-shirts, it’s really easy with that service. I’ll be adding (for limited time, this “shop” will not stay forever) a “shop” button to the upper menu too, for easier navigation.

And one last thing: I added a (small) commission to each shirt’s price. I ran around to handle the T-shirts quite a bit lately, so I hope you don’t mind that.

10 thoughts on “T-Shirts now available

  1. Well, you pulled that off quite fast. Gonna load up PayPal and get me one!
    HOW TERRIBLE!!! :-)

  2. SS you are great! I ordered one T-Shirt and I hope I will meet you or anyone with one of these at the Gamescom in Cologne :-)

  3. What happened to the shirt with SerB showing his middle finger? I really wanted that =/

    • I can’t use WoT symbols, or SerB photos. That would be illegal I am afraid. Nothing however prevents you from making a T-shirt with his pic of your own :)

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