SerB explains World of Warplanes advantages over War Thunder:

“Our planes don’t fly sideways and turn on the spot like Ahnenerbe flying saucers. Apart from being realistic, (SS: it allows you) the possibility to predict your opponent’s behavior and not having to fire randomly, we have no need for (SS: “ленты без трасс” – “something without tracers”? Sorry, I honestly don’t know the correct translation here, my best guess would be “battles without tracer rounds”) in order to compensate for that.

We have better battle organization – we don’t make games for no-life nerds, but for busy guys, who can relax with the game after work.

We don’t have pay-to-win in main battle mode. Our monetization politics are traditionally soft. We have shorter grind towards top tiers (just like in WoT), possible even without premium account. No-lifers shall not pass.

We have better quality plane models.

We have easier to understand damage model, which however is complex enough at the same time to (it’s possible to shoot off a wing or a tail, to kill the pilot, destroy the engine, while the airplane cannot eat all the damage forever).

In long term, we’ll have more planes. And when I fix the deficiencies (lower FPS) – it will be really great.”

SerB also states the cons of WoWp: performance (for now), the fact server-side-heavy game puts a lot of pressure on the graphic engine, more optimization needed

- there will be possibly even more planes than WoT tanks in WoWp
- Q: “I have a question. Is there something you are hiding from the players?!” A: “Of course. For example my credit card number.”
- Q: “Will Object 261 be faster?” A: “As soon as you provide historical documents showing it was faster, we will implement that.”
- T-34T (torsion bar experimental T-34) won’t be implemented anytime soon, however A-43(T-34M) is a torsion bar re-work of the T-34 (SS: and A-43 will come in 8.8)
- Q: “People whine about TD’s now. Who do you think will be next?” A: “Mediums. Because heavies wouldn’t whine about themselves”
- it is actually advantageous to use the “Jack of all trades” commander perk in crews, where the commander plays more roles (for example, acts as a radioman)

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  1. you got to laugh at serb he could make a living as a stand up comedian lol wowp better than wt. at least wt looks like its from this decade

    • You can’t blame him for preferring the game of his company.. of course he will point out only on the good points [ That is.. good points by his opinion ]

      And if I read it well.. he didn’t actually said WoWp is better.. he just counted the advantages of WoWp over WT :P

      If it’s for me.. If I really wanted to choose I would say it like this – WT is there for you to enjoy in the game [ Graphics and sound wise.. ] and WoWp is there for the “award” system.. the more you know about it and the better you get.. the more fun you have. (:

      • Still cant get what is wrong with WoWP and WoT graphics… and this is coming from someone that is a freacking graphics whore. Sure, optimization I get, but the actual graphics?

        • Graphics whore? You mean blind one? Go and play Battlefield 3 (or even Crysis, almost 6 years old game!) if you want to see how much WoT graphics suck. Even dated UE3 looks much better than WoT engine and optimization of these two is not even comparable.

          • I have played Crysis 3 and Metro Last Light. Both stomp even BF3, and I do not see what you are getting at here. It looks quite good for a F2P MMO.

          • You serious? don’t get me wrong, it looks good, i don’t know about you guys but when i’m playing WoT the last thing i would look into would be the barrel… there are some things that add to historical models, but i really don’t mind if the barrels have no rifling.. it’s that kind of things that you look once and make you say “Wow, so much detail, great work this looks awesome” but after 1k games i doubt you will look into it the same way. Also, i’m pretty sure the amount of people that run this game on max settings is low, i’d guess 20-30% of the population.

          • Not necessarily doubting this , however this is not from game-play , WOT releases wallpapers with sheep the size of pebbles.

          • Giving only the best pictures of the game and rendering them again and again to make them better somehow makes it better graphics wise…. I saw the Tiger pics and the textures and details on the ground were just horribad…

            You can concentrate on one thing, but you can’t then slack on others. I wait and see, but thus far WT has not offered anything over WoT in tanks… only nice pics and big shoes to fill in.

        • I believe most MMO companies would like a wider player base, hence lower graphics requirements.

    • I tried WT. Didn’t like it, for me WoWP isn’t the best game in it’s class (I like the Ace Combat games more that WoWP), but better than WT anyway.
      Still, i won’t judge people for liking WT better, to each his own xD

      • I’m enjoying WoWp quite a lot, except for the FPS issues, I’ll agree to that. Couldn’t stand the “respawn” thing, it’s one of the reasons I like WoT in the first place. (Liked their maps though)
        What I, for the life of me, can’t understand is the bitter hate of the WT fanboys against WoWp and WoT sometimes. Dudes, if you love your game, keep loving it and keep yourselves to your dedicated forums. Stop spreading your hate, we don’t need it, we don’t want it. If WT will be better than WoWp we will see in the next years.
        So please, can your hate. Want to say something constructive, please do. Otherwise control yourselves.

        • Because a lot of butthurt WoT baddies went over to Warthunder and now they do nothing but complain about how bad WoT was to them.

          I’m sure WT will be a great game, and I don’t want to paint their fanbase with too broad of a brush, but there are a LOT of idiots over there who apparently thought that their Deutch Stahl should be indestructible, got pissed off because they’re bad at the game, and are now praising WT out of smite.

          • The inane “and then you’ll all be SORRY” tone of much of the WT fawning I’ve seen here would certainly lend a degree of credibility to this theory.

    • While I find WoWp enjoyable, Warthunder is a far better game in all aspects. Physics wise, WoWp can’t even hold a torch. WT hands down on every aspect. Also, it’s way more cheap to play than WOT, you can buy a good premium plane for about 6 bucks and make a lot of cash with it. With the same 6 bucks, you can buy a 15 days of premium. Pretty good deal.

      WT have a bright future ahead. And if WOT and WoWp don’t catch up, WG might have some serious troubles when the player base realize that.

      Something that got my attention there at WT today: http://warthunder.com/en/news/208/current/ Serb should stop being arrogant and step up his game. Oh and I’m a heavy WOT player, but yet, that WT is getting my attention more and more.

      • Well I don’t care for planes much, so until Gaijin can make WT tanks game much better than WoT , I don’t think I will switch sides

        • I was playing war thunder earlier today and I definitely saw tracers when I shot… there is even ammo you can load with more/less tracers…

      • WT and physics doesn’t quite go together, much less call it good. While it is fun and easy to fly when you don’t have to bother with inertia much, so is it more like an arcade game then a simulator. Then there is the issue that SerB hinted at with tracers, WT doesn’t have tracers as the planes are not limited to shooting straight ahead and that would look silly with tracers.

          • We have better battle organization – we don’t make games for no-life nerds, but for busy guys, who can relax with the game after work.

            [who can relax with the game after work] ….. I can relax with playing WoT ??

          • Yea WoT is frekin relaxin. The game is full with retarded HODORs. It is always fun and relaxin palying with a team what has 10% less avarage winrate than me in tier 9-10.
            At least theese palyers in WT does not come out from their arcade sandbox to play historical.

  2. - it is actually advantageous to use the “Jack of all trades” commander perk in crews, where the commander plays more roles (for example, acts as a radioman)

    Could you explain this?

      • My interpretation:
        Jack of all trades enables the commander to fill in for knocked out crew members, with diminishing effect for every wounded crewman.

        Now, the more roles commander has the less roles are left for the rest of the crew. In extreme cases, in 2 man crews, the commander does everything but driving. And then, if the tank loses “all crew” but commander (yes, the driver lol) the jack of all trades can be used to it’s maximum.

        In tanks with larger crews in the event of losing all but commander the skill effect spreads over more stations with lesser efficiency.

        But then, it well may be commander to be knocked out in battle … twice … and gg if he was also gunner and loader lol.

  3. >- Q: “People whine about TD’s now. Who do you think will be next?” A: “Mediums. Because heavies wouldn’t whine about themselves”
    Instead I was thinking about whining about heavies myself, with arties out of the picture some heavies in some specific points have become really hard to dislodge without a cooperative team (something you find once every 50 battles normally). But I get what he means there, heavy tank players have always been those who whined the more (and better, they should teach me their techniques).

    • - Q: “People whine about TD’s now. Who do you think will be next?” A: “Mediums. Because heavies wouldn’t whine about themselves”

      ahhh SerB at his best.

    • Yes, with recent changes to arty some heavies did get a lot more difficult to battle against. It’s mostly these superheavy ones with a lot of armour but not so much speed. Playing them is difficult and if one finds a good spot to assault or fend off attacks it’s just that particular tank being played to it’s strengths, much like flanking with meds or ninja scouting with lights.
      Not every map allows for superheavies to be played like that as well as not every player has skills needed to be successful in the kind of tank.

  4. “SerB explains World of Warplanes advantages over War Thunder” – This is where I stopped reading :)

  5. straight from the propaganda books of stalin, what a total Nerd.

    it toke me 5 games in WoWP to uninstall the game, yep the planes feel like driving a tank, just in 3D surface.

    • I’ve seen WoWp since early Alpha and they have fixed many things but it is not a good game yet.

      For example – one thing they change, was making the game much, much slower – now airplanes move like on slow-motion movie. I believe they did this because earlier, it was impossible to hit anything.

    • I don’t think Mr Boby has ever seen *actual* Stalinist propaganda… it tends to be unintentionally hilarious BTW, so he really should.

      I also suspect he’s not very familiar with modern business culture, because basic preliminary “Why Our Shit Is Better Than The Other Guys” marketing talk is what this is.

  6. I somewhat agree about “pay to win” in War Thunder – i.e. you can train your crews for money indefinitely (not only up to 100% like in WoT and WoWp).

    But I disagree about “better battle organization”. The garage battle in WT work really nice and the difference between tiers is not that big as in WoT or WoWp.

    For example – it is entirely possible to shoot enemy Spitfires and Mustangs when you are flying a reserve (tier 0) biplane. In fact, you sometimes have an advantage, because you are very maneuverable on low altitudes – e.g. reserve airplanes are very good for defending airfields so the enemy cannot land there.

    • “Pay 2 Win” vs Frustration and Grind, you decide… (cheap communist propaganda)

      buying the 5th and 6th crew slot in WT garage battles actually does not make any effect, usually battle finished before i can use all planes, just give you more to choose.

      HB – you have only 1 plane
      FRB – enough said

    • The reason that you can kill Spitfires and Mustangs with early biplanes in WT is because it does not do a very good job at simulating reality. Late war planes actualy have armor that makes them more or less invulnerable to the light machineguns of the biplanes. Also, while biplanes have short turning radius so are they limited in a lot of other ways that makes it easy to kill them with newer planes, as long as the game simulates reality.

      • Mostly they have a fair bit of aerodynamic drag which puts bit of a damper on the speeds that can be achieved. Still, AFAIK the RAF advised its pilots to treat the last generation of Italian bips with a degree of caution and more specifically to *not* get into a low-altitude dogfight with the nimble little buggers.

        Generally, however, the newer monoplanes with their better aerodynamics and much more powerful engines could “zoom & boom” from higher altitudes and largely bypass much of the whole digfight issue.

      • The reason for that is that the Spitfire and Mustang pilots are just pubnoobies. Even in arcade if you use it correctly and you are aware about your surroundings you shoot dow easily lower tier planes. In historical it is impossible. Biplanes act like biplanes. But in arcade you have a chance if you are smart.
        And please tell me exactly where the early spities have armour? I never see mustangs in tier 2-3 battles btw.

  7. well I participated in WoWp closed beta, and while it needs improvement in many areas, I still found it quite enjoyable

    • …or he was told he needs to start doing some marketing. Guess WoWp is far enough along already it’s time to get started on that.

  8. “In long term, we’ll have more planes.”

    Yep, fantasy planes. While they’re still at it, WT is mostly adding historical planes, with a few prototypes once in a while.

    • Well, the prototypes in WT are prototypes that were actually built. Not like in WoWP where they stuff in all they can find, no matter if it was a drawing of the simplest kind.

    • Correct me if I remember things wrong, but I recall reading somewhere that we’ll get almost every variant of the planes currently in WT and the one’s coming at some point. This would mean that we’d get the P-47N, P-51C and the B-25G/H to name a few of the possible US plane variants. And I agree with Wolcott above, WoWP will have more fantasy planes. And besides, Gaijin they don’t “buff” or “nerf” the planes like Wargaming does.

      • “And besides, Gaijin they don’t “buff” or “nerf” the planes like Wargaming does.”

        Fat chance, already given the necessities of retroactive error fixing and the need to maintain a degree of internal balance shared by all online multiplayers.

  9. “In long term, we’ll have more planes”

    Doesn’t Matter WOWP have Thousand Planes over fewer in WT, we need Better Gameplay and quality..

    more planes means Half Fantasy (didnt exist) Half Prototype and half from WG design (pointing at WOT right now)

    but first i apologize if its out of WOTs Topic

  10. I’ll admit that I got a chuckle out of the “Ahnenerbe” reference.

    As for all the prototypes (i.e. “fantasy”) in WoT and the forthcoming WG endeavors I find that one of the big charms of the whole exercise.

  11. Serb is becoming delusional:

    - War Thunder looks way better than WoWP.

    - Planes are much more easy to handle in WT. Anyone can fly a plane with keyboard and mouse while WoWP handles akwardly at best.

    - Battle organization: Arcade Mode in WT is very accessible, WoWP has nothing on it.

    - Economic model/pay to win: I have to give him this point: WT has extremely long grinds + expensive planes.

    - Damage model: one game has a hp bar, the other hasn’t.

    - “In long term, we’ll have more planes.” Catching up with WT will take WoWP some major effort. Right now the tech trees are anorexic.

    - Imo, Garage battles suit arial combat better than the WoWP model. Also in WT a plane doesn’t hang in the air for half a minute while you wait out the battle countdown.

    I presume Serb is trying to do pro-WoWP PR and is fully aware that he is sweet-talking an inferior product. But if he actually believes the garbage he is telling about WoWP then he should really get his alcoholism treated.

    • …Point Two sounds a lot like WT having an oversimplified flight model, tbh. Not much of a flight sim guy myself, but even the fairly “arcadey” ones I’ve tried over the years tended to feel rather awkward until you got used to the controls and model.

      • War Thunder’s arcade mode is built entirely around mouse controls much to the detriment of anyone who tries to go vertical or do anything other than boring turnfights. It’s responsive and it feels fun, but actual serious maneuver is almost undoable and what they did to joystick controls to make mouse the best controls is simply unforgivable.

        • I’ve tried both games, and I agree that WT is a lot easier to control with mouse and keyboard. I’ve played Microsoft’s flight sim series a lot over the last 15 years, so I’m definitely not coming in as a novice virtual pilot. In WT, you can actually go vertical and dogfight in 3D if you use your keyboard and not just the mouse. In WoWP. it feels like the plane overreacts to every input. I will say that joystick controls in WT can use a lot of work. I haven’t tried the joystick in WoWP lately.

  12. SS, please cut Serb’s crap about other projects and stick only to wot related Serb’s crap :) :) :)

    p.s. I love Serb’s crap as long as it’s about wot and about Serb him self!

  13. No no-lifers shall not pass hmm? Then WoT and WoWP would have 90% less players. P2W=no-life, that is laughable, there are lot’s of prem stuff in WG’s games so don’t say anything serb just don’t on that point.

  14. (SS: “ленты без трасс” – “something without tracers”? Sorry, I honestly don’t know the correct translation here, my best guess would be “battles without tracer rounds”)

    SerB ment ammo that creates traces. In-game its called “strip” (litterally from russian) probably because of the way its orginized inside aircraft.

    • And the reason they don’t have them in WT is because the planes are not restricted at shooting straight ahead. That would look silly if you could actually see the tracers of the bullets.

      • That suggests things about WT’s whole control concept I find deeply dubious.

      • This comment is purely ********
        WoWp doesnt have tracers, i played it 10 min ago…
        WT has tracers… it’s a basic feature in every airplane game… except 1… In night maps tracers illuminate your aircraft, it’s just… awesome. But vodka engine doesn’t have this feature. If I remember correctly colored lights were introduced in the Quake 2 engine…

        Another interesting thing is, that in WT I can hit enemies up to 1km, aiming correctly, in WoWp bullets vanish after ~650m…
        In WoWp no gravity effect, no horizontal targeting, the bullets fly in straight line.
        In WT, horizontal, vertical targeting (for me, the weapons are calibrated to 400m …).

        • WoWp has tracers. WT *usually* has tracers, but some ammo loadouts don’t include any.

          Fighting against a plane with such an ammo loadout is infuriating: “Okay, there’s a Sptifire behind me, but its okay, he’s not firing — WHY IS MY PLANE ON FIRE?!”

    • Didn’t you mix them up there? WT is like flying ufos with turrets skinned like planes, hardly realistic, but easy for players that have never flown anything. You don’t even have to aim the planes to shoot, just aim the reticule and shoot at angles from where your fixed guns are pointing.

      WT is a warplanes game aimed at people that can’t fly in a normal flight simulator. Works wonders for getting customers as most people are bad at flying. But realistic it isnt.

      • No he didnt.
        WT arcade -> teaches you how to fly, teaches you to think vertically, makes you prepare for historical, far more easy to learn the basics than WoWP not to mention far more enjoyable way
        WT historical -> and this is the realistic part, no leading target indicator, realistic flight models
        and it shits all over WoWP-s so called “realism”

    • If it’s true that WT planes can unrealistically turn their guns and fire in other directions then I’d say you’re mistaken.

  15. All of these babies who judge Warthunder exclusively by arcade mode.

    Plebeians, each and every one of you.
    Historical, or, for the real men, FRB, are the only worthwhile battle modes.

    • I would actually agree with you, if it weren’t for the few players actually playing historical mode as arcade mode is the one that everyone plays. As most plays arcade mode, that is the ‘main’ mode that people will look at when they talk about the game.

    • i remember that gajin did wings of prey, basically an il-2 sturmovik with better gfx

  16. Who asked for Obj.261 speed buff? Like it is so slow at present that it can’t even be twice as fast as T92

  17. “ленты без трасс” – ленты would mean ammo in this case, since ammo usually comes in packed tightly and resembles ленты.

  18. WoWp has the same problems as WoT,

    tiny cage like maps, which result into pretty much only circel fights at low altitude, there is no point in going higher then 2000m since all fights will land at ground level anyway.

    the MM is as funny as in WoT only that the 2 tier spread is usually crap, because the lower tiers are just filling material for the higher tiers, there are only a few planes that actually can beat some of the hightier when your top tier… and then all they have to do is hit W and speed away from you (you can’t follow)

    lack of maps, you basically have 1 map per 2 tier and it gets boring after you play it for 30 games or so in a row.

    And there are a lot more minor things that make the game just unpleasing to play, not to mention the skill level is already below WoT level.

    WoWp will at best be a niche game in the wargaming lineup, the only good thing that maybe comes from it, the usual gold promotion in the first year and with the unified account you also can get the gold for WoT.

  19. I did test on turning radius and it turns out that WT planes turn about 3 times as fast as the planes did in reality. Of course it is easy to fly planes that turn on a dime, but is far from as realistic as WoWp where the planes actually have the same turning radius as in real life.

    • First: you probably tested on arcade mode.
      Second: even then, in WT after a 180 turn on maximum angle you end without speed. In WoWP you can keep turning and looping almost for ever.

      Besides, the graphics advantage of WT over WoWP is so great that I, simply, can’t stand WoWP any longer.

  20. Lol at this guy…

    War Thunder looks pretty damned good, vastly superior to WoWP and WoT. It also is easier on people’s PCs because it’s optimized properly. It’s “ufo’s” are present in arcade, but not historical. “Arcade” is not the “primary mode” of WT, as it’s also heavily focused on in Historical.

    Grab a napkin Serbitch, you just got served hommie.

  21. IMO world of warplanes is more fun, there is just to much of a gap between boring historical battles (where you spend all your time flying to and from base) and turn and burn/air spawn (god i hate that stupid system) arcade battles in war thunder, that and the economic model can just go die in a fire for all i care.