Hello everyone,

as you probably noticed, this week it’s a bit weak with the developer answers. The reason for it is that Storm is on vacation and SerB is on businesstrip, where the internet is bad. Oh and Veider is apparently finishing up the patch.

The patch 8.7 will come next week most likely as announced earlier.

Not much else to add otherwise, apart from several pieces of info gleaned from various EU/RU/US sources, such as

- when Chaffee moves to tier 6 (yes, it will probably happen, just like it did with T-50-2 and VK2801), it might have its top turret removed
- the Nashorn (2nd German line tier 6 vehicle) will apparently have a 105mm L/52 gun (think Jagdpanther, not Dickermax)
- FV4202 armor might be changed in the future after all, recent measuring revealed differences from the ingame model

Otherwise nothing much to add. It’s summer after all.

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    • Great actually. Clanmcwood, organised a trip to the Bovington museum with The Challenger and took measurements of the tank. The turret ring is actually 240mm strong. The flat area around the gun is actually much stronger than in the game, 196mm + another 100mm inside. Also the cupola is much shorter and the 196mm armor on the angled parts is all around. In game only some parts are 196mm and others much weaker.

      • When I read the article he said that he couldnt measure most of the parts,
        because they couldnt open the turret.

          • clanmcwoods pics:
            check out the last few pics, as they include the actual armor scematics.

            also a few quotes:

            1. clanmcwood abotu the turret:
            No 240mm around the bottom band of the turret (under the dotted line around the base of the turret, 195 across the front with the cradle and trunion pins adding 100mm to this with a 10mm space between the 195 turret armor and the gun cradle, so across the turret cheeks (either side of the turret and the barrel aperture it would be 295 spaced armor)
            The dotted parts are internal but would add to armor thickness, (the cradle is 600lbs and each trunion pin is 53lbs of steel so pretty substantial.)

            2. clanmcwood about the cupola:
            Its not 2 FEET TALL like in game, the bulk of the hatch is 120mm high with a further 70mm to the top of the periscopes so only 190mm tall total, but guys I know you are all dying to know I am in the process of getting all this information down and making a mega post for it. I don’t really want to drip feed stuff as it might get lost in translation.

  1. - the Nashorn (2nd German line tier 6 vehicle) will apparently have a 105mm L/52 gun (think Jagdpanther, not Dickermax)
    :/ historical 88 would be enough.

    • Agreed.
      But jumping from 88 on tier 6 to 128mm on tier 7 would be a bit too much of a difference.

      • Take into account it won’t likely be the 128s we all know but the PAK40 version, with slightly lower pen.

          • Look, I dont think 128mm on tier 7 is too much.
            But I wasnt expecting to see the Nashorn just with the long 88mm.
            Because the difference in damage would be too big, thats all I’m saying.

    • 105 is fine for me. Finally a good gun on a mid tier german TD!

      On the other hand, its soft stats will suck. I just know it.

      • Sturer Emil will basically play like SU-100Y one tier higher, gun will be very similar.

    • Nashorn could carry 40 rounds of the 88mm. Imagine how many it could only carry with the ahistorical 105 mm. No don’t tell me, there was a prototype or blueprint of Nashorn with a 105 that never saw service as usual.

  2. Chaffee should stay at tier 5 and lose the turret instead of moving to tier 6.

      • T92 actually wouldnt make a very good tier 8 light. It could not mount a 90mm in any way. It was exclusively 76. By tier 8, lights need something better. Maybe a WBD variant with 90mm… or something.

        That being said, T92 would be a fantastic tier 7 premium, like the Type 62.

        • So what?
          WG could invent a turret for the T92 that fits a 90mm gun.
          I want to have that thing.

          • US tech tree has already more than enough fakes and wrongs models… And instead of fixing the most obscene issues, like the T71, they’re taking their sweet time nerfing to death Super Pershing…

          • Well, they said they are going to fix that.
            But maybe it will be totally different, and they are going to split T71 in two tanks.
            The T71 without Autoloader would also fit tier 6 or 7.

          • 1) They couldn’t, because that tank’s design truly leaves little room for “upgrades”.
            2) We have enough napkin tanks as it is. T71′s merging of a chassis from one company and a turret designed by a different company. T28′s “chin” with a frontal transmission, T28 Proto… T110E4 having a turret, when the T110E3 should have been marked as the E4 (turretless casemate).

    • Chaffee is basically a tier vi right now, the only difference is that it is labeled tier v…

    • Be careful, that might be an hoax unless you have better sources than a certain e-mail that my spam filter marks as possibly forged.

        • I did answer but I asked Ectar and Quasar for confirmation.
          Also, announcing here for leaks is about the best way to ensure no reply will ever happen.

          • You asked Ecturd and the clueless guy who has been proven wrong on, umm, just about every occasion so far ? I wouldn’t put too much faith in their answers.

  3. I have a question about the Nashorn as it looks a lot like the DMax, and judging by its designing(from my point of view) the gun can go pretty low(aka gun depression), will it have Dmax-alike gun depression or worse?