FV4202 buff possibly incoming

Source: http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/257640-the-fv4202-visit-and-inspection/

Hello everyone,

this post is probably not news to many people, but still an interesting piece of info. Not so long ago, a player called clanmcwood from EU forums did have a trip to Bovington and measured the thickness of the FV4202 turret. The results were interesting:

Original (8.6) FV4202 armor

What was measured

As you can see, it’s a serious buff to the turret armor. The_Challenger on EU forums did state he’s going to be pushing for changes, so I think that’s something to look forward to…

29 thoughts on “FV4202 buff possibly incoming

  1. Nice, maybe I’ll ber driving it more then. Although it’s pretty decent already.

    • Comet is a great tank. I liked E8, I like Comet – very similar playstyle :)

      • The Comet is developing into one of my favorite tanks of the game to be honest.

  2. Whoo hooo!! :D We’re loking forward to another t62a style bouncing machine turret! Yaaay!

    • with enough gun depression to properly hull down…
      I don´t know if that wouldn´t push the tank a tad too much.

  3. WG will say that your western measuring system is wrong compare to out superior soviet system. Or we wont do it because this isnt simulator.

    • No, they will buff the armor and add 10t weight to compensate it. And gun depression will be reduced to -1 because so thick armor leaves no space inside to move the gun!

      • Nice thing about the FV4202, was that it was called the 40 tonne centurion for a reason. Weight will remain the same. In the thread, it is mentioned that the developers never had the time to go out and measure the actual armour thickness of the tank before putting it in game.

  4. The answer from SerB will most likely be: “want realism? Join the army”… -_-

  5. They’ll just say they made it like that for the purpose of the balancing so the tank wouldn’t be OP -.-

  6. British tanks always seem to be at a disadvantage on this game, yet they have been proven in combat many times over, to be more specific I’m talking about the Centurion, which in the various Arab Israeli wars they proved superior to all other tanks on the battlefield including the American M48 and the T62, small numbers of centurions decimated large numbers of T55 tanks.

    In game, you hit the tracks at the front and cause huge damage? hit other vehicles tracks in the same way it just de-tracks them with perhaps some damage. I am not sure why they have nerfed them this way and hits from the side are also not comparable, even though they have armored skirts, I know the armor there is weaker but one a shell penetrates it penetrates … why cause so much damage on Brit tanks in comparison to others?

    The FV4202 is just another example where they nerfed the armor in order to make it weaker that it actually is. Please stop penelising Brit tanks WG.

    • I’m grinding the centurion at the moment and it is an awesome tank. If you play it properly as a hull down medium then the combo of the turret armour, good mobility, and excellent gun make it absolutely lethal. In my opinion its a better tank than the US, Russian and German equivalents.

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