8.9 Japanese premium tank – Chi-Nu Kai

Source: wot-news.com

Hello everyone,

looks like the 8.9 (edit: it has been confirmed it will most likely appear in the 8.8 patch for supertesters and in 8.9 for public) patch will bring a new tier 5 (confirmed) premium tank, the Japanese Chi-Nu Kai (improved)! For now – no textures.

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      • not too glassy, some parts seem to have a rather decent slope (70°), so it would end up as effectively (+/-) 146mm on the glacis, practically auto-bounce for any non-derp tier 5 gun.

      • Armor values I’ve been able to find.

        Turret: (Has front/rear side armor stats due to the hexagonal shape)
        Front: 50mm
        Front side: 35mm Rear side: 25mm
        Rear: 25mm
        Top 10mm

        Front: 50mm
        Side: 25mm
        Rear: 20mm
        Top: 12mm, Bottom 8mm

        • Missed the part that it has a Chi-to turret…

          Turret has 75mm front and 50mm sides/rear armor.

  1. Looks interesting.
    Now judging by it’s shape I can’t figure out if it’ll be a medium or a heavy tank.

        • Doesn’t matter, most people wont spot the difference.(only the gun)

          Most probably remoddelers will fix this really soon

            • I’m guessing Jact will wait for the Japanese line, which we will probably get sooner if the Chi-Nu-Kai is well received.

              If not, there will probably be a skin for this for those waiting, and that means I’ll no longer have to get the T-25.

  2. The Chi-nu was a Japanese medium tank designed to deal with the M4 Sherman. It was historically armed with a 75MM.

  3. How can they bring a japanese premium tank before the introduction of Japanese tree?

    • The same way they did with Type 59 and Type 62.
      Those were introduced much sooner than Chinese tree came.

    • Same way they added the Types before the Chinese tree and the AT-15A before the British tree.

    • How can they introduce the Matilda BP before there were any British tanks?
      How can they introduce Type 59 and Type 62 before there were any Chinese tanks?

    • Like they did with Type59, FCM36 Pak40, B2 arty, Matilda Black Prince…
      So it wouldn’t be the first occasion.
      (-> so you can train crew in advance to your future japanese tanks)

      • as long as they pack it into the files they can and they will.

        they can also pull out things at will as well.

    • To make some money when you want to use the crew on the coming Jap. tanks (whatever kind it is, Medium or Heavy).

  4. that looks like a 105, please tell me its a fast and agile glass canon with a 105

    • also, regarding its “coming in 8.8″, does that mean given to supertesters or available in shop?

        • Yes supposed to be tested by supertester and must be in files one patch before. Check new tanks by wot tank viewer in 8.7 patch.

        • It will not come for players in 8.8. As _Quasar_ said : It is quite unlikely to see it available for all players in 8.8. So I think “aviable for all players” is for : supertesters can normal players- can’t.

  5. Another slow medium…
    What gun will it have? A 75mm?
    Not sure, but this sounds more like T6 than T8 for me

  6. my sauce tells me it will be in 8.9 (probably available for supertesters in 8.8)

  7. Well, that only makes my hopes for this year’s release of the Japs tree a litlle bit more possible to happen^^ can’t wait to see those moving fortresses in action, even though I’m not sure if I’ll play them myself… for now

  8. It will be interesting to see if the Japanese line will be decent. The brits were mostly poor and the Chinese were ok, but given the know properties of Jap tanks, they don’t sound like they will much good in WOT terms.

  9. hrm, my searches about this tanks gun makes me think it will have a 3 round autoloader if it is the 75mm Type 5 mod 1 L/56

    • An autoloader gun on a premium tank would be a first. On a tier V medium that would be even more unique.

      Sadly, regular tier V medium guns fire so fast that the advantages of an autoloader are negligable in comparison (how could it possibly top the RoF of a 57mm on the T-34 (or its Chinese copy)?) But its disadvantage (long magazine reload) will remain.

      While the idea is intriguing, I seriously hope that thing won’t get an autoloader.

  10. Looks like a decent tank to pre-prepare a decent Japanese crew for when the Japanese tree comes.

  11. Don’t know how actually big it is, but in this render to me it looks like a T50-2 :)

  12. It looks like a tradition for WG to introduce a premium tank of an unreleased nation, before its national tech tree comes out. It is similar to introducing the Type 59 and Type 62 for the Chinese, before releasing the Chinese tech tree.

  13. Smells like the Japs are coming this year after all. I hope I can finish grinding all the branches (12!) I’ve started before they are released.

  14. Looks op for a premium of that tier… but that’s just me speculating based on appearance.

  15. Hmm, judging by the trend(well if you can call 2 tanks a trend) it seems the Japanese tree’s thing will be glass cannon tanks with powerful high-pen guns. I’m okay with that.

  16. What’s more to the point! instead of just bringing out more and more CRAP tanks like this, they should bloody well give us another 20 or so maps to fight over! because the ones we have now are getting as boring as hell!
    Nuff Said!

  17. a japanese premium tank added in what tree? china?! lol
    first wait for the release of a japanese tech tree, then come with this…i haven’t seen news of a japanese tech tree release in patch 8.9..

  18. the Japanese tanks are going to be cool but bad armor so 4 updates later a big load of tank come in

  19. これはversion8.9ではスーパーテスター以外の一般人に販売されないのか……少しがっかりだな

  20. The what ok than i got pictures of a few of japense tanks that could come out but befor thay do that a few more updates like the china update took a bet of time so 8.8 the 112 and t 34 is a step up the lines to a few more neat tanks
    From plary awesome super ultra

  21. Ow story I forgot something a tetree ismlikenfrance u.k and china so japense is the same the news sed but might not be true By awesome super ultra